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Making a detailed plan on what rooms to unpack first should be done even before you have commenced moving. If your genuine goal is to move swiftly, then invest time to make detailed moving plans. The more time you invest in planning, the less time will you need to invest in execution. Therefore, should anyone tell you that moving is a process takes no time or effort, don’t trust him. Moving is complicated and requires a thorough strategy that you would be able to follow to the tiniest bits. Still, it is important to stay flexible. Manage issues as they come along, but never lose the sight of your goal. Your goal is to move as easily as possible. Good planning will get you there. Still, it is important to unpack easily as well. Let’s take a look at what rooms to unpack first.

Living room

Prioritize and stick to the plan of unpacking

Pack smart in order to unpack easy

Smart packing will ensure that you unpack easily as well. In order to do that, you will need to make a priority of the rooms in your new home. Depending on the profile of your family, you may choose to unpack your children’s room first for example. On the other hand, if you are going to have a playroom for your kids, maybe that should be your first choice for unpacking. It would allow you to have your kids occupied while you take care of the rest of the house. As you see, it is up to you to make the choice. Still, firstly you need to know what is your priority.

Load the moving truck the right way

In order to unpack easily, you should make sure to load the moving truck the right way. To do this properly, follow helpful moving tips. The flow should be the following:

  • Decide what rooms you want to unpack first.
  • Make a plan to load items that will go into those rooms last. This way, you will ensure that the first items that come out of the moving truck are the items that you are going to need the first.
  • Find the right place for your large items. Usually, they are the ones to go into the truck first. Can you think of a better way to load them in order to unload them easily?

The general rule when choosing what rooms to unpack first

The general rule to smart unpacking is to take care of the bedrooms first. No matter what you do, you are going to need to go to sleep at the end of the day. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of unpacking your bedrooms. In order to pack properly, use a proper packing guide.

Now, bear in mind that you do not have to unpack all of it right away. As we have already mentioned it, you need to prioritize. The bedroom is going to be important to you in the evening, So make sure to take care of it at some point during the day. but not right away. What you should do is this: make sure that you get your beds ready for sleeping and that’s it. Indeed, you should not spend the entire day just taking care of the bedroom. For example, unpacking a wardrobe can wait another day to be unpacked. So, know your priorities and follow your plan when choosing what rooms to unpack first.

What rooms to unpack first when you are moving with kids

Moving with kids is even more complicated than a normal move. Who would think that it could be more difficult, right? Well, kids will be all over the place… All over both places to be exact. So, if you cannot leave them with a babysitter or with your relatives, you are going to need to find something for them to do while you are unpacking.

What rooms to unpack first? Start with the bedroom

You are going to need to use the bedroom sooner rather than later, so go ahead and unpack in as soon as you can

The first option that you have is to take care of the children’s room first. No matter whether it is the bedroom or the playroom, you can choose to unpack this one in the right beginning. This means that kids could spend the whole moving day in there, playing. This way they will be out of your way and you will have the peace to take care of your new home.

The second option is to have your kids take part in the moving process. If they are old enough, it would be beneficial both for you and them to have them involved as much as you can. If you are moving on a budget, kids can prove to be very helpful.

The kitchen should be among the most important rooms in your new house to unpack

Once you arrive at your new home, you, your kids and your partner will need to eat. While you can eat on the first day the takeout, you will need to be able to prepare food. Therefore, one of the top rooms to unpack first should be the kitchen.


Moving is a dirty business. After the whole day of working, you will want to be able to shower and spend the first night clean in your new home. So, right when you arrive, unpack the bathroom essentials. You will need to maintain your hygiene throughout the day. Then, at the nightfall, take out the rest of the bathroom amenities. Unlike bedroom, you are going to need your bathroom 100% ready on the first night.

Woman having a bath

Imagine having a nice and warm bath after moving the whole day – that’s why unpacking bathroom is important

Living room

Moving on down on our list of what rooms to unpack first, we get to the living room. Many people like to leave unpacking living rooms for the end. Well, in this case, we concur. The living room is not a room in which you will spend a lot of time in before you unpack the rest of the rooms. Still, there is something nice about the feeling of resting in your living room. Therefore, once you get the other rooms ready, take care of the living room. It is going to give you a sense of living in a home and not in some house that used to belong to someone else.