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We understand that it’s easy to forget about picking the time for your next relocation. On top of all the things you need to keep in order – planning and organizing the move, packing the belongings, relocating, and unpacking; figuring out the cheapest time to relocate is probably the last thing on your mind.

A yearly planner

Picking the right moving date can actually help you improve your moving budget by a healthy amount.

However, once you realize that if you’d moved a few weeks prior to a date you picked at random you could’ve probably saved yourself a couple of hundreds of dollars from your moving budget… That’s the time most people start taking choosing the date of their next relocation seriously.

What’s the cheapest time to relocate?

We here at Verified movers have moved a lot of people over the years. And as you might imagine we’ve learned that it’s not just how you move, but the time and date of the move that is important, as well.  However, picking the date that is the cheapest to relocate is not as easy as you might think. There are a lot of factors that go into determining what will be the cheapest move for you. For example, sometimes the cheapest move doesn’t mean that it is the most convenient move. So, let’s see what things you should take into consideration when deciding to relocate.

Things to consider when deciding on a moving date.

As we have mentioned previously there are a lot of things that go into choosing the cheapest and best moving time to relocate. Here is our list of things to consider when deciding on a moving date:

A car moving through a blizzard.

Use the fact that nobody likes moving in the winter to your advantage.

  • The time of the year. If you are looking to shave off a few bucks from your next move we recommend that you move during winter. The reason for that is simple. People move less frequently during the winter so when demand is low, the price of relocation is also quite affordable. However, as you might imagine moving with your whole family is not as feasible in the winter as it is in the summer. However, moving during summer can be quite costly. So, it’s up to you to decide what fits your life’s circumstances the best.
  • The day of the month. When hiring Minnesota Long Distance Moving Companies we recommend that you look for dates in the middle of the month. Most people move during the end or beginning of a month. If you are able to find a moving date in the middle of the month that will also get you a good moving quote, as well.
  • The day of the week. Moving during weekdays is, in general, cheaper. The demand for movers is high during weekends, so if you are willing to skimp a few bucks on your next relocation make sure to get some free time of work.

The cheapest time to relocate.

So, let’s review. The cheapest time of the year to move is winter, during the middle of the month, and during the workweek. Most people don’t move during these times, which means the demand for a mover will be low. This in turn means that your moving company will be able to offer you extremely affordable moving quotes.

cheapest time to relocate

If you organize and plan it correctly, moving with your family can be plenty of fun.

However, on the other hand, this also means that some sacrifice on your behalf is needed. Given the fact that moving during the winter, in the middle of the month and during a workweek, means you are going to have to get some free time off work, organize and coordinate the move with your family, so you’ll be able to successfully relocate. Although, whether moving during the winter is cheap, whether or not you are willing to do just that is a thing only you can decide upon.

Hiring a reliable moving company.

However, we would like to underline something. While finding a cheap time to relocate is great, there is something you need to be wary of. Make sure that you also hire a reliable moving company. Someone you know will not rip you off and provide you with low-quality moving-services. However, luckily for you finding a reliable moving company is easier than finding a cheap time to relocate.

How to find a reliable moving company?

Finding a reliable moving company is quite simple. First, we recommend that you find a mover that you like.  Thankfully, in today’s day and age, that’s easy. All you need to do is search the internet for a reliable moving company. However, you’ll get around 375,000,000 results. This can be daunting. However, this is where the fun part starts. Now all you have to do is check out their reviews and moving quotes and see which one fits you better. Don’t be afraid to contact them and ask around. This will allow you to get to know the feel of the moving company. Whether they seem friendly or not, professional or not is all-important. At the end of the day, these are the people who you are entrusting for relocating your precious belongings. So make sure you choose carefully.

What if I don’t want to hire a moving company?

While we would heavily advise that you hire a moving company for the cheapest way to relocate, we also recognize some people do not like or want to hire someone to help them relocate their belongings. If that is the case, there is one thing we could recommend that could help you with lowering the cost of your move. We recommend that you move during Fall, early in the morning, and during a workweek. This way you won’t be stuck in traffic, and you’ll spend less cost on fuel. When moving by yourself, every cent counts. Also, when moving during the early morning you’ll have the most energy for the relocation. So, what are you waiting for? Set your alarm clock and get after it!