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Verified Movers Team Blog State to State Moving

If you have decided moving to from Illinois to Texas is the right thing to do, you are in for an adventure! Interstate movers Illinois will be relocating you to the biggest state in the country. Just by that fact alone, it’s logical the Lone Star State has plenty to offer. It has a warm climate, a strong economy, great food, and loads of fun things to do. Since you are packing and leaving Illinois, here are a few important things to keep in mind before you say “howdy” to the great state of Texas.

heinz ketchup
Illinois is home to the world’s largest bottle of catsup.

Benefits of moving from Illinois to Texas

Like we’ve said, the Lone Star State has so many great things to offer! Which is why more people move to Texas than any other state in the country. And they call cross country moving companies Texas in order to do so smoothly! Texans are really proud of their home state… because of its incredible landscape and beautiful scenery. But they can also brag about its thriving economy and exciting attractions. Here are just a few of the great things you have to look forward to when moving from Illinois to Texas.

Texas offers an affordable cost of living

The cost of living in Texas is lower than the national average. These facts make it possible for families and young professionals to work and play. The Lone Star State is one of seven states that does not have a state income tax. In addition to this, the property taxes in Texas are lower than in other states. All of these factors will allow you as a Texas resident to enjoy a standard of living that is much less than it would cost in other states.

Employment opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of the state of Texas is ample employment opportunities. In fact, four of the largest metropolitan cities for job growth are right here in Texas. After moving, you can try and benefit from its diversified economy which provides jobs in various fields. This includes education, healthcare, oil, and technology. The abundance of work opportunities combined with the low cost of living makes Texas a great place to call home.

Moving from Illinois to Texas will give you a Chance to Experience the Outdoors

The Lone Star State is full of natural wonders and beautiful scenery that is just waiting to be explored. Some of these awe-inspiring wonders of nature include Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Palo Duro Canyon, Padre Island National Seashore, and Big Thicket National Preserve. There are a lot of national parks, rivers, or quaint towns you can explore. Also, the warm climate here makes it easy for residents to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Excellent education

Texas is famous for is its excellent educational opportunities. There are exceptional public schools here and the state boasts some of the highest test scores in the country. Additionally, Texas is home to a number of top-notch colleges and universities such as Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, Rice University, St. Edward’s University, Southwestern University, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech just to name a few.

You’ll enjoy fantastic food after moving from Illinois to Texas

If there’s one thing Texans know and love, it’s food! Texans practically invented barbeque and they are known all over the world for this delicious dish. That’s not the only food they love to enjoy, however. There is also the famous Texan chili, Tex-Mex, fair food, and so much more. The culinary scene has expanded in recent years and is now home to both world-class restaurants and local favorites.

cowboy moving from Illinois to Texas in the sunset
Texas is known for its Spanish influence, museums, scenic attractions, and cowboy culture.

Most Popular Cities to Live in Texas:

1. Dallas-Fort Worth

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a great mix of Texan pride and a big city lifestyle. If you move here, you’ll enjoy the city’s trendy restaurants, local bars, nightlife. And of course, professional sports teams. In addition to all offerings of city life, parts of Dallas-Fort Worth also offer a quiet suburban feel which is perfect for families. The city is full of young professionals and a booming economy.

2. Houston

The city of Houston is growing by the day as more and more people are moving from Illinois to Texas. Houston has a steady job market which draws plenty of new residents. It is also more affordable than most other large cities and has cheaper real estate prices. That is why it is possible for residents to own their own homes. Houston is also full of vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm. Combine that charm with pro sports teams, amazing restaurants, and exciting attractions and it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call Houston home.

3. San Antonio

San Antonio has some of the most picturesque neighborhoods you will ever see. And, it all comes with a low cost of living. The city is rich in Spanish culture and heritage. The job market is booming in San Antonio. Also, the traffic situation is much better than some of the other large cities in Texas making it an ideal choice for a lot of Millenials. Add great food, pro sports teams, loads to do, and friendly people to the mix and the choice is easy.

4. Austin

People moving from Illinois to Texas are drawn to the capital city of Texas because of its hot job market, hipster vibe, food and music scene, and exciting nightlife. In fact, Austin has been named the live music capital of the world and is home to many amazing music festivals.

Cost of moving from Illinois to Texas

  • Although there are many factors to consider, the average cost to move from Illinois to Texas is usually in the thousands.
  • Of course, this is dependent upon the exact distance of your upcoming move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking.
  • The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our form for moving estimates or contacting us.
cacti in the Texas desert
The saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” certainly has some truth to it. Texas is the second-largest U.S. state (behind Alaska).

How to move from Illinois to Texas

Moving is a stressful time but moving a long distance can present a whole new set of challenges. That’s why it’s important to move with a professional company. Verified Movers have a lot of moving experience and can connect you with movers who know exactly what it takes to execute a seamless move. Contact us and we will make the moving process as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.

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