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The popularity of large urban areas is declining rapidly in the last period. Verified Movers can see it firsthand that more people are moving to less dense cities than ever before.  They are leaving cities like New York, New Jersey, or San Francisco and moving to smaller places. But what is the reason for this rather sudden shift? We all know about the pandemic that had a huge impact on every person on the planet. Is it all about the virus? It sure looks like it at first glance. Let’s take a closer look.

The most densely populated places in the United States

Almost 83% of Americans live in, what is called, urban areas right now. And that is a significant increase since the 1950s when only 64% of US citizens lived in densely populated areas. The estimation was that nearly 90% will live in cities until by the year 2050. However, now we notice a slight anomaly in this prediction as more and more people decide to leave large urban areas and move to a smaller place. Will this only be a temporary, pandemic caused, trend or this is something that we will see in the future as well?  Right now, these are the most densely populated places in the US:

  • Union City, NJ – 54,138 persons per sq. mile
  • West New York, NJ – 52,815 persons per sq. mile
  • Hoboken, NJ – 42,484 persons per sq. mile
  • New York, NY – 28,211 persons per sq. mile
  • Passaic, NJ – 22,424 persons per sq. mile

Is the coronavirus outbreak the main reason why people are moving to less dense cities?

The pandemic didn’t only change the way we operate on a daily basis, it also changed the way we think. And this particularly refers to people who live in urban areas as they have experienced the biggest change and felt the covid rules much more than people who live in less populated areas.  Daily masking, getting basic groceries, maintaining physical distance, lockdowns are much more difficult to bear in a large city.

Naturally, many people started to think about how to make life easier and one solution looks better than the rest. Still, when you ask people why they are moving you will hear the usual answers.  The pandemic is only one of many reasons. But it looks like it changed people’s mindsets and pushed them a little bit.

crowdy street as one of the reasons why people are moving to less dense cities

It is not easy to live in a crowded place during a pandemic

Main reasons for moving to smaller cities

More and more people are moving to less dense cities, should you do it too? Let’s take a look at what others say about their reasons. Maybe it will help you decide.

  • Health
  • Retirement
  • Social life
  • Kids’ education
  • Property
  • Cost

Health is one of the main reasons why people are moving to less dense cities

When it comes to health issues, living in small, less dense cities can have many different benefits. People who decide to move out of urban areas decided that they want a more relaxed lifestyle without stress, which a smaller place can allow them to do. They also have a chance to, at least partially, grow their own food, especially if they have more land available.

Moving to less dense cities and smaller places also means that people will spend more time outdoors. This means more fresh air and vitamin D. This is especially important now, in the middle of the pandemic, as it helps people boost their immune system.  Living in less dense cities also has a positive impact on kids as they will also have a chance to spend time outdoors, learn about nature, play with other kids more, be with animals, etc.

There are really numerous health benefits that you can experience when living in less dense cities. Last, but not least, the coronavirus pandemic. Even though it does ring the bell first when we talk about health issues, people who moved for health reasons rarely stated the outbreak as the main reason. Only a few percentages named the coronavirus as their primary reason for the move.  Here are the real reasons:

  • More time outdoors
  • Fresh air and more sun
  • Growing your own food
  • More relaxed lifestyle
  • Looser pandemic restrictions and regulations

Retirement is when people most often decide to move out of urban areas

One of the most common reasons why people move to less dense cities is for retirement. As we all know, after decades of hard work, people want to relax. And it is hard to do it when you are in a highly-populated area, surrounded by building blocks, streets, and high traffic and pollution. When people retire they do not have the will and energy to fight the troubles that urban areas bring. That is why they decide to move. Of course, places with great nature or places on the coast are their main targets. But also, those places need to be less densely populated.

old man spending retirement days as one of the reasons why people are moving to less dense cities

Retirement is one of the mains reasons why people are moving to less dense cities

Finally, people choose their place for retirement according to tax regulations as well. Therefore we see states with lower taxes as the main destinations for people who are retiring. Of course, if you are planning to move for retirement, we urge you to be careful and make sure that you find a good and reliable moving company to help you. If you want we can help you estimate your moving cost and help you find the best movers as well. Here are the most popular states for retirees. Take a look. Maybe you will get an idea for your next destination.

