If you are in search of cross country moving companies South Portland? In a world as big as this one today, and with such a great amount of people moving every day, there are a lot of moving companies. So how does one go about finding the best moving company for themselves? Especially for a relatively small place such as South Portland? Well, that is exactly why we, Verified movers, exist. We are here to provide you with the best selections of moving companies and tons of tips and advice, and we have cross country movers from South Portland just for you!

What makes Verified cross country moving companies South Portland?

Ok, but what does “verified cross country moving companies South Portland” mean? That is a fair question to ask of as. After all, what makes us more capable of finding movers that will suit you than, well, you?

Our selection is made with a lot of care and with strict checks we have put into place. These are the consequence of years of study and experience in the moving industry. We know the bread and butter of the moving business and are ready to provide our advisory services to you, the client. We believe that this is not only good for the client such as yourself, but also to the moving industry in general. It propels those with excellence to the positions of trust!

Professional cross country moving companies South Portland

A suit and a tie don’t make a professional, but we definitely know what does!

However, for us to be accountable, we have to be responsible and transparent. For this reason, we provided you with this selection of factors that influence our decisions on verifying certain movers.

  • Licensed and insured. First and foremost, to even remotely qualify, a cross country moving companies South Portland has to be legal (meaning licensed). Furthermore, it has to provide adequate insurance. There is simply no reason why anyone should make deals with unlicensed movers ever. That just opens the client to the world of trouble. Beginning with a lack of regulation, screening, and professionalism of staff and down to scams, blank contracts, hassling, even extortion…
  • Proven track record. We also look at the reviews of the movers we are going to include in our verified mover’s list. This is so that we know that they are good in practice as much as they are good on paper. This is best done by getting reviews from many different platforms.
  • All around professionals. A final point to be made is that movers absolutely have to have regulated professional training. Goodwill and hard work count for little if they are not followed by professional etiquette.

Verifiably local

Let’s talk about what is important in local moving South Portland. While this page is definitely meant for cross country moving companies South Portland, this point is still very relevant – your movers have to know their way around the place, so to speak.

Moving is a tricky business. The expanse of our industry and the nature of modern infrastructure and travel has done many things but simplifying it was not one of them. This means the movers have to handle a lot of factors while trying to plan out the move. And, while you would think that simple GPS would be enough to get them to where they need to be in time, there are often routes and aspects of the city that you just have to know.

Welcome to maine

We always make sure that the moving crews are familiar with local circumstances before any recommendation


Some streets are always closed at certain times due to traffic, other times there are big events coming up that will make the city center unpassable. Not all roads are equal, as well. Some are particularly bud when it is wet, others when it is icy. Others ye pass through woods where you have to drive much more carefully.

Having movers that know this quirks of the land is important in local and cross-country moving in South Portland or anywhere else. This is why we take special care that cross country moving companies South Portland are “locally sourced”.

Capable of delivering the promised service

Speaking of aspects that are very important in long distance relocation such as this one – logistical capability. Yes, ambition is important. Discipline, courteous behavior and professional handling of the work as well, but one thing simply cannot be excused.

Maine highway

Ambition is one thing – delivering upon promises is another. Capability is a big factor!

You always need to be able to stand behind the promised services. Unfortunately, there are movers that do not, in fact, possess all the services they are providing. Rather, they are actually renting them out, creating a complicated chain of companies involved in your move. This will make the cost go up and reliability goes down in equal measure.

This is why we put heavy emphasis on companies actually possessing trucks and licenses necessary to the services they claim they are providing. This also goes for storage, electric installation, etc.

Suitable for your South Portland relocation

South Portland is a beautiful place to live in, and we hope that its climate, size, and community will fit you well. However, first you have to get there. For all the reasons we listed previously, we can say with certainty that our verified movers are the best way to go. They are the most capable, most suitable for your South Portland relocation

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So, with all of that said, why wait? We are ready to help you find perfect cross country moving companies South Portland. All you need to do is to select which one you want. And of course, you need to contact us. The sooner you do, the sooner we can get to planning your move to South Portland and you start your life there. There is no time to waste, and no reason to, as we are happy to help. Give us a call!