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Moving from Arizona to Montana and its alpine landscapes can be a thrilling and intimidating prospect. This change means saying goodbye to the oppressive heat and hello to snowy winters and pine woods instead of cacti. Relying on Verified Movers reviews is all you have to do, as we always gather all the information and can help you find the right moving company for your relocation. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know about this move, from comparing housing costs and job prospects to showcasing Montana’s top schools and must-see locations!

Climate Contrast: From Arid to Alpine

Arizona is famous for its desert environment, with long, scorching summers and moderate winters, especially in towns like Phoenix and Chandler. Montana, on the other hand, has a more variable climate. Summers are pleasant and moderate, making them excellent for outdoor activities without the unbearable heat, while winters are chilly and snowy, perfect for those who enjoy winter sports. But there will be more things to consider before hiring Arizona cross country movers, so let’s dive into more details.

landscape symbolizing moving from Arizona to Montana
Moving from Arizona to Montana is a good choice and you should be prepared for it

Moving to Montana During the Summer

In order to handle the heat and guarantee a worry-free relocation, moving from Arizona to Montana in the summertime requires careful planning. Before you read Goliath Movers reviews and hire them for your move, there are some crucial actions to help you move as comfortably and efficiently as possible this summer.

  • Be weather aware: Arizona summers may be scorching, frequently reaching temperatures beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid the hottest part of the day, plan your moving activities for early in the morning.
  • Remain protected and hydrated: Make sure you and your movers remain hydrated throughout the packing and moving procedure. Have a lot of water bottles on hand, and make time to rest in the shade or in an air-conditioned area on a frequent basis.
  • Service your car: Make sure your car is prepared for the lengthy journey to Montana if you’re driving there. Summertime heat may be taxing on your car, particularly if you’re driving from Arizona’s scorching climate to Montana’s diverse elevations and possibly cooler temperatures. Before you leave, get your car maintained, and the tires, coolant level, and air conditioning checked.
  • Safeguard items sensitive to heat: Carefully pack and move heat-sensitive objects like electronics, candles, and perishables. For things that are prone to melting or spoiling, use insulated refrigerators and make every effort to maintain delicate electronics in air-conditioned spaces.
  • Get ready for Montana’s climate: It could be considerably colder when you get there, especially at night or at higher altitudes. To adapt to the changing weather, bring a selection of clothes, including warmer layers for chilly evenings. Best cross country movers Montana can be of huge help when moving during cold weather.
snow on the mountain
Montana has many things to offer including wonderful landscapes and mountain views

Living Costs Comparison

Compared to many other U.S. states, life in Arizona has a lower cost of living. Phoenix and Chandler, in particular, provide reasonably priced housing options given their size and amenities. Montana is known for its rustic lifestyle, yet its wide variations in the cost of living between cities can occasionally catch newcomers off guard. Arizona is 2.2% more expensive than Montana.

Those who will be moving from the capital should think about their finances on time. Phoenix top movers will help you stay within your budget and with that settle more easily in Montana. To help you understand the difference better, let’s break down some of the most important cost differences.

Grocery prices: Arizona vs. Montana

Grocery prices can vary between Arizona and Montana, though the difference might not be as significant as one might expect. In Arizona, particularly in larger cities like Phoenix and Chandler, there is a wide availability of large grocery chains that often offer competitive pricing. Montana, with its smaller population and more rural setting, might have slightly higher grocery prices due to fewer big chain stores and the higher cost of transporting goods. Residents in Montana might also depend more on local markets where prices can be higher, but products are often fresher and locally sourced. In Montana, you will pay 8.0% more for groceries.

credit cards
Knowing more about living costs between these two states can help you protect your finances better

Housing costs and buying property after moving from Arizona to Montana

The housing market shows more significant differences between Arizona and Montana. Arizona, especially in urban areas like Phoenix, offers a range of housing options at competitive prices. The median home price in Phoenix is around $400,000 as of 2024. In contrast, Montana’s housing costs can vary widely depending on the location. Cities like Great Falls have experienced a surge in real estate prices, with median home prices reaching above $600,000 due to increased demand and limited supply. The good news is that cross country movers Great Falls can help you settle in your new place quickly and effectively.

Healthcare costs

Health care is another critical area where costs can differ. Arizona benefits from a larger population and more healthcare facilities, which can help keep costs down due to competition and availability. Montana, being more rural, often has fewer healthcare facilities, which can lead to higher costs, especially for specialized care. Montanans might also need to travel greater distances for health care, adding to the overall expense. However, both states offer various health insurance options that can help manage these costs

Job Opportunities

Your current home has a strong economy, with major centers for industry, technology, and healthcare located in Chandler and Phoenix. Large employers such as Honeywell, Banner Health, and Intel contribute significantly to the local economy. With an emphasis on agriculture, tourism, and a developing tech scene, particularly in areas like Missoula and Bozeman, Montana’s economy is increasingly diverse. In comparison to Arizona, the work market may be less competitive, but it also provides fewer chances in some high-tech industries. When it comes to average salaries, the average salary in Montana is $56,117, and in Arizona it’s $53,317.

empty road representing moving from Arizona to Monatan
Before moving from Arizona to Montana, make sure you apply for a new job

Looking for a job while you are planning to move is a challenge that requires careful timing and the right approach. It’s important to start your job search several months in advance to give yourself enough time to explore opportunities and go through the hiring process without feeling rushed. Utilizing online job platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor can be incredibly helpful. These sites allow you to tailor your search to the region you’re moving to, helping you pinpoint local opportunities.