  • Nebraska
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • South Dakota
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas
  • North Carolina
  • Montana
  • Hawaii


People are moving to less dense cities because they can have closer relationships with their friends

Even though urban areas are the real mecca for finding friends and having a good social life altogether, people who moved because of this reason want to have a different experience when it comes to spending time with friends. People who moved to less dense cities, like to have closer relationships. They also like to live in smaller and tighter communities where anyone can lean on their fellow neighbor. Of course, spending time in your backyard, and organizing large family gatherings is much easier when you are in the country.

You can have a barbecue, a trampoline in the backyard, a pool, and your yard will be loaded with neighbors and local kids. This does sound like something from a different era now when we are in the middle of the pandemic.  However, many people live like this today. And you can do it too if you want. Just browse through our website and find moving tips that will help you to organize the move you are dreaming of.

Schools in large metropolitan areas are usually overcrowded

Another important reason why people move to less populated areas is their kids’ education.  A kid will have the best education experience if they attend a school that is not overcrowded. And those schools can only be found in less dense cities. Also, the fact that the best school districts are indeed located in smaller places so you will have a much better chance of providing your kid with proper education if you live in one of these places.

Of course, in the US, you will have many options available when it comes to the choice of schools. That is why you need to do good research before you decide where to move. Research regarding the actual place you are moving to, but also regarding a moving company that will help you to turn your dreams into a reality.  If you are currently located in New York, on our website you can find the top NYC moving companies that are ready to give you a hand.

Backyards are becoming more valuable than ever before

The backyard is one of the most common reasons why people decide to leave big cities and move to smaller places.  Especially now in the middle of the corona outbreak when things that we can do when we are outside are very limited and under constant attention from authorities. Having a backyard, on the other hand, allows us to spend more time outdoors, hang around with our neighbors, which means less stress, better immunity, and a better life in the end.

Build a pool and you will have no reasons to leave your premises. Set up a grill, build a treehouse for kids, and spend quality time with your family without leaving your home.  This can be a real life and mind saver during these harsh times.  Many people realized this during the pandemic. That is one of the main reasons why people move to less dense cities in 2021.

Pandemic is causing a financial crisis as well, that is why people are moving to less dense cities where is cheaper to live

When we talk about reasons for moving, money issues are always one of the reasons.  Unfortunately, this pandemic has also caused a financial crisis. Maybe the biggest crises since the great depression.  Of course, in a situation like this, money is always the primary reason for everything. Therefore for the moving as well. Naturally, properties in smaller cities are cheaper. You can have a much bigger and a cozier place for the same amount you paid for your city center apartment.

a pile of cash

Lowering living expenses is also one of the main reasons for the move

People realized this long ago. However, it looks like this pandemic gave them a slight push so not they decide on this option more often and more easily. Naturally, changing your property is not all about selling your old home and buying a new one. You also have a moving process to think about as well. Luckily, you have Verified Movers that are here to help you with all moving-related issues. Do not forget to browse through our website and find all about moving before you start organizing.

States with the highest percentage of outbound and inbound moves

Ok, we have seen the reasons why people move. Now let’s take a look at where are they fleeing from and where are they going. Some particular states have seen a large number of outbound moves while other benefits from this situation:

Inbound moves

  • Idaho 70%
  • Arizona 64%
  • South Carolina 63%
  • Tennessee 63%
  • North Carolina 61%

Outbound moves

  • Illinois 69%
  • New York 65%
  • California 64%
  • New Jersey 64%
  • Maryland 61%

People are moving to less dense cities, but where exactly?

Those are the main reasons why people move to less dense cities these days. Now let’s take a look at where is everyone going. Here are the most popular small places to move in 2021:

  • Naples Florida
  • Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • Venice Florida
  • Hilton Head Island South Carolina
  • Avon Park Florida
  • Bluffton South Carolina
  • Prescott Arizona
  • Shelbyville Tennessee

Naples is one of the best small places to live in Florida

No this is not Naples in Italy even though it can match this famous Italian place when it comes to beauty.  This is Naples, located in Collier County, Florida.  This place offers an urban feel but still allows its residents to keep their peace and a relaxed lifestyle. Naples, FL is loaded with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks.

naples florida

Naples is beautiful and a great place to relax

It is a beautiful place full of palm trees and sandy beaches. If you are looking for a place on the Florida coast that is still not overcrowded use our website to find long distance movers Florida who will make sure that you arrive here simply and easily.

  • Population – 22,088
  • Land area – 12.61 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 1751
  • Median household income – $107,013

Myrtle Beach South Carolina is famous for its beautiful beaches and open spaces

Another popular place on the coast is Myrtle Beach. Located in Horry County, South Carolina this place is famous for its great beaches and nice weather. Even though it is a popular tourist destination, many people have realized that it is also a great place to live.

