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Houston, we have a problem! But don’t worry, one of the best cross country moving companies Houston can offer is here to help you solve it. Moving cross country can present a great many challenges. Getting used to a new city after the move isn’t easy. There are a lot of miles and differences between the state of Florida and Texas. So, when you are moving from Miami to Houston, you should prepare yourself. There is some general information about a place that you should learn before relocating to a new city. Here we will list some information that you might find useful.

Houston skyline, a sight you might see when moving from Miami to Houston
What you need to know when moving from Miami to Houston

Comparing the cost of living

One of the things you will notice when comparing Miami and Houston is the difference in prices. First of all, Houston has lower housing prices. When renting an apartment you might pay 50% less than what you paid in Miami. Buying real estate in Houston is cheaper as well. You will pay half the price of what you would in Miami for the same size home. So, if you are trying to become a homeowner, consider searching for good cross country moving companies Miami can offer and find an affordable home in Houston. Lower housing prices are also paired with generally lower prices for most of the basic groceries. Such as:

  • milk
  • bread
  • eggs
  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • meat

Public means of transport are also less costly in Houston. On top of that, if you own a vehicle, you will pay around 10% less for gasoline. In general moving to Texas can help you save money. There are, of course, some items that are more expensive in Texas, such as some pieces of clothing. Basic utility bills are slightly higher. Almost 5% more than in Miami. On the other hand, this is more than covered by the fact that the average salary is more than 20% higher for the same or similar job. Overall, after moving to Houston, you could expect an increase in disposable income.

What kind of job opportunities to expect after moving from Miami to Houston?

Once you’ve moved to a different state, you will need to find a job. As one of the top movers in Houston, we can tell you that truck driving is one of the most sought-after professions. Medical workers can also find a job fairly easily. Medical and dental assistants and nurses are among the top 20 most available jobs in Houston. Software developers and other IT positions are also in deficit. Construction equipment operators, machinists, welders, and auto mechanics are sought after as well. You can add to that list: plumbers, electricians, carpenters, legal assistants, and police officers. People who belong to any of these professions shouldn’t have much trouble finding a job after moving from Miami to Houston ether. There is always a chance that you are moving for the sake of a job. In that case, you don’t need to worry about finding it after you’ve moved.

You should also think about how to commute to work every day. Two-thirds of people in Houston Texas, go to work in a personal vehicle. But if you don’t own a car or can’t drive there are ways to get about for you too. Some choose to carpool with their colleagues. That way they can divide the gas price between them. There is always mass transit too and public transportation is cheaper in Houston than in Miami. Commuting time in Houston is around the national average. You need about half an hour to get from your home to your job. On a different note, the city is not pedestrian-friendly. Therefore it is better to have your own means of transportation.

a black pick-up truck
Consider buying a car if you don’t already own one after moving to Houston


Houston can be called the business hub of Texas. You can say that the growing economy is one of the upsides of living in Houston. The city offers many opportunities for young and ambitious entrepreneurs. But it has something of value to offer to people of all ages. The health care sector is fast developing. In fact, the city’s hospitals are consistently ranked among the best in the nation. There are many surgeons there who can be considered the best in their field. If you are moving from Miami to Houston, you can expect the top quality health care. Other branches have lately seen some growth as well, namely food service and recreation. The diversified economy can come as a surprise when one considers that earlier most of the city’s economy depended on the oil industry.


When it comes to climate, there are some similarities. Both places can get extremely hot during the summer months. With temperatures in July often reaching around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As one of the top Miami movers, we can tell you that air humidity is also similar to Houston. While Miami’s beaches are unparalleled, Houston is close to the sea as well. This means that even when temperatures are high during the day, the breeze from the water brings some respite when the evening comes. Miami gets 59.3 inches of rain, on average, per year while Houston gets 53, so both are rainy by a national standard. Neither gets any snow during the winter, though the temperature in Houston can drop a bit lower than in Miami.

The weather in Houston can get really warm

What to expect in terms of education when moving from Miami to Houston?

While Miami ranks higher when it comes to education quality by some standards, that does not by any means that Houston isn’t good. So, if you are moving from Miami to Houston, don’t worry. You can get a decent education for children of all ages there. Beginning with kindergartens and going all the way up to the university. There are several school districts in Houston. The largest of them is The Houston Independent School District, ranked as the nation’s seventh-largest school district. It covers 312 square miles with 288 schools that are attended by more than 210,000 students each year. When it comes to higher education, you will be able to take your pick between around 40 different institutions. The University of Houston has a 63% acceptance rate, so you are more likely to get into it than not.