Written by: Madeline Blake

Compared to California, Texas differs in almost every aspect. The way of life, residents’ demeanor, the looks, the feels, the pace – it’s different. Indeed, moving from California to Texas represents a great change. And, as with every change, this one will take some getting used to. But, Verified Movers are here to help. We will introduce you to moving companies who can help you with this transition. And also, in this article, we’ll bring you some guidelines to get you started on your way to becoming a proud Texan.

Texas is the first choice for Californians on the move

This in itself is not a good enough reason to convince you that some move is right for you. However, it’s certainly good to hear it. Texas is the first choice for your fellow Californians who are leaving the state, which means that there are definitely sound reasons for thinking of making this move. In fact, nowadays, out of every 10 Texan newcomers, 1 of them comes from California. That’s been the case for the past three years. The number would be even bigger if Texas didn’t become so popular among movers from all over the USA. In fact, if we look at the past decade, 3 out of 10 people who were moving to the Lone Star State came from California. And, once again, the numbers haven’t changed due to the loss of interest in Texas among Californians. They only changed because the interest in Texas became huge in most of the other states.

Texas flag
While Texas welcomes people from all over the nation, most of these newcomers are from California.

Let’s have a look at more concrete numbers. On average, between 60,000 and 65,000 people relocate from Texas to California every year. But, since the pandemic started, these numbers went even more up. Over 80,000 Californians opted for a move to the Lone Star State every year for the past three years. These numbers are simply huge, and even though a lot of other states are attractive to Californians, such as Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, etc., none of them come close to Texas. Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas is the most popular route by far, with over 5,000 relocations a year at the moment. In fact, Dallas is now a more popular choice for Los Angelenos than New York City, which wasn’t the case too many times before.

Other relocations between cities are numerous as well, but nowhere near as numerous as the aforementioned most-frequent route. However, a move from Los Angeles to Houston, as well as from San Francisco to Dallas, should not be neglected since there are over 1,000 people relocating down these routes on a yearly basis.

So, why is the Lone Star State so popular among Californians?

There are many reasons for a person to choose Texas as their destination. However, we would say that Californians have more reasons to do so than people from most of the other states. Of course, it’s not a secret that the cost of living and tax benefits play a huge role here. But, it’s not even just about the expenses. Texas has a lot of other things to offer. So, here are the main benefits of moving from California to Texas:

A chart saying:
The cost of living in Texas is 21% lower than in California
California's housing prices are 60% higher than those in Texas
California has some of the highest income taxes in the nation, while Texas doesn't even impose an income tax
Texas has a lower unemployment rate (3.8%) than California (4.1%)
Texas has a more diversified economy, and it has become a better state for business start-ups than California
The Lone Star State is less crowdy than CA
The average commute time in Texas is 26 minutes compared to 31 minutes in California
Health insurance is 8% more expensive in the Golden State than in TX

As you can see, there are so many benefits of living in Texas, and it’s near impossible to list them all. However, we don’t want to stop by just mentioning these upsides of moving there from CA. In fact, over the next few sections, we’ll discuss these pros of moving to TX in more detail.

Texas is a modern, thriving state

Texas is the second-largest state in the USA by area (after Alaska) and by population (after California). Thanks to movies and pop culture references, most still associate Texas with the deserts. This a common misconception, albeit a fun one. Especially for Texans. The truth is, deserts make up less than 10% of Texas’ vast land area. Most residential areas are in prairies, grassland, forest, and coastline.

Another fun misconception about Texas is that it’s all about ranches and cowboys. Yes, cattle and bison herding was one of the four major industries, along with cotton, timber, and oil. But, those times are long gone. Nowadays, you can find them almost exclusively in small towns. Modern-day Texas boasts some of the largest metropolitan areas in the USA. Huston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin – these are all thriving cities and economic powerhouses. Even smaller cities grow and expand at a head-spinning rate. Especially those among major routes, such as Odessa or Abilene, for instance. So, you don’t have to worry about packing a lasso and spurs in your essentials bag. You can find everything you need in Texas.

Skyline of Austin, TX in the evening.
History and pop culture make many people imagine Texas as an endless desert. The truth is quite different, though!

The cost of living difference is surely the biggest benefit of relocating from CA to TX

For some people, the biggest reason for moving from California to Texas is the difference in taxes. No wonder this is the case, considering that the difference is truly huge. State income tax in California is among the highest ones in the country. Whereas, both personal and corporate income taxes don’t exist in Texas. This makes Texas an amazing option for those who have their own business or wish to get one off the ground.