And like every tourist destination it offers a great number of restaurants, bars, fantastic open spaces, and a lot of outdoor opportunities. If this is the place that you have chosen for your next destination, contact us and we will make sure that your relocation is handled by some of the best long distance moving companies South Carolina has to offer.

  • Population – 34,695
  • Land area – 23.32 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 1487
  • Median household income – $43,200

Venice is a fantastic place in Florida that offers many different opportunities

Venice, again not in Italy but in Florida. It is a place located in Sarasota County, Florida. It offers an urban-suburban mix feel that allows its residents to take advantage of its downtown and live in calmer suburbs. Venice has a lot of restaurants, bars, and parks.

And when you are in Venice, FL you are never far away from the beach. This place is one of the most popular places for retirees. If you are planning to move here, do not forget to contact us and we will provide you with movers that match your needs and requirements.

  • Population – 23,985
  • Land area – 15.27 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 1570
  • Median household income – $60,086

You will certainly enjoy Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

Again, on the South Carolina coast, one of the most popular smaller places is Hilton Head Island located in Beaufort County, SC. It offers an urban-suburban mix feel with a  lot of bars, restaurants, and parks. Of course, when you are on the South Carolina coast beautiful beaches are never too far.

ocean sunset

Enjoy the ocean and a smooth atmosphere in Hilton Head Island

Still, Hilton Head Island is also famous for its highly rated schools. Truly, a great place if you are moving with kids. Naturally, we are at your disposal if you need to find reliable South Carolina movers.

  • Population – 39,861
  • Land area – 41.36 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 963
  • Median household income – $84,575

Avon Park Florida is not on the coast but it doesn’t lack opportunities to enjoy the sun and nice weather

Avon Park is one of the most popular sparsely populated places in Florida. Surprisingly, this place is not on the coast. It is located in Highlands County in the Central Florida region. Still, it offers a sparse suburban feel and a lot of opportunities to relax and live a normal life.

If you like to spend your time on the beach, here, you will be able to enjoy a lakeside beach in a nice park.  It is a small place with a lot of charm. Check it out if you still haven’t decided where to move.

  • Population – 10,689
  • Land area – 7.15 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 1495
  • Median household income – $30,750

Bluffton South Carolina is famous for its fantastic lush nature

Right across Hilton Head Island, there is yet another lightly populated place. The town of Bluffton is located in  Beaufort County on the coast of South Carolina. However, even though it is located on the coast it doesn’t have some great and popular beaches that you can use. Still, it does have many other advantages.

Beautiful and lush greenery, lakes, parks, restaurants, bars, are just some of the traits of Bluffton in South Carolina. Also if you are moving with kids, Bluffton is a great choice as it has some of the most highly rated schools in the area. Contact us now, and ensure you get the finest South Carolina movers working on your move.

  • Population – 25,557
  • Land area – 51.3 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 498
  • Median household income – $82,481

Prescott Arizona is a distinctive place great for families and retirees

Finally, we come to a place that is not located in Florida nor South Carolina. Prescott is located in Yavapai County, Arizona. It offers a sparse suburban feel with a lot of coffee shops, parks, and open spaces.  With its good schools and cheap rents, Prescott is a real mecca for young professionals, young families with kids, but also retirees.

prescott lake

Prescott is famous for its unique surroundings

The best thing about this place is its unique nature and distinctive surroundings. Therefore, if you are looking towards Prescott as your next move-to destination, let us help you with finding long distance movers Arizona that will make this happen.

  • Population – 44,299
  • Land area – 41.34 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 1071
  • Median household income – $55,734

Shelbyville Tennessee offers peace and great schools

Shelbyville is located in Bedford County, Tennessee and it is one of the most popular small cities right now. It offers a sparse suburban feel and a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

It is home to many conservative families, as they like to use above-average schools that are situated in Shelbyville. Naturally, if you plan to move here, our company offers a number of long distance movers Tennessee that are waiting to help you out.

  • Population – 22,101
  • Land area – 18.61 sq. mile
  • People per sq. mile – 1187
  • Median household income – $41,716
  • Median property value

Give us a call and we will make your next relocation easy and simple

As you can see, relocation trends are changing. And even though the reasons why people are moving to less dense cities are various they all have the same igniter. This virus outbreak, that changed the way we live and operate. If you are planning to move any time soon, do not forget to contact us and we will make sure that you have the finest long distance movers working on your relocation.