Written by: Kate Becker

In order to move efficiently, one needs to pack efficiently as well. While there are different steps in the moving process, packing is one of the crucial ones. Pack well and you will maximize the use of space in the moving truck. Furthermore, if you pack well, you will experience no issues with your stuff when the time to load and unload them onto the truck comes. Basically, all you need to do is pack efficiently and rely on professional movers, like Verified Movers. The situation is pretty similar to storage units. In case you are renting them for the duration of the move, you should be aware of the tips for packing and organizing a storage unit. Once again, if you pack your items efficiently and organize them in the same way in the storage unit, you will move them easily later on as well.

What are some of the tips for packing and organizing a storage unit?

Storage units provide a great solution when you are in need of additional space for your items. Furthermore, not only are they going to provide you with the space you need, but they can also offer much more. From temperature control to the various sizes of units, storage units offer a great solution for a lot of relocation issues.

a storage facility interior with storage units on the side

If you are going to store things in a unit, you will need to come up with a good plan of organization

However, if you are to use a storage unit, that does not mean that your items will automatically, and magically, be safe inside. On the contrary, the items will be as safe as you organize them. That is why today we are going to help you grasp this process properly. Even if you are to move with the best moving companies Georgia, you would still need to devote attention to the way you organize your storage unit. So, without further ado…

Firstly, you need to know what you are going to store in the unit

In order to pack efficiently, you need to know exactly what you need to pack. Your packing list will help you with this. As a matter of fact, the packing list or checklist is a great way for you to understand what you need to do before you even do it. So, if you are aiming to have more control over the process, creating a checklist of items you are going to store will surely be of help. Once you are done with making the lists, the time will come to pack your items and organize them in moving boxes. So, if you lack experience with this, or need some help, you can always rely on Kentucky movers to help you out. In fact, you can rely on professional movers for a lot of different services regarding the relocation period, in general. Make a list and contact your local movers.

Knowing what you are to store will lead you to the next step

So, you made your list. Now, you have an idea of what you need to do to make this as smooth as possible. Knowing what you are to pack and move will help you determine how much time you might need to complete everything. Therefore, if you are to store items in a storage unit for a longer period of time, you will need to know some of the packing secrets that will help the items prolong their longevity inside the unit.

a home storage full of different types of items that you would need to think about before packing and organizing a storage unit

Different item types require different storage conditions

Once you finally understand what items you are moving, how many of them are there, and the conditions they require, you can start looking for an adequate storage unit. Luckily, there are plenty of moving companies, as well as independent facilities, that can offer various types of storage units with different types of conditions for each one.

Packing and organizing a storage unit will be as easy as you make it

The way you approach this process will highly determine how well you manage and maneuver in the unit later. So, in a way, when you are placing items inside the unit, you are making the job easier, or harder, for your future self. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can simply place items inside the unit, close them and that the items will be safe. This type of mentality will often, not only pose issues for the items, but for yourself, in case an issue arises. So, packing and organizing a storage unit needs to be done in such a manner, that, when you visit the unit, you can clearly see all the items inside. Hence, if you are to move with Minnesota long-distance moving services, for example, you will need to enter the process with a plan.

Finding the right storage unit

There is a sea of opportunities when it comes to storage units. Each storage facility or moving company will offer you a different size, condition, or purpose storage. Needless to say that, each of these things, is important. So, how do you choose the right unit?

  • Place items on the floor and put a tape around them, then measure the size, so you can know which size of the unit to rent
  • Do research on which items require special conditions, for example, wood needs a unit that prevents moisture
  • The location of the unit will usually play a vital role in which unit you should choose
  • Avoid placing valuable items inside the unit
a storage unit interior with orange doors and gray walls

Location, conditions, and size are the three most important things you should consider before renting a unit

Packing and organizing a storage unit can only be done if you choose the right unit. So, make sure you choose the one that will protect your belongings properly.

Choosing the right container

In most cases, we would suggest that you use cardboard boxes for placing items inside a unit. Mostly due to the fact that cardboard is much cheaper than plastic. However, cardboard does not provide adequate protection, at least not as plastic bins do. Cardboard is a good choice for items that are more robust and can easily suffer damage. Plastic bins are made of harder materials and these materials can cause damage in case an item from inside hits the bin. On the other hand, plastic bins are great for items like clothes. Pests and rodents can easily penetrate the cardboard and nest in the items within. Luckily, plastic boxes prevent that. So, if you are to move with the best interstate moving companies, California, make sure you acquire adequate containers from them. A container will most likely determine the protection of your items the most.

