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Moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL

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    Moving home is one of the most stressful periods in our lives. Not only do we feel emotional because we are saying goodbye to our old neighborhood and friends, but also because relocation is an enormous work. It involves many activities such as packing, labeling, hiring long distance movers Columbus, renting storage, disassembling furniture, etc. However, if you are moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL you should be excited rather than stressed out. The windy city is bustling, urban, rich in history and home to great museums, schools, theatres, and amazing food. Here are some tips on how to move your items safely and enjoy this fabulous city.

    Create a detailed plan when moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL

    It’s of the utmost importance to stay organized during the move and stick to the plan you created. You should start preparing for your move well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises, damages or moving injuries. Create a list of all your activities and the times they should be done. Some of the tasks that should be on your comprehensive moving list are:

    • Researching moving companies
    • Scheduling the in-house estimate
    • Creating a budget
    • Organizing a yard sale
    • Packing your belongings
    • Gathering moving supplies
    • Purchasing moving insurance

    This will help you stay on track and understand exactly what you should be doing before, during, and even after your move.

    Hire a reliable moving company

    The most important part of the relocation is finding a moving company that can meet all your needs. Research long distance moving companies Chicago and compare the prices. Check whether they are licensed and offer insurance. There are many full-service companies that can also take care of packing, furniture disassembling, unpacking, etc. Well-trained professions will accelerate the moving process and make sure all your things arrive safely to your new home.

    If you require some special services like moving valuable artwork or a piano, make sure to tell your movers in advance. Bulky and heavy items require more preparation and these services are usually charged extra. Also, even if you get a moving quote online, you should request an in-house estimate once you choose the moving company. Only after that should you sign the contract.

    Do thorough research and find a reliable moving company.
    Well-trained and reliable movers will facilitate your move from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL

    Pack your belongings properly to avoid any damage

    Packing is the most tiring and time-consuming part of the moving process. But, you should never rush it. There are many packing techniques that can help you prepare your belongings and ensure safe transport. Organize your belongings before you start packing. Decide what things you want to bring into your new Chicago home and get rid of the rest. The cost of your relocation depends on the size of your relocation, so there is no need to transport furniture that won’t fit or things you no longer use. Gather moving supplies such as cardboard boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, etc. Protect each item before placing it into the box. Once you finish packing label every box – write essential information such as content, destination room, and handling instructions.

    Gather moving supplies before you start moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL.
    Gather the necessary moving supplies well in time and pack your belongings properly for the relocation

    What to expect after moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL

    Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. It is home to around 2.7 million people and one of the most frequented tourist destinations. It sits on the shores of Lake Michigan and two rivers flow through the city. Chicago is basically split into four districts – West Side, Central, North Side, and South Side, with more than 200 neighborhoods. You should choose the area where you want to live based on your personality and lifestyle. Do you want to be close to all the top tourist attractions, which are located in Downtown Chicago? Do you want to be close to good schools, parks, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops? The median price for renting an apartment is around $1.700, which is slightly over the national average.

    Chicago offers many attractions, great schools, and plenty job opportunities.
    Moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL might be a tiring experience but you will soon realize that “the windy city” is an amazing place to live in

    The city offers a plethora of attractions, good job opportunities, great architecture, good schools, rich culture. Industries such as finance, publishing, manufacturing, and food-processing are well-developed, which offer an abundant number of work opportunities. There are many options for those who want to get active – enjoy the Lakefront Trail or spend the day in Millennium Park. The one thing you might not like is Chicago winters which can be quite cold and windy. You will need warm, layered clothing to fight it.


    Moving from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL can be a stressful and tiring experience. Relocation is very challenging, both physically and emotionally. This is a huge transition in life, a new chapter. Not only are you changing your home and neighborhood, but a city as well. You have to find new schools for children, figure out a new commute to work, meet new people and make friends. However, this is also an opportunity to live in one of the greatest cities in the States. It won’t take long before you realize that Chicago is a city of great opportunities and endless fun. Enjoy the breathtaking art at Chicago museums, sail on Lake Michigan or stroll thorough Millennium Park, dine at great restaurants and catch the finest live music.

    It’s possible to turn your moving day into a positive experience. But, you have to be well prepared and have a solid plan. Do thorough research and hire an experienced and reliable moving company. Pack all your belongings in advance and label the moving boxes. Create an inventory list and take photos of all your items – this can be particularly helpful in case of damage. Enjoy your move!

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