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Moving from Kansas City to Denver

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Are you trying to figure out if moving from Kansas City to Denver is the right choice for you? But you can’t quite make that final decision. You just need to do more research, and lucky for you, your cross country movers have done the hard work so you don’t have to. So let’s get down to the core of the issue. First of all, hundreds of people are moving from Kansas City to Denver each month. Truth be told, moving from Kansas City to Denver isn’t going to be for everyone. The bottom line, it’s smart not to rush any decision. Whether or not you should move to the Centennial State should be a choice made with a cool head. And of course, after you have spent considerable time deliberating on all of the possible aspects of the move that will impact your life.

What is living in Colorado actually like?

Now let’s look at some facts that might help you with this decision. We are going to investigate what the city can work best for a job transfer or retirement. We’re going to go over the issues of changing the climate to a degree. No, we don’t forget anything. Because as a moving broker that is connected with some of the finest interstate moving companies, we know our job, and that is why we can share these guides. There are so many questions we will help you answer. And we hope that this article will help you focus on some of the more important aspects when it comes to moving from Kansas City to Denver.

First, we’ll teach you about the pros and cons of moving from Kansas City to Denver.

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Read on to learn how certain factors could possibly influence your daily life after moving to Denver, Colorado.

List of the Pros of Living in Denver

  1. Colorado is a four-season outdoor sports heaven for people of all ages and sizes.
    You can find outdoor activities during every season of the year after moving from Kansas City to Denver.
  2. After moving from Kansas City to Denver, you will not find a better place to go skiing than Colorado.
  3. There are 26 active ski resorts in Colorado. Aspen and Vail have multiple runs (and timeshares) that can offer a great challenge to you.
  4. Denver has better weather than Kansas.
  5. There is a saying about moving to Colorado: “If you don’t like the weather now, then wait for 15 minutes and it will change.” Yes, the Denver climate can sometimes be unpredictable and challenging, but you’ll see that sunshine comes around often and the humidity levels are generally lower.
  6. The quality of medical care in Denver is at a very high level.
  7. You will find iconic views after moving from Kansas City to Denver.
  8. If you decide to live in Denver or Colorado Springs, you will enjoy the mountain views every day.
Horseshoe Bend
Denver is just a day trip away from some amazing places

You can make it to Las Vegas in just 8 hours if you start the journey from Grand Junction. There are a lot of fun trips to take in the state as well. The best news is, they are all within 4 hours of driving for most residents:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • Vail and all the mountain towns that follow the I-70 Corridor
  • The hot springs at Glenwood Springs (and don’t forget about the Canyon)
  • Black Canyon National Park

9. You have the option of legalized marijuana in the state.

10. Expect incredible food when you live in Denver.

11. There are craft breweries all over in Denver.

List of the cons of moving from Kansas City to Denver

1. The cost of living in Denver is higher than in most of the country.

In the Vail McDonald’s, almost everything on the menu costs twice as much as it does at any other location. There is a 50% markup on almost every product in restaurants. Expect to pay more for gas, food, and almost any other common items. Denver and the mountains are the priciest in this regard.

2. If you are accustomed to living in a big city, then you are used to rush-hour traffic.

Rush-hour is not an hour, it’s an all-day event. Not just in Denver, but in the whole of Colorado. The problem is that a 60-minute drive can easily become a six-hour journey! Or take advantage of the overnight hours to avoid the problem. Also, drivers set their own rules when on the road!

3. Unfortunately, new residents are not always addressed with respect to the locals.

When you move to a rural community, you will experience a general acceptance of your presence. Under the condition that you’re there to contribute in some way. But after moving from Kansas City to Denver, you’ll probably receive the stink eye more often. Because residents here blame transplants for the low housing availability and high real estate costs.

4. If you like to go swimming, then Denver doesn’t have much to offer.

There are a few reservoirs and lakes in the region but they only offer some boating opportunities. But you can enjoy white water rafting options along the Colorado River. Most of the waterways are perfect for fishing and boating activities instead of swimming.

5. The housing market is not very cheap in Colorado.

The average price of a home is above $530,000 ever since 2018. You can find some more affordable prices further out in the more isolated communities in the west. However, even these can be priced higher than what the local market usually pays.

Checklist for moving from Kansas City to Denver
The most effective way when it comes to moving from Kansas to Denver is to create a checklist of those chores.


There are a lot of tasks to complete when relocating across the country. Before doing anything from the list, break it down into weekly sections. It’s OK to start with four weeks out, but two months before would be best. Call us to help you relocate and let us also mark this important date in your life on our calendar. We’ll help you with every moving and packing tip that’s out there, like when you should transfer utilities or when you need to rent a storage unit. You can have a smooth relocation, just rely on us!

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