Packing and organizing a storage unit while dealing with bulky items

Bulky or robust items can often pose an issue when it comes to storing them inside the unit. This is mostly due to the fact that these items are pretty hard to handle and that they can easily damage other items. So, how do you approach this?

a wooden furniture piece close to a wall

Disassembling furniture prior to storing it will lower the damage risks and make it easier for you to store the item

Well, one of the ways is to disassemble every furniture piece that you can. The same goes if you are to store any larger appliances that might pose an issue to other items. By disassembling, these items will not only pose a lesser threat, but they will also take less room. Having a lack of room when trying to store a large item piece is a common issue. Luckily, by disassembling these items prior to moving, you can prevent it from happening. Disassembling allows you to maximize the space and minimize the risks of damage.

What to do with heavy items?

Packing and organizing a storage unit full of heavy items is hard. Especially if you already placed them inside and did not create a logical pattern. Why is this important? Well, logically, heavier items can easily crush or break items below them. Therefore, you should always strive to place these types of items at the bottom. However, if you are in a unit that might get water inside or moisture; elevate these items slightly above the ground. That way, you will protect them from water and they will pose no issue to other items. In addition, if you were to stack the boxes one on top of the other, make sure that the heavies boxes always remain at the bottom level and not at the top. Moving these items would not be hard if you rely on the best long-distance movers Texas.

Remember, you will have to move in and out of the unit

Why do we say that organization is important? Well, for once, because you will need to visit the unit often. Even if you are to visit it once every couple of months, you will want to go through it. Well, a proper organization will allow you to safely and carelessly walk through your unit. More importantly, the organization will also help you find things much easier. However, we will talk more about that in the next paragraph.

a stack of cardboard boxes atop of one another to represent the main reason why packing and organizing a storage unit is a must

Just throwing things inside will definitely create clutter and mess inside the unit

Keep your unit neat and clear. If your unit becomes clogged,  you will have certain issues. If you cannot afford to fix these issues, it will reflect on the items within. Therefore, know your items’ whereabouts and maintain the order inside. Moreover, by ensuring that your unit is organized, you make it much easier to visit the unit in the first place.

Organize the unit so you can always know what is inside

Do not simply throw away the items and lock the unit. It might be hard, especially if you are in no mood for such tasks, but you should strive to organize every part of the unit. In fact, as soon as you decide to rent it, you should start coming up with plans where to put certain items. It is very important that you can maneuver through the unit without any delays. More importantly, it is of utmost importance that you do not spend hours searching for a single item just because you forgot where you placed it. If you maintain a clean unit with a certain organization level, you will be able to always be aware of where particular items are. Thus, you will lose a lot less time every time you come to visit the unit for an item.

The importance of labeling when packing and organizing a storage unit

Both during the packing process, as well as for the organization one, you will need to use the label. Well, not need, but rather should. Namely, labels are a great way to save time when looking for a specific item. Especially when you have to visit a storage unit that is full of boxes.

a red label tape that says

Labels are going to help you find items better and make movers handle them with more care

Furthermore, labeling your boxes should be done as soon as you complete packing them. However, in order to prevent having to write all the items that are in the box; you should separate them by type. Later, you can simply label the type of items that are inside. You might think that you will remember in which box is the item, but it is very hard. Especially if you are in the midst of moving and you have a thousand things to do. This is a great way to prevent a potential disaster inside the unit.

Things you should be aware of before renting the unit

Although renting a unit provides you with great benefits, you need to think carefully before choosing to rent. Packing and organizing a storage unit might seem difficult, but it will highly depend on the unit you rent. So, to put things into a perspective here is something you should know before you decide to rent the unit:

  • When organizing a unit, always think about how you are going to move out of a storage
  • Make sure you are fully aware of the security options the facility offers for your belongings/unit
  • Renting a larger unit that you need might not be a financially smart decision
  • It is important that you know whether to rent for a long period of time or a shorter one