Written by: Madeline Blake

Taking care of your belongings is one of the most natural things we all have the need to do. It is ours, after all. Most often when our belongings are in need of special care, it is because we are moving to a new home. Planning a move is not an easy thing to do. Actually, it is one of the most stressful processes you can go through. It is no wonder then that people often forget about some particular details. Storing wooden furniture and similar objects, for instance, is often disregarded as nothing that complicated. Getting overwhelmed by planning the move is a very common situation, as there are simply so many things to do, and planning a move properly is something that is a must-do.

Planning a move is not an easy task

First of all, you have to choose the right home for yourself. After you have done that, you have to choose the moving date. Then you have to pick the right moving company. Choosing a good moving company can make all the difference for your move. If you choose a bad one, your moving costs can rise significantly, or your things can get lost or damaged. These things happen sometimes even with proper moving companies, so you have to be careful.

storing wooden furniture is something that you have to be careful about

Check what services does your moving company offer

Let’s say that you are moving from New Hampshire to Florida. You are definitely going to want to hire one of the best New Hampshire cross country moving companies. The next step is preparing your possessions for the move. Decluttering your home from redundant things and packing all the others you do need is not always simple. Properly storing wooden furniture is one of the crucial elements of packing.

So, how does storing wooden furniture actually work?

As is the case with planning the move in general, you should first make sure that you know what you are planning to do with your wooden furniture. First of all, you should check with moving company what types of services do they offer. If you are moving from Oregon, for instance, then check all the cross country movers Oregon offers. It can make a big difference if they also offer storage. A lot of moving companies have this option, so knowing this can be really important in planning what you are going to do with your wooden furniture.

Before storing wooden furniture, you should polish it

Polishing furniture is something that does not usually cross people’s minds. Polishing is not just there to make the furniture shiny, it is actually an important protective feature. Having the opportunity to store your belongings does not automatically mean that they are going to be completely safe. The storage units often have heating and cooling systems. However, this does not mean that they will provide suiting protection for storing wooden furniture. One of the essential potential problems here is the fact that the temperature may oscillate.

a lot of boxes

It is better to rent two storage rooms than to overpack them

If the storage you are using is set to adjust its temperature, then it may prove to be dangerous for your furniture. If the temperature is oscillating from hot during the day, and cold during the night, then your belongings may swell or shrink, or even crack. Such unstable conditions may cause the glue that holds the joints to loosen. Polishing the furniture is thus extremely important. With it, you can seal the wood, enabling the furniture to not dry out during its stay in the storage. If your furniture is due to for a longer stay in the storage, then you should use paste wax. It will provide some extra protection.

Disassembling can go a long way to protect your belongings

One of the hardest things to deal with when moving is moving the furniture. Moving something that you cannot grasp properly is really tough and even dangerous. For instance, carrying a dinner table can be really complicated. That is why disassembling your more complex pieces of furniture can be very effective. By doing this, you can also make them more compact. This will lead to them being a lot easier to pack, as they will require less space. Furthermore, it will be easier to wrap them in protective materials. The removed screws and bolts should be put in a plastic bag and labeled properly and set near their furniture piece. Disassembling will also save you money as you won’t need as much of the storage space.


Using old sheets for protection is a good solution

Wrapping up the furniture is a must

Getting some proper protection on your belongings is something that is a given when moving. Whether we are talking about books or electronic devices, it is obligatory. Wood furniture, though usually bulky and hard, has sensitive surfaces. Wrapping them up on protective materials can keep them safe from scratches. Wrapping them in plastics is not such a good idea. The reason is simple – It can lead to wood sweating which leads to swelling and rotting. This is particularly dangerous when the storage room is not climate-controlled. Using old blankets and sheets is a very good idea, however. They don’t trap moisture and are strong enough to protect the items from scratches.

Setting up the storage properly is really important

Since you are going to put your belongings here, it would be smart to prepare the space for storing as best as you can. Putting plastic protection on the floor is a very good way of doing this. As the storage compartments often have concrete as the floor, there is a danger of moisture leaches, which is very dangerous because it leads to swelling and rotting, as stated above. So, before storing wooden furniture, place some plastic sheets, or some dropcloth at least on the floor. These will act as a protective wall between the floor and the wood, thus protecting the furniture by keeping it comfortably dry.