Written by: Nathan Steele

Finances are usually our biggest concern when the time comes to relocate. This, of course, is natural, since moving is downright expensive. So, when we start constructing our to-do lists, we realize that there is not very much that we can do without previously defining a clear budget. It’s always a good plan to have an idea of how much you can spend during the process, starting from the essentials and all the way down to those tiny little details we often tend to overlook. In order to have a clearer picture of the overall price of the moving services, people investigating moving company options get moving estimates. We will dedicate this article to the upsides of offering online moving estimates. 

Money is the biggest concern when moving.

Getting an estimate is important for defining your moving budget. Find out more about the upsides of offering online moving estimates.

Back to square one

The reason we hire professionals is to make something as arduous as relocation appear seamless. If you are investigating moving company options yourself, it is best that we go back and start from the basics. It is only then that you can decide on what option is best for you. Therefore, before we move on to explain the upsides of offering online moving estimates, let’s gain a better understanding of the essence.

What are the moving estimates?

In a much wider context, getting a moving estimate is one of the steps in finding a reputable moving company you’re willing to spend money on. Firstly, you will need to make a list of potential candidates. Secondly, you should check for their credentials and for reviews of other clients’ experiences to make sure the movers are trustworthy. Moving brokers, such as Verified Movers, for example, provide a thorough analysis of the professional movers you are thinking of hiring. Once you are positive they are not scammers, start looking for the best possible deal you can get with regards to cost and efficiency.

The purpose of offering online and in-home moving estimates is the same.

The goal is to have a clearer picture of how much you will spend.

The bottom line is, everyone wishes to be able to feel confident both about the movers and the cost. And moving estimates help consumers to evade getting a surprising bill. It is a chance to identify the approximate cost of your move, set your priorities, and define a clear moving budget. Also, by offering online or in-home moving estimates, companies are able to determine the number of crew members and equipment necessary for your move. 

What influences a moving estimate?

So, now you must be thinking, what are the factors that affect how much a moving company will charge you? The fact is – every relocation is unique. And therefore, the details and variables influence your moving cost.

If you’re moving locally, expect per-hour charges. The cost may vary depending on two things. The first one is the number of crew members your move requires. The second one is the number and size of the moving vehicle.

For a long-distance move, what determines the total amount is the weight of your possessions, as well as how far you’re traveling.

What are the types of moving estimates?

The three most common estimate types are:

  • Binding moving estimate. Here, the moving company provides a fixed quote. It holds the mover to honor the price you’re quoted, although not if you make some changes and move more items than you’ve listed in the agreement.
  • Non-binding moving estimate. This kind of moving estimate is not final. Instead, it is the mover’s best approximation of the cost. It does not hold the mover to honor it, and the final price might be above or below. Keep in mind that if the bill ends up being much higher, the company can only require you to pay 10% over once they deliver your goods. If this does not cover it, you will have to settle the extra charges within 30 days after the day of the delivery.
  • Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate. This is similar to the first type, with one exception. There are no overcharges. The amount you pay only changes if the final cost is lower.
  • NB. Before getting an estimate, it’s best to educate yourself about it. Therefore, make sure to check online for more information about moving estimates that companies are offering.

Offering online moving estimates is different than offering in-home estimates

For the sake of improving customer satisfaction, moving companies work hard on getting their estimates right. The in-home moving estimates are more accurate, and thus, more common. What can you expect from an in-home moving estimate? Firstly, a moving professional pays a visit to your house. Then, he/she creates a thorough inventory of your goods and inquires about the details of your relocation. However, lately, companies have been searching for a more user-friendly solution for several different reasons. Interested? Let’s examine some of the benefits of proposing online moving estimates.

What are the upsides of offering online moving estimates?

There are several advantages of providing online moving evaluations of cost. It offers customers convenience, speed, and quality. On top of it all, it is very simple to use. And this is in the best interest of both parties. Read on.

Learn about the upsides of offering online moving estimates.

There are many benefits to offering online moving estimates.

Offering online moving estimates saves time

A pretty accurate idea of the total charge is only a click away. It’s easy to see how this saves time, both for you and your movers. Discussing all of the details over the phone or face to face is much more time-consuming. The same goes for a representative paying you a visit. It takes time to go through the traffic in order to reach your home or office, doing a complete walkthrough and then going over the details. Doesn’t it?

It gives you a head start when moving on short notice

Moving is already stressful as it is. Even without the stress of having to do it last-minute. Being able to estimate the cost of moving online? Well, it provides the advantage of that extra time you’ve been missing when moving in a hurry.

It’s much more convenient

Although a bit more accurate, there is a reason many people don’t agree on in-home estimates. It’s simple. You have to host a complete stranger inside your home. With companies being able to give you an online estimate, you will not have to. At the same time, it is much more convenient for the movers as well. The company doesn’t have to send out estimators. Instead, they have the luxury of doing the job without leaving their office.

Convenience is only one of the benefits of offering online moving estimates.

Besides speed, offering online moving estimates allows professionals to do their job from the comfort of their office.

Comparison is much easier

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s advisable to get estimates from at least three moving companies. Once you do that, you can compare the candidates and decide. Both you and the estimator have to go through this entire time-consuming process and wait for the estimates to chose which company to use. In contrast, the alternative is much faster and simpler for comparison.