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Permits for apartment renovation in Chicago

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. Are you tired of having your apartment looking just the same for years? Would you like to make some changes to make it prettier or more efficient? This is easily done, but you first need to get a permit for renovation. Some of them are easily acquired, while for others you will need some additional documents. This may seem like a hassle to you, but you need to bear in mind that it is done just for safety reasons. In order to help you with all of this, we have written this article about permits for apartment renovation in Chicago. So, before you start with the renovation, take a look for what works you need a permit.

Simple home improvement projects

If you would like to make some minor changes in your home, the procedure of getting a permit is not so complicated. The Easy Permit Program is a process through which you can obtain a permit for renovations in your home where architectural planning is not needed. This means that, if you plan to change the floors, doors or repair the roof, you need this kind of permit. In order to get it, you will need to submit: a Certificate of Responsibility, Aldermanic Acknowledgment Letter and Certification of Primary Residency by Owner. Of course, for these improvements, you do not need to provide an architectural plan.

Permits for apartment renovation in Chicago are not needed if you are having your roof repaired
If you need to have your roof repaired, you can do it without permits for apartment renovation in Chicago.

How can you get a permit?

If you would like to live in Chicago, there are some things about permits you need to learn. After you have hired long distance moving companies Chicago and moved in, now is a fine time to inform yourself about what you need in order to renovate your home. Before you start renovating your apartment, you need to obtain a permit. You can do so by applying online on the city’s official site, but you will need to meet them in person in order to finalize the application. At this time, they will inform you whether you will need to provide any other documentation to receive permits for apartment renovation in Chicago.

Can your contractor get permits for apartment renovation in Chicago?

The answer is simple: yes. Your contractor can do it for you, but there is a possibility that a representative may still want to talk to you about the project. The most important thing to do before all of this is to find a contractor who is a professional. Discuss permits from the start and make sure your contractor does not start the construction process before getting the permit. This is of paramount importance- if you do not do so, and the construction starts, you may be fined. Besides, if the project does not have necessary permits, the city has the right to issue a stop work order.

Rules and regulations
Be careful with whom you are hiring- make sure your contractor is a professional.

What is the procedure for bigger projects?

In case you are thinking about enlarging your home or making changes with plumbing or electricity, the procedure for getting a permit is somewhat different. Namely, you will need to go through the Standard Plan Review process. It means that you are provided with a Project Manager by the city. You have to assure them that everything remains compliant with the city laws. Your architect needs to provide the Manager with the plans along with the necessary applications. You also need to submit correct contact information so that you can receive updates about the permits for the renovation of your house.

What you can renovate without a permit?

If you have not been living in this country, it is better to become familiar with some of its regulations. Namely, after you have finished your move with the help of long distance movers Illinois, now is a fine time to learn some more about what you can renovate without a permit. When it comes to painting, changing floors or other interior finishes, you can do it whenever you want. In case you live in a building, you will not need a permit for replacing toilets, sinks, tubs and water heaters. Basically, you can have the whole interior renovated without a permit. So long as long as ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems remain untouched.

A painter painting a wall
If you would like to change the color of your walls, here is some good news. You do not need a permit for it.

What happens if you start work without waiting for permits for apartment renovation in Chicago?

This would be a bad decision. If you start with the work and do not wait for a permit, the city can make sure your project comes to a stop. And there is more- the city can issue a fine. If you continue with the construction, the first fine will be $1,000. In case this happens again, you will need to pay $6,000. For the third and every fine that follows you will need to give as much as $10,000. However, this is not the only way in which the city can punish you. The city could decide that you need to be a part of their community service. And for no less than 10 hours and no more than 100 hours. The decision is up to you.

If you would like to make the space you live in more appealing, you can do so by renovating it. Of course, there are some projects for which a permit is not needed, but there are also many more for which this is not the case. This means that, before you start with the whole process, you should inform yourself well. In case your project is big, you can, for example, move some of your furniture to portable storage, while you are waiting for a permit. That way, you will be ready to start the renovation when you get it. The bottom line is to ask around what you need for permits for apartment renovation in Chicago. You should do this before you get the work started. It is better to do it properly than to pay some extra money for the fees.

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