However, exorbitant taxes aren’t the only downside of California. It’s also one of the most expensive states when it comes to the costs of living. This is one of the prime reasons so many people choose Texas as their new home. To put it in simple terms, your money is worth more here. On average, Texas is 21% cheaper than California. As an example, there’s an 18% difference in groceries costs, 8% less expensive health insurance; and 24% lower spending on entertainment, all favoring Texas.

Dallas Skyline at night
With cities like Dallas being so much cheaper than Golden State’s giants such as LA, San Francisco, or San Diego, no wonder why so many Californians are moving to TX.

These differences are quite significant, on their own. But, they pale in comparison to housing costs. Talk about an amazing change! Housing costs in Texas are 60% lower than in California. While the median home price in Texas is around $400,000, in California, it’s difficult to find an average home for less than $650,000. The one thing that won’t change, though, is that you’ll need your driver’s license, and you’ll have to register your car in Texas. Transportation services in Texas are up to 17% more expensive, and public transportation isn’t that great. So count on using your vehicle to get yourself from one place to another.

Texas boasts a booming economy

The above numbers look quite encouraging. But, rather useless if you can’t find a job. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, either. Texas’ economy is the second-largest in the USA. Here’s a fun comparison, just to prove the point. If Texas were a sovereign country, its economy would be the tenth-largest in the whole world!

Many say that this boom in the Texas economy is due to Silicon Hills. Much like the place it got its name after, Silicon Valley, Silicon Hills is the cluster of high-tech companies in Austin. The capital of Texas became a new home for many high-end companies. Apple, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, and IBM – all moved their HQs here. And, this trend doesn’t show any signs of subsiding. So, even if you’re leaving Silicon Valley and you’re looking to pursue your tech, career, Austin, one of the US’ most high-tech cities, could be a perfect choice.

Also, it’s worth saying that it’s not just about Austin. Moving from San Jose to Houston, or Dallas could be a great thing for your tech career as well since both these cities have become widely recognized tech hubs.

A woman coding on a PC
Texas is a paradise for people working in the high-tech industry.

But, even though these cities are great, if you can afford slightly higher prices in Austin, this should be your choice if you’re a tech talent. To be fair, costs shouldn’t be a problem because Austin is still nowhere near as expensive as Silicon Valley and most of the Bay Area. Moreover, Austin is considered one of the best places to live in Texas. Silicon Hills has a vital role in it because it has made Austin come in tenth place on the Forbes list of the top 10 growing economies. So, if you’re into the high-tech niche, Austin is a promised land.

There are a plethora of options, other than high-tech

Now, if you’re not interested in working in a high-tech company, don’t worry. Technology is not the only industry that is booming in Texas. Industries like agriculture, energy (especially oil and gas), and healthcare are also vast. And having the second-largest economy in the USA makes Texas a place where the unemployment rate is low. But it also makes it an area that has endless job opportunities. So finding a  job in Texas after moving from California shouldn’t be hard to do.

What about the downsides of moving from California to Texas?

It’s always better to focus on the positives when moving, but this is a big decision which means you need to account for the downsides as well. Not everything will be perfect after moving from CA to TX. After all, the Golden State is a great place and it definitely wins in some comparisons over Texas. The list of potential downsides of this move can be found in the list below, so let’s take a look.

A chart saying:
California's climate has a better comfort index than Texas' (8.4/10 data-lazy-src=

Prepare for a slightly different climate after making this move

Before moving to Texas from California, you should consider the change in the climate. The weather in TX is notorious for how unpredictable it is. The reason for this is Texas’s location. It’s suited at the intersection of multiple climate zones. Because of this, south Texas has mild winters. Whereas the winters in the north can be much colder and with snow. And, for example, the average annual rainfall in the west is 8.7 inches. While in the southeast, it can be as much as 64 inches. The summer months are scorching, no matter where you decide to live, with temperatures reaching up to 100°F. However, in some parts, you’ll also spend the winter holidays in a short-sleeved shirt.

A tornado and a lightning bolt hitting the ground.
A part of Texas lies in an infamous “Tornado Alley.” Brush up on your safety knowledge, if you’re moving to one of these parts.

