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If you’re thinking about moving to Virginia, we’re happy to say you’re in the right place. We’re experts in the field of state-to-state moving, and we’d be more than happy to share our knowledge with you. When it comes to moving from Wisconsin to Virginia, you’ll definitely need a bit of preparation. Luckily, you won’t have to spend a lot of energy planning and preparing the moving process itself. This is because we can point you toward some of the best interstate moving companies Wisconsin can offer. In this blog, we’ll go over a few important things you need to know before calling Virginia your new home. Moving is certainly a big decision, and it requires careful thought. So, join us as we go over some key information regarding this beautiful state. With our help, you’ll be enjoying Virginia before you know it.

A brief overview of the state of Virginia

Virginia is home to a wide variety of natural beauty, and because of this, it carries the nickname of Old Dominion. One of the most notable things is the thousands of miles of coastline. The state’s largest city, Virginia Beach, has over 38 miles of coastline alone, and much of it consists of pristine beaches. But, the ocean isn’t the only body of water you can enjoy in Virginia. There are four major rivers in the state which flow into the Chesapeake Bay. These are the York River, James River, Rappahannock River, and the Potomac-Shenandoah River system. This fact is important because of the dozens of small rivers which stem from them. In addition, over 217 miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains run through the state. So if you love hiking, don’t hesitate to give interstate moving companies Virginia a call. This state really offers the best of both worlds.

A couple with a child moving from Wisconsin to Virginia
Moving to Virginia is a fantastic idea!

It goes without saying that all of this beauty brings a high amount of outdoor activities to enjoy. And this is probably one of the main things that draw so many people to Virginia. Regardless if you’re a fan of mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, canoeing, or camping, then this is the right time to move to Virginia. Anywhere you look, you’ll see amazing landscapes and opportunities for adventure. But, of course, if adrenaline and sweating aren’t your ideas of fun, you can enjoy the benefits of moving from Wisconsin to Virginia at your own pace. There’s nothing better than slowly sipping on tea, and taking in the view of the nature surrounding you.

Prepare for a lot of southern hospitality when moving from Wisconsin to Virginia

One of the most notable things about the people of Virginia is how exceptionally polite they are. Unlike in larger cities like New York or Boston, the folks in nearly every city in Virginia will say hello to you when passing you on the street. They open doors for each other and aren’t afraid to offer a friendly smile and advice. This is certainly a culture shock and takes getting used to after moving from Wisconsin to Virginia. But, most people who experience this, immediately fall in love with the hospitality and kindness. Another great thing about the state is its schools. Some of the best schools in the nation, such as the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech, are located right here, which is something to consider when choosing a new city to live in. So, if you’re moving with family, seeking world-class education, you’re in the right place!

Virginia Tech university at night
Moving from Wisconsin to Virginia opens up many opportunities for education and work

The job market is strong and the living costs are favorable

Virginia is known for being very financially stable throughout history. Virginia’s first capitol, Jamestown, was founded with the sole purpose of increasing England’s wealth. Now, the job market is constantly flourishing, with many jobs available primarily in the military and medicine fields. Because of its 27 military bases, and proximity to the Pentagon, Virginia is a big money maker for the US government. In addition to this, the state is home to over 20 Fortune 500 companies. On average, the state salary is around $65.000, which is roughly $5.400 a month. This is good news for people looking for a home, as renting an apartment comes out to around $1300 per month. If you want to purchase a home, you’ll have to set aside around $300.000. It is also predicted that the home value will rise by 6% next year.

bridge over a river in Richmond Virginia
Many cities in Virginia offer a peaceful setting

If you compare these numbers to those of Wisconsin, you’ll see quite a different picture. Annual salary in Wisconsin comes up to $48.000. On a monthly level, that is $4000, which is around 30% less than what you can make in Virginia. The housing market is however, slightly different, with Wisconsin being more affordable. Buying a home in Wisconsin will cost you roughly $240.000, while renting will set you back $1000 a month. Lastly, there is the fact that the costs of utilities and groceries in Wisconsin are nearly equal to the national average, while they are much lower in Virginia. All things considered, the living conditions in Virginia are quite favorable.

The best places to settle in after moving from Wisconsin to Virginia

It’s rather hard to say which city in Virginia is the best since there are so many lovely locations to pick from. With that said, we’ve listed the three which seem to be popular moving destinations in recent times. So if you love the idea of moving from Wisconsin to Virginia, then you’ll love these cities:

  • Richmond. Its low living cost and progressive culture make it a safe haven for both hipsters and entrepreneurs trying to escape the city noise and live at their own pace. Richmond is truly a hidden gem full of historic charm. With 7 Fortune 500 companies located here, there are plenty of growth opportunities for young professionals. There is currently a beautiful renaissance happening in Virginia, and Richmond is at the center of it.
  • Virginia Beach. This place doesn’t need that much of an introduction. It is Virginia Beach after all. This is the largest city in the state and boasts over 38 miles of beautiful coastline. If you choose to settle here, you’ll experience a very unique culture that combines a laidback beach vibe and a cozy southern feel. Needless to say, it also offers plenty of opportunities for family fun! If you want to jump feet first into a strong economy, and still lounge on the beach during the weekends, we simply can’t recommend Virginia Beach enough.
  • Norfolk. The city of Norfolk offers a very healthy balance of work and life. Before asking you what you do for a living, the Norfolk folk will first ask what you like doing in your free time. They’re more concerned about life than strict work, which offers a refreshing change compared to larger work-centric cities.