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There are many reasons why people opt for moving from Georgia to Nebraska. This route isn’t popular by accident. While Georgia is a great state to live in, some people still choose to move to Nebraska, that’s also great in its own way. Therefore, make sure to continue reading and discover all the perks of living and working in Nebraska. If you happen to be one of those Georgians who are taking this moving route, feel free to check Verified Movers reviews in order to find moving professionals to assist you on this journey!

Why moving from Georgia to Nebraska is actually a great idea?

Just like Georgia, Nebraska, by all means, qualifies as one of the top US states for living. Besides a strong economy, people are attracted to the overall quality of life. Also, it’s a very safe state to live in, so it’s very popular among families. It’s truly a destination worth considering, and over the next few sections, we’ll introduce you to the main benefits of living in Cornhusker State.

a couple preparing for moving from Georgia to Nebraska
Young parents and professionals often consider moving from Georgia to Nebraska, according to surveys.

Nebraska has a lower cost of living than Georgia

Once you book one of the best moving companies Georgia and finally relocate, you’ll immediately downsize in terms of taxes. You’ll get from Georgia’s 4% down to Nebraska’s 1.8%. When you pair this with the fact that Nebraska ranks as the 10th most affordable state, it’s clear why this state has seen an influx of new residents. Additionally, real estate is super affordable across Nebraska.

Expect a true Midwestern lifestyle

The community of Nebraska is known to be warm, welcoming, and quite relaxed. For them, life goes at a moderate pace, and there’s always time for everything. The good thing about Nebraska is the lack of crowds. There’s a place for everyone, no matter where they come from. Lower density is a bonus reason why many choose to relocate there.

Nebraska is a family-friendly state

Although the same can be said about Georgia, Nebraska takes the lead as a more family-friendly state. The reasons are mainly due to lower living costs, quality of living, excellent education, and affordable housing. The rise in house prices in Georgia motivated many young parents to consider changing their place of residence. In addition, parents have the opportunity for better wages. Plus, the community is great for raising a family. In addition, the safety rate in Nebraska is lower than in Georgia, and well below the national average. That’s one of the most important requirements that qualify Nebraska as one of the top safe, family-friendly states.

The Cornhusker State offers slightly better salaries than Georgia

Life in Nebraska might be cheaper, however, salaries remain higher than the national average. In addition, compared to Georgia, Nebraska has a diversified job market. Plus, you have a better chance to land a well-paying job in Nebraska, depending on your occupation. Currently, the highest-employing industries in Nebraska are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Agriculture
  • IT
  • Forestry

The recorded unemployment rate for the year 2022 was 2,3%. Expert economists emphasize the growth of the employment rate (2,2% higher) since 2019. Following these stats, it’s obvious that Nebraska boasts steady growth of its job market and stable economy.

a tablet showing stats
The job market and employment rate in Nebraska have noticeably grown since 2019.

Organize your relocation ahead

First, you need to choose a new city before you start looking for moving companies:

  • Lincoln is where life runs at a moderate to slower pace. No one’s in a rush all the time, and work-life balance is considered the norm. If you wish to own a home, do some research on Lincoln’s real estate market. The majority of residents own their homes.
  • The City of Omaha is where families, business professionals, and many others find their comfort and bliss. The city doesn’t lack cafes, restaurants, and other places where you’d like to spend your time after work. Education in Omaha is considered top-tier. By moving there, you can also enjoy way more affordable healthcare.
  • Bellevue is another place with a high percentage of residents owning their homes. If you like a dense suburban environment, then Bellevue is the best choice. This cute city is also one of the safest in the country.
  • Living in Kearney is bliss. Not only it’s super affordable, but also well-connected with other major cities.

These are currently some of the most popular inbound cities in Nebraska. Other places also have a lot to offer, so don’t hesitate to research a bit more about them. Nebraska is the state where you can definitely find the kind of place that suits your needs and lifestyle. All you have to do is go online and check what each city has to offer.

Book experienced movers

Consider expert interstate movers who will make both the packing and unpacking process simple and smooth. Here are simple ways to help you recognize them:

  • If a company’s movers have plenty of experience in long-distance relocations, they’re likely to know how to get the job done.
  • There are positive reviews praising the overall customer experience and service quality.
  • The company’s representatives are willing to guide you through the moving process and to give you all the answers.
  • Reputable moving companies never impose undisclosed fees after you sign the deal.

When signing a deal with a moving company, make sure you’ve understood all terms and conditions. Have a company representative go over each clause with you. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications when necessary.

guy from a moving company estimating moving expenses
Hire movers you can rely on from start to finish.

Choose storage unit on time

Your relocation project will take time to complete. Therefore, you should think of renting storage before the move, and after you arrive at a moving destination. You’ll need a safe space for your precious valuables. In addition, chances are that you won’t be unpacking your entire home as soon as you reach the destination. So, consider self-storage solutions that many interstate moving companies Nebraska can provide you with.

With seasoned moving professionals, a relocation to Nebraska will be a breeze

When you have a good plan, moving from Georgia to Nebraska seems a lot easier. It will be even easier if you hire moving professionals. Just make sure the company that provides the services is legit in every sense. Don’t contact any company before you check their licenses, registration, reviews, and work history. Otherwise, you’re good to go, and we wish you a smooth and successful moving experience!