Written by: Nathan Steele

The process of international car shipping has several crucial steps that require careful planning and attention to detail. The first step is to prepare a list of necessary documents, including proof of ownership, insurance, and any import permits required by the destination country. After that, you must choose a reliable international car shipping company. You can easily do this with Verified Movers and the vast database we have. There are two shipping options, container shipping, which is safer but more expensive, and RO/RO shipping, which is less expensive but riskier. It is also essential to understand the customs and regulations of the destination country to avoid unexpected delays or costs. Each country has its own customs regulations, emission and safety standards, and fees or taxes that must be complied with. Lastly, the cost of shipping a car internationally will be different based on the distance and relations between the country of origin and the destination country. In order to avoid any surprises, you should do research about it beforehand.

The process of car shipping to a new country

Shipping a car internationally can be a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Start with a list of the things you need, as a good plan is always necessary. Then, make sure you have all the necessary documents. These can include proof of ownership and insurance, as well as any import permits required by the destination country. After that, you will also need to decide on a shipping method, and choose a reliable international car shipping company to help you navigate the process. Check the regulation of car shipping companies to find trustworthy ones.

A boat with shipping containers ready for international car shipping
Before you ship your car to a new country, make sure you have all the necessary documents

Prepare your car for shipping

Before you send your car on its way, you need to first prepare it. You might need to drain the fluids and secure loose parts. Also, don’t forget to remove personal items from the car. Another thing you can do just to be sure is to take photos of your car before shipping. This way you can document any damages that are there and can provide this to insurance if there are any new ones.

Find a reliable company to help you

Once you have everything ready, head into the search for an international shipping company. With help from professionals, your car will be safe during transport. Not only that, but you will have a piece of mind, as you will have help from people with experience. When choosing a company always check their licenses and reviews from previous clients. That is how you make sure that you can trust them. Also, talk to them about shipping to your chosen destination, as they might be able to help you with permits.

Choose a shipping option

There are two main shipping options when it comes to international car shipping:

  • container shipping
  • RO/RO shipping

Container shipping is generally considered to be a safer option, but it is a more expensive one. Your car is in a container which is then loaded onto a cargo ship. This way your car is protected from all elements such as rain, and other damages. RO/RO shipping is less expensive but can be riskier, as your car will be exposed to the elements during transport. With this method, your car will be on a specialized ship for transporting vehicles.

Cars on a boat ready for international car shipping
RO/RO option is a cheaper one, but not all countries have it, and your car will be in the open

When choosing the shipping option, be careful to always check with the country you are importing your car to. For example, not all countries have RO/RO options. Take Ireland for example. If you are moving to Ireland from US, the only way you can ship your car is by a container. There are many reasons why counties don’t have other options, like port infrastructure, regulations, or security concerns.

Understand customs and regulations regarding international shipping

Each country has its own customs regulations and requirements when it comes to shipping cars internationally. You might have to get an import permit, comply with emission and safety standards, and pay fees or taxes. Make sure you research these requirements before you begin the shipping process to avoid any unexpected delays or costs. If you are trying to ship a car from Europe to the USA, you must comply with the regulations of this country. You will need to get documents such as:

  • Original vehicle title and registration documents
  • Bill of sale or purchase invoice
  • Export declaration
  • Proof of insurance

Furthermore, your car will need to comply with US emissions and safety standards, it must be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission and have a valid Transportation Security Administration (TSA) certification. Still, don’t forget the regulations of the countries you are shipping from. Spain, for example, requires you to obtain Vehicle registration documents (permiso de circulaciĆ³n), Export declaration, Technical inspection certificate, and proof of ownership among other things. So, if you are moving from Spain to US and you want your car with you, be sure to have all the necessary documents.

Car shipping internationally from/to different countries

Shipping a car internationally from one country to another can vary in terms of regulations, costs, and shipping options. It can also be different based on the distance and relations between the country you are shipping from and the country you are shipping to. For example, moving to Canada from US and shipping a car there is generally easier because of the close trade relationship these countries have.

A plane of a drawn map of the world
Both regulations and cost of international car shipping will depend on a destination country

On the other hand, if you are moving to Japan from US, shipping a car can be more complex due to strict customs regulations. Always be sure to check the requirements so that you can avoid additional fees and avoid problems.

The cost of international car shipping

The destination country, shipping method, and the size and weight of your car can all affect the overall cost. On average, standard international car shipping costs between $1,000 and $5,000. If you opt for air shipping, it will be significantly more, probably between $5,000 and $40,000. The best way to get an overall cost of your international car shipping is to get quotes from a few different companies. However, keep in mind that there may be additional fees and taxes. These can include customs fees when importing a vehicle or VAT, which can add to the final cost. So, make sure to research more, learn the ins and outs of car shipping, and you’ll successfully deal with this upcoming challenge.