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How to prepare your motorcycle for storage

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Even though the summer is here and you are probably enjoying your motorcycle as much as you can, there might be a situation where you will have to store it for a while. For example, if you are going for an extended vacation, you may want to place your two-wheels love for safekeeping. There are some exceptional interstate moving companies Nebraska that offer quality storage facilities, which you can use for short-term or long-term storing. However, no matter what is the reason, you should prepare your motorcycle for storage adequately if you want it to remain safe and sound. 

Why should you prepare your motorcycle for storage?

The situation is pretty simple. Imagine you are planning to store some belongings. What would you do? You wouldn’t just drop them off into storage unit without preparing and packing them previously, right? You would probably do the research and ask around you if anyone knows some packing secrets. You would do whatever you can to ensure the safety of your possessions.

prepare your motorcycle for storage - bike in the nature
To prepare your motorcycle for storage, follow our guide

Well, it should be the same with your bike. Except for the packing part. So, since you can’t really set it apart and pack each piece individually, you must find the right way to prepare your motorcycle for storage to protect it. And what does it need protection from? Well, same like your other belongings. You want it safe from the dust, pest, and temperature variations. In the end, you want to save money on repairs when the spring comes, or you return from your vacation. That is why putting some thought into preparation will go a long way.

How to prepare your bike for storage?

Now that you know ‘why,’ we can talk about ‘how.’ The first thing we would advise you to do is talk with some experienced moving company. They will tell you what to do and what not to do since they have had their fair share of stored possessions and vehicles. If you are from Nebraska, consult the local movers. But if you are from the areas with specific climate conditions, such as Nevada with the desert, for example, you should ask some of the best cross country movers Nevada has to offer. That will help you a great deal. They will give you directions, and by following them, you are giving your bike the best chance of surviving the storage facility without any damages or changes.

So, here is what you should do to prepare your motorcycle for storage:

  • clean it thoroughly,
  • take care of the battery,
  • treat the fuel system with the proper additive and replace the oil in the engine,
  • take care of the tires,
  • cover the motorcycle.

Cleaning the bike

That is really the primary step you should take before you store your motorcycle. Whether you are relocating your vehicle or storing it, you should make sure it is cleaned prior to action. To prevent the corrosion of your finish layer of paint, you should clean it from the bags and water spots. Thorough cleaning with soap and water should be enough to remove all the bugs and mud from the surfaces. After you finish that part, make sure to wipe it off with a dry cloth, so it doesn’t dry gradually in the storage unit. That can leave water stains, and you want to avoid that. You can even add a coat of wax to protect it additionally from the rust and moisture.

the motor on the motorcycle
Make sure your bike gets a proper cleaning

Take care of the battery

That is a pretty expensive part of any motorcycle, so it is vital to take great care of it to prepare your motorcycle for storage. Firstly, check the level of battery fluid. You shouldn’t let your bike stay without fluids. Even though there are some batteries where you can’t check that, you should do it if you have that possibility. For the longest life of your battery, you should keep your bike in warm storage. That is why it is essential to choose a climate-controlled storage facility if you are storing it over the winter. A periodic charging will also increase the life of the battery, so if you have a chance, visit it once in a while. Making a few circles with it will lower the chances of a battery dying.

Treat the fuel system with the proper additive and replace the oil in the engine

If you want to prevent your carburetor and fuel-injection system from premature repairs, you must not let the fuel stay in a bike for too long. That is because today’s fuels have ethanol in them. The ethanol is pretty hygroscopic, much more than gasoline. What does that mean? Well, it means that it contains dissolved or suspended water. And where is water, there is a chance of corrosion and gum in fuel-injected and carbureted systems. To prevent this, we suggest you treat your fuel system with proper additives. Make sure to replace the oil in the engine, as well. That will prevent the dirt from damaging it. And you will avoid all unpleasant surprises when the time for the ride comes.

Take care of the tires

While your bike is in a storage unit, the tires will probably lose some air. And if it stands for too long in one place, the tires may change their shape. Assuming you want to avoid buying new tires after your vacation or in spring, you need to place your bike on its center stand or paddock stand. For the best results, you should use both front, and rear paddock stands. However, if you can’t afford these, or don’t have enough time, there is a solution. Try overinflating the tires and make sure to move the bike from time to time. That is how you will avoid tires changing their shape.

bike from the ground
Avoid the tires getting flat and changing shape

Cover the motorcycle to prepare your motorcycle for storage

If you want to really prepare your motorcycle for storage, the last step is getting the proper cover for it. Maybe you can’t put your bike in the box, but this is the next best thing. Make sure to cover it entirely for proper protection. If will stay safe from the dust, moisture and, most importantly, from the pests. Since we assume you want to avoid any animal surprises, this should really be the step you don’t want to miss in preparation for storage.

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