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How to find the best moving rates?

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Thinking about moving and can’t find the best deal? Struggling with the economic consequences of the move? Well, look no further for we have the perfect solution for you! In order to prepare for the move, you must find the best moving rates that would suit your current situation. Approximately, the average cost of a local move is around $1,250 and the cost of a long distance move is around $4,890. However, some other factors influence the moving costs and in order to find the best moving rates, you must check your every option. Here are some things you should have in mind when trying to find the best moving rates.

Traveling fees

If you are planning a long distance move, the traveling fees will cost you the most. Everything is taken into account – distance, fuel cost, labor cost, et cetera. The more distance you cover while traveling, the higher the cost, so take this important factor into mind when preparing for a long distance move.

savings in a jar
Make sure you have enough money to conduct your move!

Size of the move

Travel fees also include the size of the move. It is much cheaper to move a few belongings than an entire house, for example. The more you pack the more difficult it will be for you to move everything safely to another location. It depends on the location, of course, but there are some long distance moving companies Georgia which can offer you a better insight into the entire process. Moreover, moving companies can provide you with the best moving rates for your current situation.

Labor costs

No one is able to move their entire belongings from one place to the other just like that. Even if you are planning a small move, the belongings you have will probably pile up, so it would make it nearly impossible for you to do it alone. Consider hiring professional movers to help you with your move.

Time of the move

By this, we do not mean the specific time of the day, but the date of the year. There is a season for everything, moving to another location included. Depending on the place you live, the moving season can vary, so you should try to do some research and to choose the best option. It usually lasts during the summer, so moving during spring can be a good, cheaper idea. Remember, everything is more expensive during the season, so in order to get the best moving rate, you should plan your move outside of the season.

Location of the move

The location of the move is also extremely important. If you do not have a specified destination and just want to move away from the place where you are at the moment, then you can get some of the best moving rates. Wisconsin, for example, is the 23rd largest state in the United States and some cross country movers Wisconsin can help you get an estimate or even plan your move. Remember, you wanted the best moving rates and moving companies are your friends in this one.

Getting the best moving rates by choosing the best location
Think about the location of your relocation, it will affect the moving rates significantly

Type of the move

It all comes down to this one. If you understand the type of move you can start planning your move in advance. Moving a company is quite different than moving to your new permanent home, and the rates vary. Of course, it all depends on the aforementioned factors. So it is best to keep them in mind when you are looking for the best moving rates.

How to find the best moving rates?

Now that you have understood the factors which influence the moving rates, it is time to find the best ones. Simply read the key factors again and carefully plan the move. It is of crucial importance to understand that you can cut some of the expenses like labor costs, for example, but that you will have a lot more work to do yourself. You can also cut the expenses of the size of your move by choosing to leave some things behind, or better yet, sell them for profit. How you proceed with the move is entirely up to you, but finding the best moving rates can only be done by careful estimation and planning.

There are numerous moving companies that can do the moving estimate for you and you can use that to either cut on the expenses or find a better option. There are three types of estimates, such as the binding estimate. It is important to realize that you can even do the entire move yourself, but it would be extremely difficult for one person alone to relocate to another home. Thus, it is most advised to seek out the help of the professional movers and to work together with them.

man researching about the best moving rates
Do your research carefully!

Also, one of the key factors when finding the best moving rates is to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect estimate or a perfect situation. Some things can always go wrong, even when professionals are concerned. So it would be a good idea to save up a bit more than the estimate and to prepare for everything. A simple mistake can cost you a few days of planning, so always be prepared even for the impossible.


In the end, the best moving rates are entirely up to you actually. You are the one who should plan everything. You are the one who should contact the moving companies. The one who should pick the best time and date for the move. The one who is in charge of the entire moving process. In short, the best moving rates depend on you as well. So, the best moving rates can be acquired if you carefully plan everything in advance. You should also get yourself familiar with the entire process behind it. Sure, it sounds simple enough saying “Hey, I want to move in a few months”. However, you need to realize that you have to spend days contacting people and deciding what is best for you.

After all, this is your move and it is entirely up to you how you wish to proceed. Even if it costs a bit more, every help you can get would be great. The cheapest option is not necessarily the best one, but we are sure you can figure everything out after reading this article.

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