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Relocations are complex, they require a lot of time, effort and money. And when you have to move your antiques, the complications multiply. It will take a lot more time to pack antique items when moving since they are usually very sensitive, fragile, and oddly shaped. It is only logical that you will put in more effort than packing books, for example. And when it comes to money, we don’t have to tell you how valuable your antiques can be. Therefore, you must ensure the complete safety of the items, unless you want to see them damaged. So, we bring you a guide on how to pack antique items when moving and rest assured they will arrive safe and sound at a new address.

The first thing to do when you have to pack antique items when moving…

…Is to make a good plan and prepare properly. If you don’t make adequate preparations, you will find this endeavor much more difficult to accomplish. Whether you are moving your antique items locally, but especially across the country, the safest thing to do is hire some of the best cross country moving companies Washington has to offer. However, if you have to pack them on your own, it would be a good idea to listen to what professionals have to say on the subject.

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Make the necessary preparations to ensure the safe packing of your valuable antiques

Therefore, the first thing they would advise you is to make a good and thorough checklist. You will put every important task on it and check it off the list once it’s finished. But, in order to make a quality checklist, you need to know what a packing process of antique items requires you to do and obtain, right? Don’t worry, we got you covered. When you finish reading this article, you will have it much easier creating a perfect checklist that will lead you to a stress-free packing and moving process.

Make a thorough inventory before you start packing antique items

Unless you own only a couple of antique items, you really need to make a list of all the items you possess, along with their value. That will help you when you have to pack antique items and in the situation if you have to file an insurance claim. Getting an appraisal is especially important if you are not moving the items on your own, but hiring interstate movers West Virginia, if you are from around, or any other moving company in general.

Moreover, you should make sure to state the condition of your valuables in order to assess whether the transport has damaged your antiques or not. And once the stuff arrives at your new address, it will be much easier to notice if anything is missing than without an inventory.

Does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover the antiques during a relocation?

This is an important question to answer before you even start to pack antique items for the move. Some insurance policies cover this action and others don’t. If you are not sure about the specific situation you are in, we advise you to check with your insurance company. You need to have a clear answer in case something happens.


Make an inventory and get appraisals for your precious items

Of course, in case of accidents, the insurance company will not be able to replace the damaged or lost antique item. However, they will compensate you financially accordingly. And, in case your stuff is not insured, we suggest you acquire some kind of insurance. That is if you want to minimize your loses should anything unpredictable happen. Just like you get insurance when you relocate your vehicle, you should be proactive and cautious when moving antiques.

Clean your antiques thoroughly

Would you pack and unpack dirty clothes, dishes and things at your new home? Of course not. Firstly, your new home is probably cleaner now, empty, than it will ever be again. So you don’t want to ruin that with dirty items in a clean home. Therefore, you should make sure to thoroughly clean each item you plan to move. Whether you pack antique items, or anything else. And that is one of the moving tips everyone will give you. However, be careful when you clean antiques, because chemicals can damage them. Take a clean microfiber cloth and remove the dust from each item with caution.

Everything you need to complete the mission

You have finished these preparations and now what? You need to get the proper packing supplies in order to pack antique items for your relocation. Besides the microfiber cloth, that you will use to clean the dust from the antiques, you need a few more things:

  • packing materials – packing paper and peanuts, air-filled plastic wrap and packing blankets,
  • packing tape,
  • corner protectors – for the mirrors and paintings,
  • specialty boxes and crates.

Make sure to put these items on your checklist as well. Because you don’t want to leave anything out while shopping. And after you obtain everything necessary for packing of your valuable collections, you should organize someone to help you. Even though our recommendation is to hire professional help from a moving company, if you wish to do this on your own, at least get some friends and family to help you. Since antique items tend to be pretty heavy, you will need someone to help you. To pick them up and pack in moving boxes safely it’s important to know what you’re doing. Don’t try to handle bigger and bulkier things alone, the possibility of dropping them down is very big. Not only you can damage your stuff, but you can also get serious injuries.

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Wrap each item carefully in a proper packing material

Try to wrap every item with packing paper and air-filled plastic wrap before you place them in boxes filled with packing peanuts. For the bigger items make sure to use packing blankets for wrapping and corner protectors if they are necessary. Remember, these things are very fragile, so you need to handle them with great care and attention. You don’t want to damage something so valuable and beautiful, do you? Therefore, use these tips when you pack antique items and you will ensure the safe relocation of your belongings.