Written by: Nathan Steele

If anyone thought seasonality was not one of the characteristics of the moving industry, now’s the time to think again. Just like in hospitality, moving industry is also familiar with this concept. It should come as no surprise though. Moving in summer is usually much more convenient than moving in winter. The biggest reason behind it is that the sun is shining and the days are longer. This means that you can transport your stuff without having to worry about whether they are going to get wet. Also, best moving companies in the US will find it so much easier to carry stuff around when it’s warm outside. In the winter, with snow and cold, ice is one of the biggest threats while moving, both to your items and to your movers. Here are some of the positive facts though that you should know about off-season moving in the US.


Price is going to be so much cheaper for organizing and executing off-season moving in the US. Simply put, moving companies work all year round. They need a source of income in the winter as well. Given the amount of work they have in the off-season or lack of thereof, you should most definitely be able to negotiate a good price for the move, especially in Maryland.

It’s easier to book moving companies in the off-season

As we have mentioned before, moving companies have less work over winter. This represents a great opportunity for you to book a moving company of your liking on the day that suits you best. It will give you more flexibility as well. In case you need to postpone you move by a day or two, the probability is high that your moving company will be able to accommodate even a need such as this one.

Wet leaf lying on the ground in the rain

Choose the right day to move in the off-season

Furthermore, in case your plan is to carry out the move yourself with the help of your friends, bear in mind that DIY moving trucks are going to be also less in demand in the off-season moving in the US. Lastly, you will have more moving services to choose from during the off-season. Moving long distance in Michigan during summer, for example, it may prove difficult to arrange a move with a company of your liking for the exact dates that you wish. In such case, you would have to settle for a second or even third-best option. Such issues should be far from possible to happen in the winter.

Moving company will be more committed to your off-season move

Being professional at what you do means that you should maintain the same level of service you provide to all of your customers. Surely movers try to do just that. They try to be as committed to any of their customers as possible. However, when it’s busy people make mistakes. And movers are people just like you and me. They will do their best, but due to the high demand, they will also try to juggle and multitask. They will try to serve as many customers as they can. And this can lead to some of their customers to become unsatisfied with the level of service they had been given. Thanks to low demand, this does not happen when off-season moving in the US. Move in the off-season and reap the fruits of good decision-making.

Cons to off-season moving in the US

Obviously, not all is going to be perfect if you opt to move in the off-season. After all, that is why it is called the off-season and why people do not move at that time.

Cold weather

While the cold weather can be a blessing in disguise for some, we’ll address the issue that the majority of our readers face. Cold weather is an adversary you must count on. Strong and cold wind? Freezing temperatures? These are just some of the issues that cold weather brings. Ice is probably the most threatening thing you should pay attention to during the off-season moving in the US. Firstly, your movers may slip on it while carrying your items. People can get hurt, while your items can get damaged in this situation.

Bus covered in snow

Cold weather and short days can make you rethink your decision to move in the off-season


Furthermore, given the fact that your items will be shipped by a truck, the driver must be extra careful, once again, due to ice formation. You wouldn’t want to get caught on the ice and slide away. It can lead to truck damage, it can put lives in danger and it can damage your items. So, make sure you are aware of what moving in the cold weather carries with it.

Rain and snow

Apart from the ice, your worst enemies of the off-season moving in the US are rain and snow. It can be difficult to choose a day that is going to be rain or snow-free. It is particularly difficult to choose one such in advance. Even with an extended forecast, knowing when the weather is going to be perfect is pretty difficult, especially if you are moving to Massachusetts. Take into account that both rain and snow can damage your property. Even if it wouldn’t damage it, your sofas, for example, can get soaking wet and prevent you from using it for days. Therefore, plan smartly.

NY covered in snow

Moving in snow can get your items wet, but it can also save you money

Off-season moving in the US comes with a shorter time-frame

Days are shorter in the winter. Therefore, you will have less time on your hands to carry out the move. First of all, you would probably not be able to start moving early in the morning. Secondly, you will probably need to finish early with transporting your items in the winter. Humans need more energy to function in the cold weather. If you expect your friends to help you out with the move, bear in mind that they will probably start losing focus in when the sun starts setting. Don’t blame them, blame the weather.

When should you move?

After all above mentioned, the jury’s still out on when is the right time to move. Depending on your preferences and the depth of your pocket, you may choose off-season moving in the US or you can stay mainstream and move in the summer. It’s up to you.