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Are you about to prepare for a big upcoming move? That’s nice – there are a lot of reasons why you should look forward to moving into a new home. Trust us – there are a few things as important for moving as preparing for everything on time. If you don’t mess that up, you’ll actually move quite easily. For example; while it may seem easy enough; you definitely want to prepare for packing in a timely manner. So, before you think about hiring some of the best long distance moving companies Kansas has; make sure you learn everything there is to know about the different types of packing materials.

Starting from the basics – moving boxes

Okay, so while you’re learning about the different types of packing materials, where should you start? If you ask us, taking care of the most important thing first is a good idea; so prepare enough moving boxes on time. Really, we probably don’t need to elaborate on why good moving boxes are crucial for any good relocation. Obviously, these will serve as containers for most of your items; really, they’re the most commonly used item when it comes to moving. So, make a tour of your neighborhood shops, and especially liquor stores. You’ll be able to find a few second-hand cardboard boxes, which won’t cost you a fortune.

Still, you shouldn’t simply take any boxes people give you. As you’ll soon see – quality packing materials are important. So examine the boxes carefully. First of all, they’ll need to fit the size and bulk of your items. If you want to pack your things securely, especially the bigger ones; they’ll need containers with a similar size, so they don’t jump around a lot in transit. Also, only use boxes that are sturdy and durable. The last thing you want is a box breaking mid-transit, with all of your things spilling out.

An open empty cardboard box against a black background.

Make sure you’re using the sturdiest moving boxes you can find!

Different types of packing materials for protection

While we’re talking about containers and boxes; it’s worth noting some of the different types of packing materials that are used as cushioning for your stuff. Because no matter how sturdy your moving boxes are; your items will definitely require some cushioning during the relocation. The last thing you want is some of your stuff sustaining damage during the move. So, make sure you use something like:

  • Old papers – If you want to spend more money on some of the best long distance movers Topeka, and cut down on packing expenses; then papers as cushioning are a great idea! Let’s face it – all of us have a ton of old newspapers and magazines just collecting dust somewhere. And this is the perfect moment to put them to use!
  • Wrapping protection – Also, when you need better packing protection than old newspapers, you can always use aeroplast! This type of plastic will always provide the best protection for more fragile items, which can’t exactly be packed with crumpled magazines.
  • Packing peanuts – Of course, if you need to fill up a lot of empty space in a box, there’s nothing better than foam peanuts! These will also protect your items inside, by preventing any clunking or crashing between various items.

Using proper labeling

If there’s one thing that should be your goal during a relocation; it’s organizing your moving day perfectly. Because if you don’t; this will really be one of the most chaotic days of your life. So, when it comes to different packing materials you should use – remember using good labels. Really, any professional in the moving industry will tell you – labeling all of your things properly will greatly speed up unpacking; which will make moving day shorter and easier. Plus, that way you’ll know that you haven’t left any stuff behind or forgotten something.

So, what kind of labels should you use? If you ask us, the easiest thing in the world is using a lot of different colors for everything. Really, color coding will make distinguishing between different stuff the easiest thing in the world. Just split all of your items into different categories, and then use the color labels to tell them apart. Of course, there are many ways to make categories; commonly, people tend to divide all of the items by the rooms they’re in. Naturally, you can sort them by their owner, or their use; really, just about anything you can think of. The only important thing is making sure that the system is clear.

A set of different empty labels on a white surface.

You’ll need to label everything properly while you’re moving!

Don’t forget packing tape!

When you’re going through something as difficult as a relocation; forgetting something is easier than you think – especially if it’s the little stuff. But even when it comes to different types of packing materials; the devil is in the details! So, make sure not to overlook packing tape. Really, we can’t emphasize this enough – buying quality packing tape is crucial. While there are a lot of ways to save money during a relocation, this definitely isn’t one of them. Because the best boxes in the world won’t matter a thing if they open up in transit because of bad packing tape.

A green holster for packing tape, with some inside.

If you use quality packing tape; you’ll have much less to worry about!

Plus, you’ll obviously need to get some scissors for all of that tape; once more, make sure you get some good ones. Scissors are cheap, and you can easily buy some almost anywhere; but using old, flimsy ones will get your tape tangled up. This will happen again and again, greatly slowing you down on packing day. So yes, getting some tape and scissors of lesser quality will save you a few bucks; but only a few, and it’ll greatly prolong your packing. And while you’re moving, you definitely don’t need to waste any time.