Written by: Madeline Blake

Idaho counts as one of the fastest-developing states due to the plethora of benefits. The fact that top places for families in Idaho saw an influx in new residents doesn’t come as surprising at all. Simply put, families realized what comes with moving to Idaho cities. From school system to vibrant and laid-back community – Idaho cities have it all. Make sure to keep reading the following information our Verified Movers team collected for you. Once you pick your best city, feel free to contact us and find some of the best movers in the market.

Top family-friendly places in Idaho have a lot in common

In order for a city to qualify as family-friendly, it has to check everything from the list of non-negotiable requirements. For example, cities with strong economies and low crime rates, and pleasant communities will be more desirable for living. Furthermore, families will gravitate more towards affordable cities where it’s possible for them to live a decent life, without overwhelming financial burdens. In Idaho, everything comes 7.8% less than the national average.

happy couple browsing top places for families in Idaho
Couples often choose family-friendly affordable cities with strong economies.

The education system in a particular city is also very important for parents. Schools must have clean track records and good reputations. Also, living close to nature is seen as a plus among families who enjoy spending time with their kids in outdoor areas.

These are undoubtedly some of the best places for families in Idaho

Based on the above-mentioned criteria, these cities are one of the best for families in Idaho:

  • Boise
  • Meridian
  • Nampa
  • Idaho Falls
  • Caldwell
  • Pocatello

There are many pros to moving to Boise, Idaho

By moving to Boise, families get to enjoy quality yet affordable lifestyle. Besides lower prices, the tax situation in Boise is much better compared with the majority of US cities. Most people rent their homes since rental prices ( around $742) go below the average ones (up to $950).

The unemployment rate in Boise is decreasing every year, currently being less than 2%. The number of job openings has increased since many notable companies moved their headquarters there. The income in Boise makes it easy for parents to maintain a stable financial situation while living comfortably at the same time. Plus. the education in Boise is one of the best in Idaho. Therefore, kids can gain the knowledge they need in order to pursue higher education. Boise also counts as one of the safest cities in the country. If this sounds like a perfect place for you and your family, check out cross country moving companies Boise has on offer.

Meridian is another popular family-friendly city in Idaho

It’s safe to say that Meridian is one of the most desirable moving destinations in Idaho. In the last two decades, the city’s economy has significantly grown, making it perfect for families looking for a better quality of life. Since it’s one of the popular family-friendly cities, Meridian’s population keeps increasing every year. Also, its low crime rate makes and welcoming community makes it the perfect place for raising kids.

Another benefit of moving to Meridian is the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of sports and outdoor activities. You can also plan a picnic by the beach in Eagle Island State Park with your family. All in all, the city cultivates a healthy and active lifestyle. In case you are considering moving there, take time to research cross country moving companies Meridian offers, and pick the best one!

Nampa is also a great place for families in Idaho

As one of the most populated cities in Idaho, Nampa has all you need at hand. Furthermore, the neighborhoods are safe, with a lot of green surfaces. A friendly and helpful community makes this city ideal for families. That’s why the population of the city has increased due to its family-friendly nature. Plus, life in Idaho is all but dull and monotonous. Whether you want to spend time by Lake Lowell, walk your dog in a park, or visit local restaurants and breweries is totally up to you.

Does this sound like an ideal place for your family? If so, then all you have to do is find the right mover for you among some of the cross country moving companies Nampa has on offer.

Idaho Falls offers so much to its residents

The job market in Idaho Falls and lower costs of living are the main reasons why young parents often hire reputable cross country moving companies Idaho Falls has. Affordable living and a wide array of vacancies motivate many families to move and start fresh in this thriving city. Also, Idaho Falls is a city with some of the best educational institutions.

Caldwell could be your next moving destination as well

There are many reasons why you should immediately start browsing cross country moving companies Caldwell residents gladly recommend. If you desire to live in a city with a low crime rate, excellent schools, and above-average livability, then Caldwell is your best choice. The community is quite diverse and welcoming towards new residents.

Moving to Pocatello is a perfect choice for families

Pocatello also qualifies as one of the top places for families in Idaho. It’s a cute small town with access to nature and outdoor areas perfect for spending quality family time. Costs of living are much lower compared to other cities in Idaho, and the community is warm and welcoming. The economy of the city is stable, therefore it’s possible to own a home at some point. If this city meets all your needs, then look up cross country moving companies Pocatello has, and pick the one to carry out your move.