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Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital, isn’t quite the same anymore. It is safe to say there’s no middle class in the city anymore, and the cost of living in LA is through the roof. If you’re living in LA in 2022, you’re either extremely rich or poor. People have started to flee the city in all directions. Many, for a number of reasons, have found their new home in Denver. If you’re thinking of moving from Los Angeles to Denver as well, Verified Movers are here to give you a few insights, so make sure to read on.

Why you should consider moving from Los Angeles to Denver?

Nowadays, LA only relies on old credit. Most people around the world still think of LA and Hollywood as one of the richest and most exciting places in the world where celebrities can be seen on every corner. To some extent, it is still true only we’re not quite sure that you’ll see your favorite movie star on the Hollywood Boulevard since it’s filled with homeless people. Many celebrities still live here, but be sure they’re all hiding in their mansions at the time or traveling the world.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is becoming more and more expensive each day.

With an average salary, it’s impossible to make ends meet in LA. The government of the city, as you already know is not doing anything to fix LA’s reputation. If you want to save yourself the struggles, because there is no solution in sight, you should really head somewhere else. Denver, for example. You’ll be much better off if you call one of cross country moving companies Los Angeles and hit the road. Without further ado, here’s why moving from Los Angeles to Denver is a good choice.

1. The cost of living in Denver will not break your bank

Denver is becoming quite popular. If you earn an average salary in Denver, you can still live with dignity, as opposed to LA. The housing market is going crazy everywhere. But not nearly to the extent of the situation in Los Angeles. Rent will be your biggest expense, but other than that you won’t spend as much on your living costs as in other nearby major cities. If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll be happy to know that property taxes are very low in Denver.

2. Denver is becoming a great metropolitan area

Denver’s cost of living is a hot topic, with a slew of opposing viewpoints. According to certain statistics, it is indeed inexpensive compared to major metropolises like Los Angeles. However, rental costs are swiftly rising and residences are selling quickly, which suggests otherwise. Even while Denver’s cost of living is far lower than that of other major U.S. cities, such as LA and NYC, it is still not the cheapest. People from cities like NYC and LA are flocking to Denver. Even more, since the beginning of the year. If you want to follow in their footsteps, top Los Angeles movers are at your service.

Denver, Colorado
Moving from Los Angeles to Denver is a good decision not only financially.

But still, prior to coming to Denver, ensure that you can afford to spend no more than 30 percent of your income on housing expenditures. Give yourself plenty of time to purchase or rent a home before you move. The rental market is quite competitive, so most individuals turn to a real estate agent to help them choose a home. Make sure you understand your rights as a Colorado renter if you decide to rent.

On that note, we don’t think you’ll have a problem finding a job here in Denver. The tech industry is currently the largest, but there are many more as well. Almost anything you can think of. If you’re good at what you’re doing, you won’t have any trouble finding a good-paying job.

3. You will love Denver’s hip and youthfully vibes

For a while now, Denver’s housing prices have risen faster than household incomes. But that’s the same everywhere else as well. The typical property price in 2021 increased by 10% to $420,000, with rents averaging $1,500 per month. Denver’s amazing views are a huge selling point if you can afford the rent. Coming from LA, we’re sure it looks cheap for you. No matter where you live in the metro region, you’ll be surrounded by 140 miles of breathtaking mountain views, with 200 distinct mountain peaks to admire.

Furthermore, we believe you won’t miss LA much. Denver is truly a youth paradise. There are so many talented people on the streets of Denver. And be sure you’ll never be bored in Denver. There are so many things to do here. So if you’d like to wake up with a view every day and live comfortably, top movers in Denver will be more than happy to assist you.

Fun things to do in Denver

Did you know that Denver is home to the second-most microbreweries in the country? Indeed, the Napa Valley of Beer has been created to describe the region in question. However, if you want to partake in a few beers during happy hour, make sure to also sip on some water. If not, you may begin to feel the effects of altitude more quickly than in lower-lying towns. Thinned air makes the beer more potent. Anyways, visiting the Great American Beer Fest is a must.

moving from Los Angeles to Denver for  beer
Denver is an extremely lively place.

Apart from that, there are numerous sports events throughout the whole year, performing arts on the street all year round as well, and world-class retail districts. Which will probably remind you of LA. There is something for everyone. If we were in your position, we would start looking at cross country moving companies Denver right away. Moving from Los Angeles to Denver will allow you to live more comfortably while still being able to enjoy all of the amenities of a big city.