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There are numerous reasons why you may need to downsize your home. Moving to a smaller home is of the most common situations that will make you downsize. This process is quite easy when you have enough time to prepare. However, when moving in a hurry, it is best to get down to downsizing your home before you choose one of the best long distance moving companies Columbia has to provide. Quality movers can help with organizing your relocation while you downsize your belongings to fit your new residence. Here are some tips that may help you downsize your home with ease.

Plan ahead when preparing to relocate long distance

Every relocation is different. Depending on the size of your relocation, the distance of your trip, and your overall budget, you will have to plan your relocation. If moving on a budget, you may need more time to downsize the belongings that you will pack to relocate. On the other hand, you may be moving for a limited time period. In this case, you may need to find a storage solution that will help you store non-essential items. This way you may be able to save a lot of money on your relocation. No matter your current circumstances, make sure to research and find the best moving companies South Carolina has to offer. More than one moving company should be qualified to help you relocate your belongings without difficulty.

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Make sure to organize in advance and plan your relocation.

It is important you plan and create a to-do list. List all the tasks you may need to complete before the moving day. This list should include downsizing your home. But that is not all. Consider making more than one to-do list so you are prepared for the moving day. Also, there will be numerous tasks waiting for you after the move is complete.

How to downsize your home with ease?

Downsizing your home isn’t that hard when you have enough time to organize everything. If you can, consider asking friends and family members to help you with this task. Downsizing your home should be divided into tasks. Make sure to follow the simple guide. It can make your downsizing efforts effective even with a limited time frame:

  • Downsize by rooms. Going room by room will help you stay on course when sorting out your belongings. Make sure to decide which rooms in your home will be the easiest to the downside. After that make a plan and calculate how much time you may need to complete this part of the job.
  • Sort everything out. After you get into one room, consider sorting out every item you have. Make sure to put aside all the items that are quite valuable to you. However, when it comes to clothing items and other small items you never use, make sure to put them in a separate box. While sorting out your belongings, professionals recommend that you use the 3 box method. Use 3 bins or moving boxes and label them- toss, keep and donate. This way you will divide your belongings with ease while sorting everything out.
  • Lose the duplicates. In case you have more than one same kind of item, get rid of the older item while downsizing your home. This way you will keep essentials and go through the downsizing process.

Organize a garage sale or donate

As we all know, moving a long distance can be expensive. That is why you should consider getting rid of all the items you no longer need when moving to a new home. Most quality moving experts will tell you that a moving company calculates the price of your move depending on the weight of your cargo. It may seem simple but you may save a substantial amount of money if you transport and pack only essential items.

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Organize a garage sale with the help of your friends.

You can save money on your move or even gain some money when downsizing your home. It is easy to organize a garage sale. You may need a few days to post an ad and sort out everything outside your home. Make sure to have someone helping you when doing the garage sale. One person should talk to customers and potential buyers while the other person is working the cash register.

The items you don’t sell in a garage sale you can always donate. You can gain some money even when donating items. Numerous shelters and organizations will be happy to get your donation and give it to the ones that need it most. After you donate or sell all of the belongings you don’t need, make sure to look for a reliable moving company on websites like Verified Movers. Quality moving companies are here to help you safely transport your valuables.

How to save money when moving on a budget?

When moving on a budget, organizing a garage sale or selling the items you don’t need online will be a great way to save money. The other way to save on your long distance relocation is to find free packing materials. There are affordable moving boxes and packing materials out there but it takes some time and effort to find some.

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You can save a lot of money when moving if you pack on your own.

You may find affordable or free packing supplies in good condition on websites like Craigslist or similar. On the other hand, saving money after you downsize your home will be easier if you pack your belongings on your own. If you need to pack your belongings without the help of a professional moving company, consider getting the best packing supplies you can find. Protect fragile items carefully and with plastic wrapping paper. However, make sure to rent moving equipment professional movers use to move heavy and bulky items to avoid damaging floors and walls in your home.