Written by: Madeline Blake

As a business owner, ensuring your business is growing and thriving is very important. That said, that’s not always the easiest job. Especially during the off-season when there’s just not that much work. When that happens you may feel discouraged. At Verified Movers, we absolutely understand that. After all, we too are a business that goes through natural cycles of high and low customer flow, just like you. But, due to our years of experience, we’re more than qualified to tell you that it’s not about how much work you get organically, but how much work you manage to bring in. Of course, for most moving businesses, off-season means less work but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for that. It’s absolutely possible to boost your moving business and have a busy off-season, and here’s how.

The best way to boost your moving business is by being proactive

You can’t really sit on your behind and wait for hundreds of customers to fall into your lap. Sure, some might, but especially during the off-season that’s not highly likely. However, if you’re willing to put some extra work into your business, getting customers during the off-season won’t really be an issue. There’s no doubt there are numerous people looking up interstate moving companies reviews California residents leave, you just have to make sure you’re the business they turn to after reading all those reviews. And how do you do that? By deciding to have a more proactive approach to your business for starters.

A group of people working.

Being proactive is the best way to ensure your business is thriving!

It might be a good idea to try social media marketing

Gone are the times when you’d open newspapers to look for movers. Or any other service for that matter, really. Unless you wish your whole customer body to be comprised of an old lady called Gladis who needs help moving her cat’s litter box, you might as well stay clear of papers. That said, what papers were yesterday, social media is today. Luckily, online advertising also isn’t as expensive as advertising in the past used to be. And, it’s very effective. It’s enough for a person to mention moving and numerous ads will pop up on their phone. Scary, but also useful, at least for business owners. So, if you wish to have people hear about your business more frequently, you might want to try social media marketing.

Keep in mind though, that social media marketing is not just ads. You might also want to try creating an online presence. Nowadays when people are looking, for example, for cross country movers reviews South Florida has to offer online, and only online, companies that have a strong online presence stand out. That being the case, one of the best ways to promote your business and seem legitimate is to create an online presence that will make you stand out and be visible. There’s no doubt that will boost your business.

Make yourself visible

Another great way to be more visible is to write content for your website. To some people, that might seem tedious and pointless. But let’s just say, without getting into details of how browsers work, that updating your website and adding more content to it works wonders for boosting moving business’ visibility. It doesn’t matter if a customer is moving from New York to Texas or from Iowa to Hawaii, if you work hard on staying relevant, your business will come up among top searches for moving and that is sure to get you customers even during the slowest of seasons.

A man creating an online presence for his business which is one of the best ways to boost your moving business.

Having an online presence is very important!

Another great way to boost a moving business is by offering off-season deals

If customers love something, that’s deals. Just think about how easy it is for online shopping to get out of hand when there are deals and discounts. Add a bit of this to your cart, add a bit of that, and before you know it you’re offering your Amazon delivery guy a 5-day-old raisin bran cookie as an apology for injuring his back carrying all 178 packages you ordered last Friday while listening to ABBA with your cat. Anyway, if you wish to get customers hooked, offer them deals.

A deal doesn’t always necessarily mean less money for a particular service. Sure, you can do that. But there are many other deals you can offer. For example, one month of free storage with every move is a great example of a good deal. Or, free moving supplies with a packing service. Be creative and try thinking like a customer. What would you like to get as an extra with your move?

Let your old customers help you

Another great way to boost your business is by “employing” your own customers. That might sound silly, but your own customers are your best spokespeople. That is if you’re offering good services and your customers are satisfied after their moves. If not, you might want to focus on other things, like bettering and improving your moving and customer service. But, if the majority of your clients sing praises to you after moving is over, you might as well ask them politely to do you a favor.

One great way to have your clients help you is by asking them to write reviews for your business. If they’re happy with how their moving went, they’ll write positive things about your business. That’s one of the best ways to get new clients. Another great way to boost your business with some help from your clients is through referrals. Referrals are not only a wonderful way of getting more clients but also strengthening bonds with your existing clients.


A woman talking on the phone.

Asking your current and ex clients for help is a great way to boost your moving business!

Boosting your moving business is one of the best things you can do during the off-season

Not having much work can be pretty stressful. After all, you have employees to pay and a business to maintain. That’s why it’s very important to always be on the lookout for ways to boost your moving business. There are virtually countless ways to do so. That’s why off-season is the perfect time to explore options and make sure your business is doing well even when things are seemingly slow.