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Moving tips for people with disabilities

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Whoever says moving is easy either didn’t go through it or is the most patient and calm person in the world. For the rest of us, that is definitely not the case. Organizing a move is a complex task, and it should not be taken lightly. There are so many things to think about and to take care of, that it can often seem overwhelming. Even more so if you or a member of your family are a person with disabilities. That, of course, does not mean that you should panic and stress about in advance. All you can and should do is to do your best in organizing and planning everything. We have prepared several moving tips for people with disabilities to help ease them through the process.

Before you think about any concrete moving tips for people with disabilities, put yourself in their place

Whether it is a member of your family, or perhaps a neighbor that needs moving tips for people with disabilities, it is always very important to be aware of their dignity and desire to help themselves. That means that you should be on the lookout for helping them in such a way that they can still help themselves. There are many ways that you can do this. What you should do, is to think about how you can make moving easier for them. Listen to whatever their concerns may be, and talk with them about how you can fix these.

A checklist in a notebook - top among moving tips for people with disabilities.
One of the crucial moving tips for people with disabilities is to make a detailed plan ahead of time.

It is not easy for anyone to get used to a new home. Moving is a complex issue because it is impactful in so many ways. First of all, if it is the first time a person is moving, it will surely be emotionally stressful. Leaving your family home, your parents and your friends behind is never easy. We all need time to adapt. People with disabilities can find it even more challenging. They have gotten used to a certain space and where, for instance, the dining table and living room are in relation to one another. That is why you have to find a way to do some preparations and modifications to make moving for them easier.

Services and benefits concerning disability are extremely important

It does not matter where you go in the United States, the SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance will be with you always. What does this mean? Well, thankfully, you don’t have to re-apply for it. In fact, you don’t have to do much, other than to provide yours or your family member’s new address. This is not a complicated task, but people often forget to do it until the move has been completed for some time. So, you need to plan ahead, especially when making a long distance move. Why is this important?

Different state, or different municipality = Different benefits

Our country is trying to do its best for its citizens, and there are some minimal benefits that people with disabilities are guaranteed to get. Still, depending on the state and/or municipality they live in, their benefits will vary. That is why you should plan ahead and make some calls in advance. Check which benefits will be available in your new town or city. There are people there who can advise you and help with any questions you may have. This way, you can prepare and send all the papers ahead of time.

Birdeye view of a suburban neighborhood.
Find a neighborhood that fits you the most.

Financial assistance is a possibility

The nature of some disabilities may require more assistance, while some may require little to none. There are several organizations out there whose mission is to help is these types of situations. First of all, you should think about what kind of assistance you are going to need. Do you need help in hiring long distance movers in Arizona, for instance? Or do you need help with packing and unpacking? Some of the institutions that can help you out financially and/or in other ways are numerous. Some of them are:

  • ADAPT – A national-level community whose aim is to ensure the human rights of people with disabilities
  • AUCD – This is a country-wide organization that works on promoting and improving university programs for people with disabilities
  • Administration for Community Living – They also work hard on improving the possibilities that disabled people have and assisting them

One of the crucial moving tips for people with disabilities is to ensure the accessibility of the new home

The first step towards this is to check out your new home before you even buy it. So, when you go out there hunting for a new house/apartment check all entrances, staircases and other points of interests. Take someone with you; preferably that person with disabilities that is going to be living there. Check out how the doors function, how wide are the hallway and entrances, are there any ramps etc. When you do choose a home, the next phase begins.

Hallways with dozens of doors
Make sure that the access is ensured ahead of the move.

Unless you have found a perfect home, chances are that there are certain modifications that you will have to make. Before the actual move occurs, you will have to fix, add, change or in other ways improve the possible approach ways. If you are going to have a landlord, make sure that they are fully aware of all the specific needs concerning the disability. They will often help you modify the house or the apartment, or even offer to prepare it themselves.

Find a good moving company

This one is a must for obvious reasons. Let’s say you are moving from New York to Nevada. You are going to need a good moving company to assist you in the process. This is one of the most important moving tips for people with disabilities, and moving in general. Ask for recommendations, and/or check their reviews on the Internet. You have to make sure that they have experience with moving people with disabilities. A quality and professional moving company is one of the few essential components when it comes to moving and you have to do your best to find one.

Good luck!

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