Written by: Isaac Grant

For just about anyone – relocating is rarely easy. Even under the usual circumstances, moving to a new home is not a simple transition. If you want to do it right, there are countless chores to do, and many things to consider and always keep in mind. And that’s not even going into the details of what happens if you’ve got other things to think about as well; like what if you’re moving while pregnant? On one hand, you want to help your family with moving, and on the other, you don’t want to do anything that would harm the baby. Really, there’s no need to worry – because we’ve got some very useful advice for expecting mothers right here!

Plan everything out

Even if you’re not moving while pregnant – making a moving plan is a great idea, regardless of where you’re going. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just moving to a different part of town, or hiring the finest cross country moving companies Oklahoma has; having a good plan is the key to success. But while this is just an easier way of doing things under normal circumstances – during pregnancy, it becomes an absolute necessity. And it doesn’t matter how well you’re able to juggle your duties and chores normally; remember, in this state you’ll be more forgetful, and mix things up more easily.

A laptop next to an open notebook with a pen.

If you need to move during a pregnancy – start planning as soon as you can!

If you want to listen to our advice – write everything down. And when we say that, we do mean everything. From making a schedule of your most crucial moving tasks to taking care of smaller things like canceling subscriptions – we advise putting everything on a big moving checklist. Also, this is the time to think about what everyone in the family can do to help. If you want to maximize efficiency, it might not be a bad idea to divide everything that needs to be done; so that everyone knows what their tasks are at all times.

Good scheduling is key

While you’re relocating, there are many important decisions to make. And there are almost no decisions as important as when you’ll actually be moving. Yes, picking the date of moving day is not easy; especially if you’re moving while pregnant. There are a lot of things to take into account, both related to your pregnancy and not. For one – you want to take your medical state into account. The question is – if you’re thinking solely in terms of your pregnancy, when is the best time to move? Well, it depends on how much you want to contribute to the proceedings.

Generally, you probably want to time your relocation for some time during your second trimester. Why? Well, on one hand, at this time you’ll probably leave nausea and the crippling exhaustion of the first trimester behind. And on the other – you won’t be feeling big enough so that you can’t move too much, or perhaps do some light carrying. So, when you’re hiring some of the long distance moving companies Oklahoma City can offer – keep this in mind.

A wall calendar with yellow and white dates.

Make sure that your moving schedule is in tune with your pregnancy.

Consult your doctor before moving while pregnant

When it comes to moving while pregnant, there is no question about one thing – your sole priority should be your health, and the health of your baby. Sure, all of us want to feel useful, and we’d all feel bad not lending a hand; but it’s extremely important to conduct this relocation with complete safety in mind. So, before doing anything at all, at the earliest stages of your relocation – make sure to consult your doctor. It’s important for a physician to tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t do during the move. They’ll be plenty of time for fun family activities after the move, is done; but there’s a chance that you might need to sit this one out.

A stethoscope on a white surface.

Before doing anything about your relocation; consult your doctor!

You can still help out

Of course, being pregnant doesn’t mean that there’s nothing useful you’re allowed to do. For one, you can be of major help with the planning and logistics, especially if that’s your forte; just beware the effects of pregnancy brain. But also, make sure to avoid any stress at all. And when it comes to physical labor; talk to your doctor about it first. They’ll tell you exactly how much you can carry, and for how long your can move around before putting a physical strain on your body and the baby.

Make more time for packing

If there’s one thing that’s going to take away a lot of your time during any relocation – that would be packing. But if you’re moving while pregnant – make that double. Really, you’ll have to do everything much more slowly than you’re used to – in order to remain safe. And also, remember that you can’t do any heavy lifting, so you’ll need a bunch of help with that. Once we couple these things with the need to avoid anxiety and stress, it’s obvious; packing is going to take a while.

Which is why you should set aside more time for this than you usually would, and find some family members or friends who can help on time. Also, while you’re doing this – make sure to not stand for too long, and put your feet up to help circulation. And while we’re on the subject; always be wary of stairs. If you’re packing, you’re bound to go up and down them a lot; but constantly remain alert of the dangers of falling.


As you can see, moving while pregnant is neither impossible – nor necessarily difficult, if you do it the right way. You just need to set aside enough time for everything, always have your health in mind; and most importantly, get lots and lots of rest!