Written by: Isaac Grant

A moving process isn’t over until you unpack and settle in your new place of residence. It takes time until you unpack and sort all the items you move with you. However, it’s necessary to keep the unpacking process organized in order to avoid post-move burnout. Instead of unpacking your home in a hurry, opt for a strategic approach and tackle one room at a time. In addition, it’s good to let your movers know you could use their help with unpacking. At Verified Movers, you can find only top-notch moving tips, as well as high-quality moving companies.

Pre-move preparation helps you keep the unpacking process organized without problems

Before you move to your new home, take time to prepare for the move the right way and make the unpacking schedule. Relocations are stressful and tedious, which is why it’s very likely you’ll feel exhausted after the move. That being said, writing down a detailed unpacking schedule will be the last thing you’ll have in mind. Therefore, grab a pen and paper, or use your phone to plan an entire unpacking endeavor ahead.

a woman writing a schedule to keep the unpacking process organized
A post-move schedule will help you keep the unpacking process organized with ease.

Keep in mind that unpacking highly depends upon your pre-move preparations. That’s why it’s important to declutter your home, pack belongings the right way, and make sure your new home is ready. Another important factor is choosing the best moving team to carry out all moving tasks, from start to finish. Make sure to check long distance moving companies Atlanta has on offer, and pick your best moving team.

Your movers can help you stay organized while unpacking after the move

Although unpacking seems simple, it actually takes days, even weeks to unpack. By hiring top movers in Atlanta, the entire unpacking process will go much easier. What would normally take a week to unpack and set up, professional movers can complete it within just a couple of days. Therefore, don’t hesitate to let your movers know you will need their help with unpacking.

Keep clutter away by renting a decent storage unit

It’s easier to unpack when you don’t have a bunch of boxes scattered across your new home. Plus, you never know for how long the unpacking process is going to last. For these reasons, you should consider renting climate-controlled storage for as long as you need. By renting a decent storage unit, you’ll keep the clutter away from your home.

Spend some time searching for storage services at some of the best cross country movers Georgia has. Contact the company to schedule a visit. It’s important to be sure your belongings will stay in one piece once you store them in a designated storage solution. However, don’t forget to discuss important matters with storage providers before you sign a deal:

  • Access to your belongings should belong only to you, anytime you want.
  • There’s CCTV surveillance and staff to keep the units safe.
  • Ask about the possibility to extend the lease in case unpacking takes longer than planned.

Make sure to properly pack and label all boxes on time

When you pack your home the right way, the unpacking after the move comes easier than you think. That’s why it’s important not to rush with packing. Once you seal the box, label it with exact information about its content, then move to the next one. Also, color-coding also comes in handy when packing for the move. So make sure to use, for example, a blue marker for kitchen items, green for bathroom essentials, and so on.

a woman writing what's inside the box
Make sure to label all boxes as soon as you pack them.

Pre-clean your new home and ensure everything works well there

Cleaning is something many overlook as they’re getting ready for the move. Therefore, save time by pre-cleaning your new home. Furthermore, make sure to sort out utilities. This is especially important if you work remotely and have to set up your home office right after the move is over. Therefore, don’t forget to test the Internet speed and make sure it works without problems.

Take time with the unpacking process

You probably won’t have time and energy to unpack your entire home after the move. That’s why essential boxes and furniture (beds, chairs, home-office desk) should be unpacked first. Essential boxes should contain first-aid items you will need before, during, and after the move:

  • towels
  • essential toiletries
  • cuttlery and plates for each family member
  • firs-aid kit
  • paper towels and toilet papers
  • wet wipes
  • garbage bags
  • personal documentation
  • wallet
  • keys
  • electronic gadgets

Unpack room by room

When unpacking room by room, make sure to follow the order of importance:

  • Necessities
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Home office, game room, etc.

The most important rooms to unpack are the kitchen and bathroom. Once you completely unpack them, you’ll feel like half of the job is already done. Furthermore, other rooms will seem easier to unpack and set up. The game room and other special rooms are the last to pack. However, make sure to set up your home office first in case you have to continue working shortly after the move.

a happy couple dancing while unpacking
Unpacking will come easier if you do it room by room.

Make sure to get enough rest in order to keep the unpacking process organized

You will need plenty of rest once your moving journey comes to an end. This especially applies to long-distance relocations that take plenty of time and energy. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep the unpacking process organized only if you are rested and focused. That’s why the first thing to do after the move is unpacking essential items, beds, and sheets. Switch off your phone and get as much sleep as you need. You may order your favorite comfort food, or take a walk to get to know your new neighborhood better.