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Best US Cities to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

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Is there a time of year more magical than the winter holidays? Let’s face it – there aren’t many things more relaxing than spending Christmas with your family. But while hot cocoa, cute sweaters and plenty of presents are great; there’s one question that looms large once Christmas comes. Where will you be on New Year’s Eve? In light of that, we’ve decided to help you out with a few ideas for New Year’s celebrations! If you’ve been wondering what the best US cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve are – we’ve got a couple of suggestions!

Dallas is one of the best US cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve

When we’re looking at the best US cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve – to start with, let’s go down South! If you’re near the Lone Star State, there aren’t many better options than spending your New Year’s Eve in Dallas! Why? Well, for starters – it probably won’t be too cold. There are many people out there that don’t want their New Year’s to be wrapped up in extremely cold weather. And sure – snow during the winter holidays can be nice and romantic; but on the other hand, it’s not very practical. So, if you want a place where you won’t get stuck in a blizzard – Dallas is a great option!

A view of the downtown Dallas skyline, representing the best US cities to celebrate New Year's Eve in.
Dallas is definitely one of the best US cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

Also, you’ve got your pick of many different parties and events to go to! If you’re a fan of celebratory fireworks, Dallas usually has some of the most impressive New Year’s pyrotechnics. And remember – you’ll have your pick of awesome events, from gaming parties to honky tonk bars. Trust us – by the time January 1st rolls around, you’ll want to look for long distance moving companies Dallas. This is a great state, and a great area in general; so you’re sure to have fun for your New Year’s Eve there.

Spend your New Year’s in San Francisco!

Speaking of places with lots of different options – why not await the dawn of a new year in California? Trust us – San Francisco is definitely one of the best US cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve; no matter which way you look at it. Sure, your chances of a snowy white New Year’s Eve aren’t big here either – but is that really that important? On the other hand, you’ll have so many things to do, that you’ll hardly notice. By the end of your party crawl, you’ll start searching for long distance movers San Francisco – everybody just wants to stay here.

A view of the Golden Gate bridge in the morning, representing San Francisco.
If having a snowy New Year’s isn’t your priority – then San Francisco will show you a fun time!

So, what are some of these New Year’s activities you can do in San Francisco, you ask? For example, you’ve got awesome yacht sailing parties that go on all night long. Or if you like your partying to stay firmly on the land; there are gigantic parties in huge enclosures. Prepare for some awesome music and crazy lighting! And don’t worry – if you’re not in the mood for clubbing, you’ve got more low-key events to choose from. Trust us – no matter what you end up doing, you definitely won’t be bored.

Chicago – a more traditional, wintery New Year’s

Of course, for some people, there are other criteria for the best US cities to celebrate New Year’s eve, than just awesome events. If you’ve been looking for the classic, cold wintery experience; our first two picks have obviously been lacking in that regard. But don’t worry! That’s where the Windy City comes in! Indeed – for lovers of winter holidays, Chicago is the perfect city to spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve in.

And it’s not just the chance at a snowy New Year’s that draws people to Chicago either. There are plenty of diverse events you can visit as the New Year inches closer and closer by. If you’re in the mood for a classy evening, some of the best suit and tie New Year’s parties are in Chicago! That kind of luxury good time will make you want to look for some Chicago long distance moving companies and move here permanently. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t loosen up here and have some more dynamic fun. Whether you’re looking for a funk or a hip-hop night – you’ll find a party for any kind of genre in the Second City.

New York – a classic New Year’s Eve destination

Finally, we’ve saved the most obvious choice for last. Let’s face it – there’s no place on the list of best US cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve more iconic than New York! To put it simply – you can’t go wrong with a classic. For many Americans, and people around the world, this is the first and foremost choice when it comes to New Year’s celebrations. And that’s no accident either; we probably don’t have to tell you about New York as the most event-filled city in the US. So if you go there – don’t worry about finding something to do.

The New York cityscape during daytime.
For those who want to stick with the tried and true option – New York is a good choice!

You needn’t go far in New York City in order to find a great party at any given time – and New Year’s is obviously no different. If you want to go with a classic, you should start planning on spending your New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Sure, you’ll practically have to fight people in order to get in on time; but you’re sure to witness some big stars making appearances, as well as good DJs. So why not spend your holidays in one of the happiest cities in America?

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