If you’re looking forward to leaving earthquakes and wildfires behind when moving from California to Texas, we have some bad news. You’ll only exchange them with storms and tornadoes. Because of Texas’s position we talked about, sudden hurricanes and tornadoes are common things in Texas. Not an everyday occurrence, mind you – but quite frequent. And this is a crucial thing to have in mind when you’re looking for your perfect city or if you work in, for example, the agricultural industry. So, it pays to brush up on your hurricane safety knowledge.

Gun laws are much looser in Texas

One thing that you’ll have to get used to is that you’ll see guns more often than you used to in California. This is because Texas gun laws allow anyone older than 18 to own a firearm. However, these laws don’t regulate the possession of weapons. So, any person, no matter what age, can possess a gun as long as they are not a felon. And, if you already have a gun, there are some rules and regulations about transporting firearms in Texas that you need to be mindful of. Furthermore, open carry is legal as long as you carry your handgun is in a shoulder or belt holster.

Now, we know this sounds unsafe and strange. Still, it’s nothing that will make you hire the best interstate moving companies Texas to get you out of there in a hurry. Gun violence isn’t as prevalent here, as it is in some other states. Compared to the US statistics, it comes out as below average. So, it will only take some getting used to.

Divide and conquer

In general, you can split moving into two distinct phases:

  1. Research phase, where you’ll compare the differences and familiarize yourself with the destination, and;
  2. The preparation phase, where you’ll handle various moving tasks.

Doesn’t sound intimidating when you put it this way, right? That’s because it isn’t! Contrary to popular belief, moving can be simple and easy. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and organization to make it so. Furthermore, the same rules apply to any relocation. Therefore, if you ever end up moving from Texas to California again, or anywhere else, you can use the same approach. So, let’s start with the former.

A man standing on a cliff after moving from California to Texas.
Texas is beautiful, vast, and filled with opportunities.

A quick and easy guide on moving from California to Texas

Moving from California to Texas can become quite overwhelming without previous experience. There are many things to keep in mind, tasks to handle, and decisions to make. So, for the second part of this guide, we’ll focus on some intricacies of the moving process.

A woman surrounded by cardboard boxes, after moving from California to Texas.
Reputable movers can make moving from California to Texas effortless.

Professionals will make your life easier when moving from California to Texas

There’s no relocation task that movers cannot help you with. Trained professionals with ample experience can simplify and make every part of moving easier. Planning, packing, logistics – you name it. Therefore, hiring the best cross country movers California can provide should be your top priority.

Draft a responsible moving budget

Moving isn’t a cheap endeavor. Especially interstate relocations, such as moving from California to Texas. Therefore, knowing how much money you can spend will save you from unnecessary expenses. The best way to draft a budget is to contact your moving company of choice and ask for an on-site or virtual estimate. This will give you a reliable number, all services included, that you can use to plan further.

Make a checklist before moving from California to Texas

As we mentioned, there’s an excessive number of chores to handle during relocation. And, it’s easy to get lost in such a sea of tasks and information. So, staying organized becomes imperative. Fortunately, today, with all smartphone apps, this is easier than ever. Just download one that suits you the most, and jot down everything you need to do. And, yes – we do mean everything. No task is too small when moving.

Declutter to make your relocation even cheaper

Decluttering is one of the best ways to save money when moving state-to-state. For interstate relocation, your movers charge by weight, not by the hour, as is the case with local relocations. So, the fewer things you transport – the less you’ll pay. Simple as that.

A man putting a coin into transparent piggy bank
Decluttering can save you quite a hefty sum when moving.

Of course, you don’t have to throw away all those items. If you have the time and the will, you can list them online or organize a yard sale. That way, you’ll strengthen your moving budget even further.

Pack with safety in mind

Although you should try to save money when moving, packing is exempt from this rule. The safety of your belongings is of utmost importance. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure it’s at the maximum. That said, you should avoid using cheap or used packing materials. They may work for some items, like clothing and unbreakables. However, they don’t offer nearly enough integrity for more demanding or fragile items. So, opt for quality materials and use proven packing methods so your items survive the long trip unscathed.

Find more ways to make your relocation enjoyable

With everything said, it’s safe to conclude that moving from California to Texas is an amazing choice. The Lone Star State has so much to offer, in virtually every way. Therefore, you should seek out reliable ways to make your relocation even easier. After all, you’ll need a lot of time and energy to explore and experience it to the fullest. Once you complete the relocate, make sure to enjoy Texas and take advantage of all the great opportunities that await you in this state!