Written by: Nathan Steele

So the big day has come and gone. You find yourself in your new home with all of your items still pack up. Boxes are threatening to swallow you whole. You are left to decide what to do next. Still, there seems to be so much work left to be done that you cannot decide what to do first. The key to a successful move is not only to move your stuff and ta-da, all is done. No, you have to make a moving checklist that will incorporate unpacking as well. You should follow these tips in order to execute the second half of your move easily. You’ll want to spend your first day in a new home the right way, won’t you?

 Load in such a way as to unload easily

One of the first things you should pay attention to when preparing for the move is packing your boxes. Make sure you put all of your items that you would not be needing for the first few days following the move in a couple of boxes that will be the last to be loaded onto a truck. You should pack and load the rest of the items according to the same prioritization model. If you pack and load this way, the first stuff to come out will be the ones that you will not need right away. You will be able to put them aside, anywhere you find fit and will have the rest of the room for those items that you really need.

Fragile sign

Load smart with fragile stuff properly packed

However, bear in mind that, apart from needing one portion of items today and the rest tomorrow, there are items that you will need at all time. You should have put them into an essentials boxIf you’re going to Florida for example, make sure you pack a sunscreen since the sun can get you while moving as well.

Good unloading plan helps you use your unpacking time to the max. Obviously, you’ll want to spend as few hours as possible on unpacking. The process of finding the suitable apartment, finding reliable long distance movers Alabama for example, packing all of your items and loading them onto a truck will probably be pretty much energy-draining. Therefore, as simple unpacking as possible is the key to enjoying your first day in your new apartment or a house.

After the moving truck leaves how do you spend your first day in your new home

After your moving professionals have left, what do you do? Lie down and watch TV? You wish. You take a short break and start hustling and bustling.

Moving truck

After your movers are gone, it is time to start bustling around

As we have already mentioned at the start of this text, your entire home will probably be buried in unpacked boxes. However, first thing you need to do is take a look at your checklist. We’re going to take it for granted that you have made a thorough plan of how your unpacking is going to work.

Your priorities have to be:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Other

Bathroom is the first place you take care of when you spend your first day in a new home

If you’re moving to Arkansas, you will probably be moving with kids. With them, it can prove quite difficult to manage their needs. Therefore, make sure you have all that you need ready. By bedtime, they are going to need a shower and so are you. You should have put the basic bathroom stuff into your essentials box. Try looking for them there.


Cat on the kitchen counter

Prepare your kitchen on your first day because you’ll need to use it very soon

You are going to need plenty of energy in order to get you through the move when you want to spend your first day in a new home. Food means energy and there’s no arguing about it. Therefore, after the bathrooms are set, go ahead and make some room in the kitchen. You will surely need space to make coffee at least. You may not want to cook on your first day though, so delivery service will suffice. Just don’t make it a habit.


Alright, this is where the heavy-duty part kicks in. Setting up your kitchen and bathrooms shouldn’t take a lot of time. Bedrooms, however, hold so many items that you should count on needing extra time to set them up. What will probably take a lot of time is putting together cabinets and beds. In case you have a walk-in closet, you will spend no time setting it up. Finding a place for your favorite items inside, on the other hand, could prove to be time-consuming. Therefore, do not do this right away. Leave your clothes in bags and boxes until later. You will see that there will be more things you’ll need to do.

How to spend your first day in a new home – arranging your living room

Living rooms are parts of our homes in which we spend most of the time. Plus, this is where quality time with our families takes place. Therefore, this should be the most important place for us. Still, it is not the most important place in the moving process. We are going to leave arranging living room for the end. It is going to be the last place to take care of because all of the stuff that you won’t know where to put while you prepare the rest of house is going to be stuffed right here.


Depending on what type of a new home you’ve got, you’ll find out that there are different things to do on your first day. If you’ve got a house with a garden, your lawn may need mowing. If you’ve bought an apartment with a balcony, you may need to fit it with an umbrella. In case you are bringing pets with you, they may need some immediate attention. So if you thought about going hiking in the Rocky mountains, well, think again. You know what they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Therefore, when you see your kids crawling all over the boxes, your husband jumping over various bags as he puts together shelves or your wife stumbling upon them with bags of clothes in her arms, don’t be desperate. This is the way it goes when you spend your first day in a new home.