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Preparing for a move can be really stressful. You will have to start making a checklist, sort out your budget and plan everything at least two months in advance. All of us have experienced a moving process one or several times in our lives. Relocating can also be a traumatic experience for our kids. Depends on their age, they can be confused, sad, and feeling a little lost if they are moving far away. That’s why you should know how to prepare kids for long distance move.

How to prepare kids for long distance move?

Kids get used to their environment, friends, and school, so it is very important to know how to approach them and talk about the move. Of course, they won’t have problems moving if they are toddlers and babies or preschool kids. However, if they are already going to school and they are teenagers, they might have problems accepting the fact that they will have to change and adjust to the new environment.

Start with giving your kids information about the move. Then, try to answer any of their questions and be completely honest. Also, respect their opinion and reactions because moving and changing their environment might look scary to them. Ask about their opinion on the move and involve them in searching for the new home. Take them with you if you are going to visit your new home or explore the neighborhood.

Prepare kids for long distance move no matter how old they are!

Prepare your kids for the move! Talk to them and inform them about the move. Be patient and answer all their questions.

You, also might not be really happy about relocating, but you have to move because of your job or any other particular reason. Try not to show a negative attitude in front of your kids and be positive. If you have to move because of the death in family or divorce, try to postpone the move. Give your kids some time to adjust. especially if you are making a long distance move. Now, let us give you some tips on how to prepare kids for long distance move.

Preparing baby, toddlers or preschool kids for long distance move

If you have a preschool kid, a toddler or a baby, you won’t have a lot of problems preparing them for the move. Kids under the age of 6 do not understand as much and they are not connected to their environment a lot. They will listen and accept whatever their parents tell them. Of course, you will still have to be careful and explain the move to them as best as you can.

Try to explain the move to your toddler with toys and make a story out of it. When you start packing your kids toys, be sure they understand that you are not throwing them away. If your new home is not far away, try to go and visit it several times with your kid so they can get used to it. If needed, bring some of your kids’ toys with you every time you go to visit your new place. 

Try arranging your toddlers or baby’s room the same way as it was at your previous home! That is a good way to make them feel safe and comfortable and to adjust faster. However, when the moving day comes, it is highly recommended to hire a babysitter to take care of your kid. This is how you prepare kids for long distance move.

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Preparing school age kids for the move

Moving with a school-age kid is a little bit different than with kids under the age of six. School kids understand more and they are already used to their school friends, teachers and the environment. That’s why you will have to explain to them why you are moving and to answer all of their questions. Remember, you will have to be positive and point out all the good things that move can bring!

Also, do not forget to search for a new school before the move. Investigate which one is the best for your child. You will have to investigate what kind of information new school will need to process the transfer for your kid. The information they might ask for is:

Investigate your new neighborhood and find the best school for your kids!

Find the best school for your children!

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Prepare teens for the move

It’s tough to prepare kids for a long distance move, especially if they are teens. Most of those kids already accepted everything around them, They have their own circle of friends, a couple of best friends, and they are familiar and feel comfortable with their daily, weekly or monthly schedules. So, a long distance move will scare them and they will react impulsively, protesting and being against the move. That’s why it is very important to talk to them as much as you can and also accept their thoughts and suggestions.

That’s why you will have to be patient, sit with them and have a long conversation. Explain to them why is it good to move and how they can benefit from it. Tell them that a new school is better because they will have better education and after that being accepted to a good college which leads to a good job. Also, listen to whatever they have to say and try to understand all their concerns. After the move, let them visit their old neighborhood and be in contact with their old friends. Also, tell them they will be able to come back to their old school for events as prom night or homecoming.

If you decide to move midway through a school year, consider letting your child stay with some of your relatives or even friends until they finish the school year.

Hire a professional moving company

Hiring a professional moving company will reduce the stress and save some of your time, especially if you have kids and you have to prepare kids for long distance move. Call several moving companies and ask about their services and prices. Some of them will notify you if there are some discounts available. If you decide to hire some of, long distance moving companies Kansas, you won’t make mistake! Services provided by a professional moving company are:

  • Truck and Transport
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Security and Insurance
  • Storage places
  • Special services
A professional moving company will pack and transport your things safely.

Hire a professional moving company to help you relocate your belongings!

It’s not easy to prepare kids for long distance move, but it certainly is manageable. All you need to do is to be patient and to have time to talk to them and answer their questions. Good luck with your move!