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How to organize the kitchen after you move

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Trust us – we know how tiresome a relocation can be, especially if you’re moving across the country. But even once you’re done dealing with Wyoming cross country moving companies – your move isn’t over yet. Why? Well, there’s one big last thing to do – unpack all of your stuff, and set up your new household. And believe us when we tell you – this is definitely not easy. After all, you’re setting up an entirely new home. There are a lot of big issues to solve – like for example, how do you organize the kitchen after you move? Don’t worry though – we’ve got some very practical tips for you on this very subject!

Starting to organize the kitchen after you move is important

Once you’ve unloaded the last box of stuff from the moving van, the final phase of your relocation begins. Or to be more specific – the unpacking. Bear in mind though, this isn’t a process you should underestimate. It will probably take a long, long while – depending on how well you’ve packed, it could even be days. That’s why it’s crucial to follow helpful moving tips, in order to know where to start. And if you ask us, the kitchen is your best bet. Really, starting to organize the kitchen after you move should be one of your top priorities.

And this isn’t just a random choice – if you think about it, you’ll realize that your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home. That’s where most of the family get-togethers happen, it’s where you prepare all of your meals. To put it simply – along with the bathrooms, the kitchen is the most important area in any home, in terms of functionality. So if you want the rest of your unpacking to go smoothly – begin with this, and then work your way up to the less important stuff.

Put all of the boxes in one place

When you’re relocating, you’ve got a lot of stuff to unpack – and yes, that’s an understatement. But if you remembered to use a proper packing guide, you’ve labeled each box correctly. And that means you’ll know which ones contain things that go into the kitchen. So, one of the first things you should do is gather them all in one place, so that your unpacking will be more orderly. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’ve mishandled your labeling. In that case, you’ll just have to sort through the boxes manually and find which ones contain kitchen items. But nevertheless – once you’ve got all of that stuff in one place, you can move onto the next phase.

Deal with the major appliances

Here’s one piece of advice that’s as useful in life as it is in your effort to organize the kitchen after you move. Basically – deal with the big picture first, before starting with the details. So, just as you would plan out your moving budget before contacting Oregon long distance moving companies – apply the same method here. And in this case, this means dealing with the major appliances and surfaces before handling the utensils.

A white kitchen, empty apart from counters, sinks and a stove.
Start with the counters, sinks, and major appliances, when you organize the kitchen after you move!

So, first of all – plan out where everything will go. You’ll need to have an idea of where every counter and appliance will be. And don’t worry – this is actually the hardest part. Once you know where everything goes, actually putting it in will go like a breeze.

Move onto the storage areas

Now that you’ve placed all of your bigger appliances and counters – it’s time to start filling them up with all of the smaller stuff! First of all, if you’ve got any perishable food that needs to go into the fridge – deal with that first. And then you can put canned and similar goods in the pantry.

A small bush decoration in an empty kitchen.
After you’re done with the big stuff, you can think about decorations.

Once you’re done with food, you can place all of the smaller appliances on fitting countertops – things like toasters, coffee makers, etc. After all of the appliances have been placed and installed, we recommend proceeding to organize the kitchen after you move. Namely, you should start unpacking the rest of your kitchen items in accordance with how often you use them. So, cutlery, dishes, and glassware – these are all things that you should place in the appropriate drawers and counters right away.

How to sort your things

Finally, one question remains – how do you choose a place in your new kitchen for each one of your old items? Balancing the old space and the new can be tricky, but if you stay methodical throughout the process, you won’t have any issues.

Cutlery and bowls on kitchen countertops, before you organize the kitchen after you move.
Finally, you’ll have to find a place for all of your bowls, pots and cups!

First of all, you should put away any particularly special or valuable items in a hard-to-reach place. Let’s face it – you won’t exactly be using that expensive china every day. On the other hand, you should put the bowls and plates that you do use every day somewhere handy. That means placing them on lower shelves, and putting other less used items higher up. Really, you don’t want to reach up for stuff every other minute.

A cupboard list

For a while, it may be hard to remember where everything is in your new kitchen. Don’t worry – this will only last a short while, as you organize the kitchen after the move. But you can lessen this confusion by taping item lists on the inside of every cupboard. That way, each time you open them you’ll see what items are inside right away – and you’ll retain that information quicker.

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