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Guide for using storage container pods

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When the time comes that you have to move your home, there are a lot of things that you have to do in order to achieve that. From hiring a great long distance moving company, which is one of the most important things that you have to do when moving, to picking a moving date, to packing your belongings and actually going through with the move. Sometimes, due to various possible factors, going through with a move in a matter of days is not possible. In situations such as this one, using storage container pods is the only viable solution. However, using storage container pods is not just about putting things inside them and locking them up. Using something that you do not know how to use can often backfire. That is why we have prepared a guide for using them properly.

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Wherever you may be storing your belongings, you have to protect them properly

Good preparation is the key for any such an endeavor

Before, or at least as soon when you hire, for instance, one of the cross country moving companies Alaska or New York offer you should start with the moving preparations. If you prepare efficiently, your relocation will flow a lot more smoothly. So, the first thing that you should do is to make a full list of all the items that you have. This will allow you to plan your packing process more precisely. Furthermore, you will be able to mark exactly which items will end up in the storage container pods. Another thing that this list can help you with is when unpacking your belongings.  Also, you can prepare the “essentials” boxes for you and any other family members that may be moving with you. Having one of these boxes by your side is really important for obvious reasons. 

Packing is really important when using storage container pods

Well, it is generally really important, of course. Still, it also matters even more when using storage. The reasoning behind this is simple. We all have tons of various types of objects in our households. All of them have different needs when it comes to protection. Some can’t stand being left in the cold, while others can’t stand being left in warmth, etc. So, good packing is crucial when it comes to storing your items away. That is why it is best to use new, sturdy cardboard boxes for packing the majority of your things. If you are moving to Nebraska, for example, hiring the best cross country movers Nebraska offers may end up being in vain if you do not pack your belongings properly.

yellow and black forklift during daytime
You need to pack your things properly before storing them

An alternative of boxes is using airtight plastic bins, at least when it comes to packing smaller items. It is important that they are free of moisture, bugs, and mold. It is a must do to throw away any used up boxes, unless you are sure that they are in perfect condition. Staying for long storage container pods can cause all sorts of problems if the boxes are not of reliable quality. Also, you should avoid using plastic bags by any means necessary. Bags can be useful for a day or two, but if you leave, let’s say, your clothes in them moisture can and most probably will appear which can make your items rot.

Check out the pods before you using them

Packing your things properly will end up being in vain if the pods are full of moisture or mold. Furthermore, you should make sure that all of your items are free of them too. Clothing, books, all types of paper, furniture, tools, etc, are all potential carriers of these pests. Using a dryer is the best way to make sure your clothing and sheets are good to go. It is best to be 100% sure that they are dry. You should also check everything for insects. Furniture and, again, clothing are especially vulnerable when it comes to insects. In order to be sure that there are no insects (at least live ones), spray insecticide before storage. If you find something that is infested with bugs, it is best to get rid of those.

This is your chance to declutter

Decluttering is one of the chief upsides of having to move. It is in human nature to have the need to hoard things. That is simply the way we are, as we all always have the need for getting new and better things, but have problems getting rid of the old ones. Think about it. How many pieces of clothes do you have that you do not wear at all but still keep them in your closet “just in case”? If you are an average human being, then around 15% of your clothing belongs in this group. The same goes for other things such as old CDs, phones, etc.

Storage container pods are great places for storing, but you do not need to pile needless things here
Decluttering is always a smart move

Having to pack your belongings in one of the storage container pods is a perfect opportunity to get rid of these. If you have made a complete list of your belongings, chances are that you already got rid of some things or are at least contemplating it. This is your opportunity then. Some of those things are probably ready to be completely thrown away straight to the garbage. However, some of those probably do not have any further use for you but may have a use for someone else. You can either donate some of those things, give them to a friend or a family member or even sell them.

Take care of the most valuable items

This is a very important point. Some items that can be really important to you may need some additional protection. So, if there are some fragile items that are very important for you such as some photographs or some porcelain figurines, make sure that they have an additional layer or two wrapping paper, etc. Also, if you are leaving some important documents there, make sure that you have copies of all of them.

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