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Car shipping preparation guidelines

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The modern world offers us many amazing possibilities that just a few decades ago were nothing more than a dream. For instance, at any given time we are able to see and talk with someone on the other side of the globe. Travelling across the world has never been easier, with more and more people going on tourist tours across the continents. Moving from Europe to Australia, to South America have always been something that people from time to time did. However, it was not that simple, and you had to go through some trouble to go through with that. Today, things are simpler and more doable. Transporting your home and your car can be done more easier than ever before. Car shipping preparation is the same as preparing your home for a move. It has to be done and it has to be done properly.

Prepare yourself before you start the whole process

Whether you are about to move to the other side of the world, or “just across” the ocean, to Europe, you have to be ready for facing the potential obstacles. Before you start looking for the cross country movers New Mexico offers, spare a few moments for yourself. Planning an entire moving operation or just going through a car shipping preparation can be really stressful. So, you need to make sure that you are ready for the whole thing. Things may get a bit bumpy on the road, but you have to be aware that it will all pass. Once, you prepare yourself for the fact that things may be hard, but that they will pass, you are ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

white car in a storage
Prepare yourself mentally before you start the move

The first step of car shipping preparation is to check for any preexisting damage

Before you send your car on its way across the state or the ocean, inspect it. It would be a good idea to wash and clean your car properly before shipping. This way you will be able to check it properly. Whatever scratches, dents or chips you notice, make sure that you make a note of all of them. Take pictures of all of them and make written notes. You should take pictures from all angles just to make sure you cover everything properly. Once the shippers arrive, inspect the car with them. Give them your notes and pictures, and have them officially confirm them by signing them.

Clean the car of all removable custom upgrades and additions

Taking care of your belongings is always something that has to be on your mind. Your car is surely one of the most important possessions you may have. What makes us attached to things like cars is that, over time, we make them ours. We put our personal things that act as memorabilia in them, making them feel more like an extension of ours. As they are there for our convenience and are very important for us, making sure that they are safe, is a top priority. As technology is getting more and more affordable, it is no wonder that there are more and more items that can be put in our cars.

Car shipping preparation is not complicated
Remove all the removable parts of your car before the move

You may have DVD players, GPS systems, detachable CD players, and even custom made stereos for your car. Removing them is something that simply has to be done. Your car is probably going to be inspected several times throughout the shipping process. It will also be loaded and unloaded a couple of fo times also. Whether we are talking about commercial moving or a residential one, it does not matter. Many moving companies will refuse to transports your car if it is full of your personal possessions. The chances of theft may be low, but they are still there. That is why companies tend to insist on removing these. So, do it ahead of time.

Do everything that is up to you with car shipping preparation

When it comes to preparing for something as important as moving, you should do everything you can. One simply cannot be careful enough with these things. Your car is going to go through a lot, from loading it and unloading it several times. Everything you do to prepare it properly improves the chances of it getting to its intended destination on time and without any damage. For instance, if you have a convertible, you have to make sure that you secure and protect its top. You want to avoid any damage from the air, or moisture, right? You should fold the mirrors so they don’t get chipped or broken. Get the best packing materials you can in order to be most effective. Also, retract the antenna. You should also disable the alarm.

aerial photography of parked cars
Don’t fill the tank to the top as it won’t be driven

Check the usable elements

As you go through car shipping preparation, you have to make sure that the car is completely clear of all the usable resources. So, firstly and most importantly, do not gas up your car. Having your tank full of gas will make the car heavier and may increase the cost of the move. Why pay additional money if you don’t have to? Shippers will be shipping your car, not driving it anyway. Furthermore, leaving your gas full may be damaging for your car if there is going to be a while before you use it. Next, you should check the tires. Having the car with under-inflated or over-inflated tires can make it rather risky, as they can get damaged.

Make sure that you choose a good shipping company

This is very important for obvious reasons. Watching strangers deal with your belongings for some people may be really stressful. So, hiring a reliable company is very important. Make sure that you ask for recommendations and check their online ratings. Furthermore, make sure that every segment of the services they offer is clear to you before you sign the deal with them.

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