Moving from Arizona to Montana as a freelancer

Now let’s see how will your new home treat you if you wish to do freelancing work. Montana is becoming a popular destination for freelancers and young professionals seeking a mix of work-life balance and adventure. The state’s expansive natural beauty provides an inspiring backdrop for creative work. With the rise of remote work, Montana’s appeal has grown, especially for those who value outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and fishing as part of their daily lives.

For freelancers, Montana offers a quiet, less congested environment compared to larger urban centers, which can boost productivity and mental health. The cost of living, while variable, generally remains lower in non-metropolitan areas, allowing for a more affordable lifestyle than in many big cities.

friends talking
Try to find a community in Montana that will suit your needs and interests

Educational Prospects

Arizona is home to a number of prestigious universities, such as Arizona State University, which is located in Tempe, and close to Phoenix. On the other hand, Tuscon is home to excellent public schools that prioritize STEM education. If you currently reside there, try to make a deal with top movers in Tucson before the new school year. By the time your relocation is over you will have to apply for a new school or university in Montana.

So what are your options in Montana? No matter if you plan to continue your education journey, or you are moving with your kids, it is good to know what to expect. The University of Montana in Missoula and Montana State University in Bozeman are leading the way in offering top-notch research and instruction, especially in the environmental sciences. Montana also offers prominent educational possibilities. There are multiple schools both private and public that may fit your needs perfectly.

Lifestyle and Recreation

Chances are high that you want to keep the same hobbies and interests after moving from Arizona to Montana. If that is the case you will have a lot of options. Those living in Chandler are used to many interesting things including beautiful landscapes and luxury restaurants. Before you hire cross country moving companies Chandler, here is what Montana can offer in return!

Montana is a natural beauty haven, while Arizona provides breathtaking desert views and famous sites like the Grand Canyon. Highlights include Yellowstone National Park, which stretches into Montana and offers breathtaking scenery and a variety of wildlife, and Glacier National Park. Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, or fishing, Montana has no shortage of outdoor activities to offer.

Culture and community life

Phoenix is a large city with a diverse population of communities, ethnicities, and cuisines. Despite being tiny, Chandler nevertheless has a varied population and a wide range of cultural activities. Depending on where you currently live, you should explore what could suit you after relocation. One of the most important things to know when moving is how to find a good community. This can affect your social life, career and so many things at the same time.

Make advance plans for your lodging, particularly if your new Montana home won’t be ready for occupancy right away. In Montana, the summer months are a popular season for travel and tourism, especially in the areas surrounding Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. To prevent last-minute difficulties, make your hotel reservations well in advance.

key in the door
And if you plan on buying property in Montana, let agencies and agents help you do it

Neighborhoods and Cities to Consider in Montana

So, what Montana has to offer in terms of community life? Its smaller cities, including Billings and Bozeman, are appealing in a different sense because they emphasize local culture and the arts and have a close-knit community feel. You will be able to find many newcomers especially closer to the city center. This is mainly because moving from Arizona to Montana suits different ages and professions. And in case you are looking for something different, here are more neighborhoods and cities to consider:

  • Missoula: This city is perfect for those who appreciate a strong community vibe coupled with an artsy scene. Home to the University of Montana, Missoula has a youthful energy, dynamic nightlife, and cultural events that keep the community engaged.
  • Whitefish: Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, Whitefish is located near Glacier National Park and offers year-round recreational activities including skiing, hiking, and fishing. The town also has a charming downtown area with boutiques and fine dining.
  • Helena: As the state capital, Helena offers a mix of historical architecture, modern amenities, and excellent schools. The neighborhood has a friendly, small-town feel but provides all the conveniences of city living.
  • Billings: The largest city in Montana, Billings is great for those seeking a more urban environment. It has a robust economy, numerous cultural attractions, and is known for its medical facilities, making it a hub for healthcare professionals.

Make the Best of Moving From Arizona to Montana!

There will be a change in possibilities, surroundings, and way of life when moving from Arizona to Montana. Both Arizona and Montana provide strong arguments for living there, whether it’s the cheaper cost of living, greater employment prospects in technology and healthcare, or the states’ superior educational systems and scenic landscapes. In the end, personal priorities and preferences will determine the choice. While Arizona offers a bright, sunny environment with busy metropolitan life and economic prospects, Montana offers a strikingly gorgeous, slower-paced living amidst nature!