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Post-crisis recovery for movers – how to approach it?

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While the corona pandemic was in full swing, moving companies were mostly focused on survival. As things are slowly stabilizing, it is time to think about post-crisis recovery for movers and how to approach it. Verified Movers are connected to many moving companies across the US. So we have a good insight into the industry. Here is what we have learned.

The first step in the post-crisis recovery process is to assess your losses

When it comes to the post-crisis recovery process before you can do anything you need to understand your situation. Therefore your first assignment is to assess your losses. Every company suffered a loss in the past few months. And you need to know how much did your company lost since this all started. It is impossible to start a proper recovery process if you do not know the numbers. Compare your figures with the last year’s reports. It will be easier to calculate your losses and this should give you an idea about what you have to do to recover.

Pile of money
First, you need to know how much you lost

Inform people that you are operating normally. Use every channel you have to reach them

The biggest problem right now is that people are scared. Everything that can be postponed is left for some better days. Also, people aren’t really sure what is going on in the moving industry. Since social distancing became a reality, a lot of people avoid all unnecessary contacts. Borders were closed and international relocations became an uncertainty for our customers. Still many of them do not know that moving companies operate normally.

When you think about post-crisis recovery for movers, one of your first tasks should be to communicate with your customers. Let them know that you are open for business. Use social networks, paid advertising, blogging, e-mail marketing, give flyers, and everything else that is at your disposal. Those are some of the best low-cost strategies that moving companies can use to reach a large number of people. Of course, you will get the best results if you combine all those ideas.

Let people know that you are taking all healthcare precautions

Now that you know how to notify a large number of people that you are operating, you should think about what message to send. A very important thing that you have to tell people is that you will keep your crew and customers safe during coronavirus pandemic by taking all the necessary measures of precaution. Notify them that you are:

  • Wearing proper masks and gloves. Especially when handling their belongings
  • Keeping proper social distance
  • Taking good care of personal hygiene of your staff
  • Testing your employees for COVID-19 regularly

This is something that could be crucial in getting back the trust that was lost during the pandemic. Naturally, make sure that this is something that you will apply in reality.

Glove and a mask
Post-crisis recovery for movers includes applying various health measures

Modernizing your business is one of the important steps in post-crisis recovery for movers

Another good thing that you should apply during the pandemic is to allow online reservations. As social distancing is becoming one of the strongest weapons against the infection it is very important to apply it whenever we can. Moving involves a lot of physical work our possibilities for social distancing are limited. On the other hand, where you can eliminate personal contact is reservations and estimation. Install an online reservation system, provide an online moving cost calculator, let your customers finish everything without personal contact. This can be a great way to improve your business, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you think that things are not going in the right direction think about refocusing

If you think that advertising is not good enough to bring you enough customers, maybe it is time to think about refocusing. Some industries are doing pretty well during the pandemic. Food stores, pharmacies, even military. If the residential moving is not doing well, think about focusing on commercial relocations, medical transport, military relocations, logistics, etc. Identify the winners of this crisis and focus on adapting your services to their needs.

Prepare a post-crisis recovery business plan

One of the things that you will probably have to do during post-crisis recovery is to restructure your business plan. This is the time of great changes, and those who do not adapt will quickly disappear. That is why it is important to act quickly on this. Identify all the changes that have appeared and think about the things that you will do to adjust. Do not fight the changes. Embrace them. And look this as a chance to grow your business. Of course, in order to do this successfully, you will need a detailed business plan. And it should be the main element of your company’s post-crisis recovery process.

If there is no other way, loans remain one of the post-crisis recovery options for movers

Depending on your situation, maybe you should think about a loan. Of course, nobody likes getting financial aid. And there are many good reasons for this. However, if you think that there is no other way out, make sure that you understand everything completely before you take a loan. Another option is to the U.S. Small Business Association and its Paycheck Protection Program. They offer SBA loans to small businesses. Consider it as an option.

Shaking hands
If there is no other option you can take a loan

Lower your expenses

One of the last things that you can do is to reduce your expenses. Pay cuts and layoffs are one of the most effective ways to lower your company’s expenses. But it is something that nobody likes to do. So this should be your last measure. There are, luckily, countless cost-saving alternatives that you can utilize before you take those unpopular measures. Explore them well, and find those that you can apply in your business.

Adapt and you will have good chances for survival

When it comes to post-crisis recovery for movers, one thing is for sure those who do not adapt will disappear. Times are changing and so are your customers’ habits. Do not allow to fail because you did not know how to accept the new reality.

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