Written by: Nathan Steele

One of the best things, when you are relocating, is the fact that it gives you the motivation to get rid of some things that you don’t even need anymore. Especially when it comes to books. How many books do you have on the shelves that are just collecting the dust there? Probably a lot. You should start organizing everything at least a month, or even two before the relocation you have planned. The optimal way of packing your books is very important. Verified Movers will help you with the relocation and the whole moving things, but you are the one choosing what to pack, and what to leave behind. Ask yourself if you really want to bring those books with you, and just cut off space in your new apartment or house. The answer will be probably no.

Books on the bookshelf.

It is important to figure out the most optimal way of packing your books to keep them safe.

The key the optimal way of packing your books is to make your book collection smaller

When we talk about making your book collection smaller you need to understand that you can do it in many different ways. If some of those books you really don’t need, there is no reason to collect them anymore. Right? People often get attached to their possessions, and this is a completely understandable fact. Even when you know you won’t use the specific item ever again, you still want to keep it, and it’s just hard to get rid of it. But you need to think more and be responsible. You are just using the free space you have for things you need. And what is even worse, that maybe someone else needs that, but can’t afford it.

Donating your books to those people who want them, but can’t find them, or even buy them, will make your heart warmer. Or if money is in your interest, you can sell them, for instance. In this case, you are getting rid of things you really don’t need anymore, and you are earning money at the same time. Another nice gesture that you can do here, is to make gifts for your closest friends and relatives. At the same time, you are making your book collection smaller and you are doing something very nice for someone you care about.

What kind of supplies do you need in addition to pack your books?

Every packing requires special packing materials and equipment, in addition, to do it properly. And when it comes to that optional way of packing your books, many people make a mistake here. You are already well aware of the fact that you need boxes to place them in. Well, people usually buy or get small boxes. They seem like the size is appropriate, but they are in fact very heavy to carry around when you place hard-covered books in them. What you should get instead are the crates and cardboard boxes. They are just amazing for moving books. If you choose to get big cardboard boxes, fill in only 75 percent of the boxes with the books. The rest of the box you should fill in with clothes, some office equipment, or some other lighter items.

So, before you contact some long-distance moving companies New Haven can offer you, you need to get the needed supplies. Next to the crates, or cardboard boxes, you need a few more items. Styrofoam balls, or some old newspaper for extra protection. Duct tape to close the boxes safely. And of course, one marker so you can label your boxes. It will be much easier when it is time to unpack everything.

Person holding books and putting them into a cardboard box.

You should put books vertically, and not horizontally.

In which order to pack so it is the most optional way of packing your books

When we are talking about the order of packing books, there are multiples ways you can follow. The first one is for sure the most practical one. You most likely have a bookshelf with your book collection. Well, if you organized them and if they are sorted in a typical way, what is best is if you pack them in the same order. This way, when you unpack them, you can put them immediately how they are supposed to be on the new shelf.

Another advantage of packing like this is that you will save plenty of time. But, there is one thing you should pay attention to. It is important that you put numbers on the boxes. For instance, you start from the top shelf on the left side. And you put those books in one box. You should write number one on that box. For the next row, you should put the number two, and so on. The only reason for this is the unpacking process, which is more complicated than the packing. Also, what is very useful is to have a moving checklist so you don’t forget anything.

Pay attention to the book covers when you are packing them

There is no worse thing for a book lover than when the covers or even the pages get those ears. Even worse if something rips off. You need to take care of your books properly, in addition, to prevent these things from happening. Make sure that you put the books horizontally and not vertically in the boxes. This way there are fewer chances you will make any damage to them. And at the same time, you will be able to fit in more books inside of one box. Interstate moving companies in Connecticut will make sure your boxes arrive safely to their final destination, but you are the one responsible for the items inside them.

For this reason, check up on every book before you pack it if all the pages are clear and without any ears or things similar to that. That is one of the reasons why it is important to figure out the most optimal way of packing your books.

Person reading a book on the table.

Make sure your pages don’t have ears, it can be really frustrating.

Ask movers from a moving company for help

What is for sure a better option if you are financially stable for this, is to pay for packing services. You are paying a moving company and its movers to relocate you. They will do the loading and unloading, the relocation, heavy lifting, and other necessary things. But you can also use their help for packing. This solution will also save you plenty of your time. Packing books is a longer process, and they are professionals. Just make sure you have a nice connection with your movers, and that they are doing the job in a welcome atmosphere.