Written by: Kate Becker

Moving from city to city doesn’t sound like some particular challenge, does it? However, this can mean a transition from one completely different environment to another. Especially if you are moving from a smaller city to a larger one. Not to mention when you move to a city that is up to four times bigger than the city you are currently in. Also, if the two cities are in different parts of the country, it could be a culture shock. The way people live, talk, eat and socialize can be very different, even when they are only a hundred kilometers away, let alone more. Moving from West Valley City to Miami is a perfect example of this.

These two cities are the complete opposite. On the one hand, small West Volley City where you don’t have any special life experiences, except for walks along the end and quiet streets, where most people own houses they live in. And on the other hand, Miami, third most populous metropolis on the East coast of the United States. Miami is a city full of beaches, nightclubs, museums. Unlike West Valley City, Miami offers you an unlimited choice of outdoor activities. Such as scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

Lifeguard house on sandy Miami beach

Enjoy outdoor activities

In addition to the enormous difference in the very soul of these two cities, you will have to go through a long distance move. And if you don’t start in time to look for long distance moving companies in West Valley City, your move may be more strenuous than it should be. So take care and follow our advice. When you are long-distance moving you have to pay more attention to details than when you are moving somewhere close.

Here are the things you need to pay attention to when you are moving from West Valley City to Miami:

  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Moving cost
  • Utilities and address
  • Medical and school records

Packing everything

When you are moving from West Valley City to Miami, which is such a distance, packing is a pretty big deal. Nobody loves it and life would be easier for us if there were packaging secrets. You can look at it as a great opportunity for you to get rid of everything you have put off for years. This way you will understand what you actually need.

Make a list. List things you use often, such as every day, week, or month. Also, write things that are not used often but are of financial or emotional importance to you. This will make it easier for you to give up everything that is not on the list. When packing, mark the boxes so that you know where everything is at all times.

Box with objects wrapped in brown paper

Pack everything carefully

Shipping method when you are moving from West Valley City to Miami

When you packed everything nicely, the moment came for you to move it all. You always do that in the last few days before moving out. If possible, prepare your belongings on the same day you leave, so that you can arrive at the same time. The question is always how to move everything so that it arrives whole and safe? You can always consult with long distance movers Miami, where you will get the best information about the method and time of shipping. Depending on whether you send complete furniture, only a part of the furniture or only, for example, clothes, you will choose the most appropriate type of transport – it can be a van, truck, rail or air.

Take care of your moving budget!

Since you are starting a new life, in another city, it is very likely that you will need every penny. It is very important to estimate well how much budget you have for moving. Small expenses can lead you to problems. So write everything, spend wisely and plan. If you hire a moving company, prepare money. This can make you a little more expensive, due to the great distance, when you are moving from West Valley City to Miami. One thing that can greatly damage your moving budget is moving scams! So if you are hiring a moving company, make sure it is reliable and that you can trust it.

Gold coloured coins near black calculator

Calculate every single penny!

Usual technical procedures

When you move, it is important that you check out all the utilities that were run on you now. These include gas, electricity, water, internet, and cable. Avoid the situation of still receiving bills for the home in which you no longer live. Also, change your address with the postal service, so that you can continue to receive your mail. Also, make sure to unsubscribe from the tenant list and change the zip code.

Take your medical and school records when you are moving from West Valley City to Miami

It is especially important that you take all your documents with you. Birth certificates, citizenship, diplomas, you should already have with you. However, you must ask for your health records to be given to you so that you can be treated in the new city. Also, if you have children, you must make sure you get a school record so that they can enroll in a new school. This is an easy and short procedure, but it often gets out of hand.

Moving from West Valley City to Miami is definitely one big adventure. In addition to changing the city, you are changing the climate, habits, time zone, neighborhood. Also, moving to Miami brings with it higher costs, but also a greater choice of jobs. If you are not satisfied with your job, this is an ideal opportunity for you to set out in search of a new one, in the city of choice.

By now, you should have most of the information about moving from city to city. Miami may be the right city for you. If you are ready to experience the good sides of a big city like Miami, you will surely find what you will enjoy and what will make you feel at home. We hope that moving from West Valley City to Miami will be easy and carefree with our tips.