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Reasons to use plastic bins when moving home

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Ask yourself: when you’re preparing to relocate, what’s one of the most important tasks you have to complete? That’s right – packing. And let’s face it; no matter how simple it may seem, packing can get pretty complicated. Even before you’ve packed your first item, you’ve got to prepare for the process. Which means making some decisions; for example, do you use plastic bins when moving home, or a cardboard box? If you ask us, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the former; which we’re happy to share with you!

Plastic bins are less prone to damage

Okay, so let’s say that you’re hiring some of the best cross country moving companies Idaho has, to take you on a long distance relocation. Even if you’ve got the best movers in the business; there are still risks when transporting your items across a bigger distance. If you’ve packed your items in cardboard boxes, let’s face it – you should prepare for a bumpy ride. Plus, depending on the quality of the boxes you’ve used; there’s always the risk that the bottom will fall out, spilling out the contents into the moving truck. All in all, it’s not an ideal solution.

A cardboard texture, as one of the reasons to use plastic bins when moving home.
Let’s face it – cardboard is a material which rips far more easily!

Plus, with cardboard boxes; you’ve got to use a lot of wrapping if you want to be certain your things won’t be damaged inside the box. But let’s say you use plastic bins when moving home instead; most of those troubles go away. First of all, obviously; they are much sturdier, so there’s no risk of them falling apart mid-transit. But also, you don’t have to use nearly as much packing protection when you’re dealing with plastic bins. All in all, although they’re a bit more expensive than boxes; they’re certainly much safer.

You won’t waste time if you use plastic bins when moving home

Let’s think about what makes packing such a chore. Sure, it can be physically demanding; but not too much. No, it’s actually something else, but equally simple; it’s very time-consuming. Indeed, by the time you’ve made an inventory of everything you’re supposed to pack, gathered all the cardboard boxes, assembled them; you haven’t even started packing, and you’ve wasted a day in the very least. And then when you have to wrap everything and label it; we’re possibly talking about a few afternoons. But will it help if you use plastic bins when moving home?

In fact, you’ll find that the plastic bins will eat up a lot less of your time; also, using them for packing means putting in a much lesser effort. How so? Well, first of all – there’s a simple fact that you don’t have to assemble them. That part of the packing alone takes up so much time, that it’s worth simply getting premade plastic bins. But that’s not all of it; after you’ve filled a cardboard box, you have to tape it up well. And with plastic bins, you have no such issues.

They’re much easier to transport

If you decide to use plastic bins when moving home, you’re not saving yourself effort and time; you’re making your movers’ jobs a lot easier as well. And when they’re able to work more efficiently, your relocation will have fewer issues as well. Say, for example, that you’ve hired some of the finest cross country movers Oregon has; if you’re doing an interstate move, that job will take a while. So, you want to help make it as quick and painless as possible. And using plastic bins for packing means just that!

Rows of stacked white plastic bins.
When stacked up, plastic bins use far less space than cardboard boxes!

First of all, the plastic bins nicely stack on top of each other. This is something that allows much neater and quicker transportation on a dolly, or even in hand. And when the movers start loading their truck with your things; the bins will neatly fit, which has the added bonus of allowing better storage. Why? Well, this kind of orderly packing means that you’ll have as much space in that truck as you possibly can. These might seem like little things now; but the time you save by achieving them stacks up as nicely as the bins! At the end of the day, you’ll see that you’ve saved hours by not using cardboard boxes.

You’ll actually save money

When people argue that you should not use plastic bins when moving home but cardboard boxes instead; they’ve got one key argument. And that’s the fact that getting leftover cardboard boxes from somewhere is cheaper than going the plastic route. But once you take a closer look at things, you’ll realize that the opposite is actually true. In fact, using bins will save you a ton of money, in multiple ways. First of all, as we’ve mentioned; the bins are safer, and much less likely to break. Which means you won’t be covering the damages for any of your broken goods that were inside.

Four plastic bins with recycling signs, in different colors.
Not only are plastic bins reusable; but they’re better for the environment!

But also, instead of buying the admittedly more expensive plastic bins; you can always just rent them. Indeed, there are companies out there that rent the bins, and even drop them off and pick them up once you’re done with your relocation. Needless to say, this saves you both time and money. And also, let’s not forget that cardboard boxes are not the only things you need while using them. If you opt for the bins, you’ll save a ton of money on packing tape, as well as additional wrapping that’s needed to protect everything. So at the end of the day, there’s actually no reason at all to go with cardboard boxes; once you realize all of the benefits you’d have otherwise.

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