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    Verified Movers Team Blog State to State Moving

    A lot of people fantasize about moving to another city, and yet most people never actually do that. This is probably because the relocation process itself requires a lot of organization – and a lot of resources. Besides, the very idea of starting from the beginning somewhere far from home, in some unknown place, among unknown people, maybe enough to distract people from that idea. Still, if you are thinking about moving from Illinois to Wisconsin our Verified Movers team can give you some useful tips and help you in the process.

    What is the best tip when it comes to moving from Illinois to Wisconsin?

    When it comes to moving from Illinois to Wisconsin keep in mind that if you are brave enough to try and embark on a new life, there are a number of ways to easily adapt to a new environment in a whole new city. On the other hand, if you are forced to move, whether because of work, study or because your family has moved, then it can be much more stressful.

    family Moving from Illinois to Wisconsin
    if you are thinking about moving from Illinois to Wisconsin our Verified Movers team can give you some useful tips.

    Either way, moving to a new city should always be seen as an exciting opportunity, especially if you are doing it for the first time... Even though the fact is that it can seem stressful and complicated. Here are some tips that could make it easier for you to move to a new place. For starters, keep an eye for cross country moving companies Illinois has to offer. Ask for some recommendations or do research on your own.

    Plan your relocation process in detail

    A detailed relocation plan that will include every little thing will make your job much easier. Also, soak in any moving tips you can get from professionals. To make your plan as good as possible, it would be good to write down everything that comes to your mind about moving, that is, any idea that you find useful.

    Of course, the planning process should include the collection of all necessary details. It would also be a good idea to investigate on interstate moving companies Wisconsin has to offer too. Also, think about any accompanying materials for moving, such as boxes and foils for furniture packaging, but also the storage options and packing services.

    Organize, organize, organize

    Anyone who has moved at least once knows that good organization is the key, whether it is moving to another city or another country. For those who are moving to Illinois for the first time, moving can be a real nightmare, which is why we have decided to make your life easier and save your nerves with a moving checklist.

    Think about any accompanying materials for moving, such as boxes and foils for furniture packaging.

    Until you start packing, you never know how many things you have, so one of the first steps should be to throw away what you don’t need. We all own things in the house that we never use or that we know that they are there or the ones that we don’t even know are in the house, so the advice is to get rid of these things first of all.

    Packing things for moving

    Once you have determined what you will actually transfer to your new place, you need to estimate how many boxes and what dimensions you will need to pack all the things you own.

    Labeling boxes can make your job much easier, both in transport and when unpacking. By comparing the numbers on the boxes and the labels on the furniture, you can make a list that you will use to know that everything has been transferred to a new location. That way, you know where everything is when it arrives, and you can contact the moving company if something is missing.

    Loading items on a truck or moving van

    When moving, pay attention to how you will pack things in the truck or van. Firstly because of the safety of the things themselves, but also because of the order in which you will bring things into the new home. You will certainly not want to bring in all the boxes with the smaller items that will get in the way once you need to bring in bulky furniture later. This may all sound like a big issue, but if the move is well organized, everything can go smoothly and without lost or broken things.

    Don’t forget to list all of your items too!

    Make a list

    To make sure all items are delivered to your new home, don’t forget to list all of your items. When unloading things, keep records of what was unloaded and brought into the new apartment. Relocation, among other things, requires excellent organizational skills. You should make a plan for unloading. First bring in big things, furniture, electric devices – and only then other smaller items.

    To make moving even easier, we’ve made a list of things to keep in mind when you relocate from Illinois to Wisconsin :

    • Put away items you no longer need and save packing time in the long run.
    • Determine the number and size of boxes you need for packaging
    • Pack important documents, small valuables, and sentimental things such as photos in suitcases that you carry with you while traveling.
    • Create a numbered blank inventory list and pre-match the numbered labels. Have numbers on the numbers and tie them to the furniture.
    • Make a list of all the things you are moving
    • Also, make sure heavy items are packed at the bottom of the box and towards the back of the moving truck.
    • Make a plan for loading things into the truck that will go in the opposite order to unloading (first you pack bigger things, furniture, etc.)
    • Find original bills for expensive items and carry them with you when you move.
    • Review items from the moving inventory list once they have been unloaded.
    • Inspect your items for possible damage.
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