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Relocating over 1,500 miles is something you need to consider carefully. Incidentally, this is (approximately) how many miles are between San Antonio and Billings. You and your belongings have quite a trip ahead of you! It is really important to prepare properly for such a venture. When moving from San Antonio to Billings, you will most likely need the help of long-distance movers San Antonio. State-to-State relocations are so much easier with the help of professional movers. Apart from that, you may also want to make your relocation a bit easier. And that is where this article comes in. We are going to provide you with some tips and recommendations, in order to make your move as easy as possible.

Moving from San Antonio to Billings – How to prepare?

Here is what you can do to properly prepare for your relocation:

  • Organize and create a moving checklist
  • Hire a professional moving company when moving from San Antonio to Billings
  • Declutter, donate and give away unnecessary items
  • Gather packing supplies and decide what to pack and move
  • Avoid moving injuries when moving from San Antonio to Billings
Create a moving checklist well in advance.

Organize and create a moving checklist

Every endeavor requires some organizational skills. Relocations require a medium degree of it. The best way to go about it is to figure out everything that you need to do, first. For that, you will need a moving checklist. You will write down every single task that you need to accomplish prior to the move. It does not matter how big or small of a task it is. If it needs doing, it is worth writing down. For example, you will both want to write down “check out long-distance moving companies Billings” but you will also want to write down “dismantle the playhouse in the back yard”. This way, you will not forget a single thing. Simple as that.

When you have your moving checklist sorted out, it is time to see when to do what, and how. That is where you need to figure out your situation and apply some organization to it. Don’t worry, it is not difficult, it will just take you a bit of time. Simply thinking about it all is often enough to easily organize everything.

Hire a professional moving company when moving from San Antonio to Billings

Interstate moves can be quite difficult. In order to bring the “difficulty level” down, your best bet is hiring professional movers. In fact, most people who relocate over such distances choose to do just so. But choosing a good moving company is not as easy as it should be, unfortunately. The best thing you can do is to go with a reputable moving company, such as Verified Movers. This will ensure that your items are safe and sound and that you are not going to fall victim to a moving scam. Additionally, you will be able to make your move as easy as you want it to be.

You don’t want to move a muscle during your move? Hire packing and transportation services and you will not need to! With professional movers, you have the ability to customize your moving experience. The more you do on your own, the less the move will cost, and vice versa.

Avoid unnecessary moving stress – hire a professional moving company!

Declutter, donate and give away unnecessary items

And speaking of the cost, you may want to know how to reduce it a bit. One of the best ways to reduce moving costs is going through the decluttering process. This involves either selling, donating, giving, or throwing away some of your belongings. First, you will need to go around the house and make an inventory list of all of your stuff. By doing this, you will figure out that there are many items that you simply will not use anymore. These items will be an added weight to your shipment and will make the cost go up. You may also want to involve the whole family in this process, as well. Something that you may think is junk might be a valuable treasure to someone else.

When it comes to valuable treasures, you can donate your unneeded items to people that need them. Or you can always donate to charity. If you are not feeling so charitable, you may want to hold a garage sale. Just remember, your items do need to be in good condition. If an item is damaged beyond repair, or in a bad condition, it is always best to simply throw it away.

Gather packing supplies and decide what to pack and move

You will also need plenty of packing boxes and assorted supplies. While you can buy these at a store that sells them, you may want to consider getting them a bit cheaper than that. In the case of the moving boxes, visit some of your local convenience stores and see if they have some to give away. They get these boxes on a regular basis and will usually be able to give away a couple. Visit several stores and you should be set on boxes.

When it comes to other packing supplies, you may want to try and find people that have recently moved to your area. Most of the time, people buy more packing supplies than they require. After the relocation is over, they can’t use those anymore. Thus, they might be willing to sell them to you, at a lower price. Win-win.

You will also need to figure out which items you want to pack sooner rather than later. Start packing the items that you will not be needing shortly, as soon as you know that you will be moving. If you do it one at a time, you will stretch the work over time and it will all feel easier.

Find necessary cardboard boxes and packing supplies.

Avoid moving injuries when moving from San Antonio to Billings

Finally, you may want to take care of yourself, both on a moving day and during transport. If you expect you will need to lift anything, make sure that you are properly warmed up and that you are wearing proper clothes. Also, always have a medical kit handy, just in case.

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