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Moving from Oregon to Idaho

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If you want a change in your life and wish to live in a bit of a different environment, we get it. Sometimes, living in one place for too long can get to you. Even moving one state away can make all the difference. For instance, moving from Oregon to Idaho is not as drastic as it is to move from Alaska to Hawaii, but it’ll be quite enough for a change. Even though it is so close, there will still be things that are unique to Idaho that you haven’t encountered before. Continue reading and see what it takes to move to another state.

metal key in a wooden door
Moving to Idaho will give you plenty of opportunities for growth. One of them being able to become a homeowner on a much smaller budget.

How to handle moving from Oregon to Idaho

First things first, let’s go over a bit of moving lingo. As you probably already know, there is a difference between local and long-distance relocation. Generally speaking, anything over 400 miles is considered to be a long-distance move. This varies from company to company, but most keep to this rule. The price and the way interstate movers Oregon are going to approach your relocation also depends on the distance.

So, you may think that if you live close to the border, and you’re moving right across into Idaho, that this will fall into a local relocation. That’s where the catch is. Even though this may be the case for your relocation, every interstate relocation is accessed similarly to a long-distance one. This is because each state has its own laws, and the movers have to comply with them. Therefore, when you’re moving from Oregon to Idaho, you should always seek out cross country moving companies Idaho. These companies are familiar with how an interstate relocation works and know how to do it without a hitch. 

What can you expect when you move to Idaho?

Every person that loves the outdoors and spending time in nature will enjoy living in the Gem State. We all know that Oregon is beautiful and has a lot of amazing lakes, parks, and mountains, but Idaho is not far behind. There is an abundance of natural resources and the scenic landscape is to die for. Because of this, agriculture is booming in the state, and there are plenty of fields. Potatoes, plums, peas, onions, beets, and barley are just a few of the products that are grown here and shipped to the entire country. Not only that, but the dairy industry is pretty big in Idaho as well. So, if you want to get into rural living and try out something new, Idaho is the perfect place to try that kind of lifestyle!

Outdoor sports are very popular here

Do you love rafting and enjoy the adrenaline thrill? Idaho is the place to be! The two rivers in the state, Salmon River and Snake River offer great opportunities for amazing rafting experiences. You’ll float through forested canyons and visit a bunch of beaches on the way. There are even guided tours you can take, and some last for a few days, so you can truly enjoy nature! Trust the professionals who know pretty much every rock and corner of these canyons to show you a great time rafting in Idaho.

raft boat on a river
Rafting in Idaho will give you so many great memories!

Speaking of sports, you should know that Boise State Broncos are the team that has a very loyal fan base in their home state. On game day, you’ll see a lot of the team colors around and everyone wearing the team jersey. Idaho doesn’t have a lot of professional teams, so that is why college football is so popular around here.

If you’re used to Oregon weather, you won’t be surprised by the one in Idaho

Weather in Idaho can get pretty extreme throughout the year. Winters can get really cold and snowy, and the average low is a mere 24 degrees. On the other hand, summers also get really hot and sometimes you just have to escape into the cold rivers and lakes to cool off. Camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting are popular summertime activities, so you might want to keep that in mind when you’re moving from Oregon to Idaho. Unlike Oregon, Idaho doesn’t have any ocean access, so that may be the one thing you will miss when you move.

One very interesting thing about Idaho is that its state fruit is the huckleberry. During the huckleberry season, you can even go and pick some yourself! Jams, creams, and drinks with this delicious fruit are very popular in the entire state. Other than the huckleberry, caviar is also something that Idaho is known for. White Sturgeon Caviar is very expensive and along the Snake River, there are Sturgeon farms that exclusively produce this delicacy. So, if you really want to embrace the local food, save up a bit, and treat yourself to some Idaho caviar!

dishes with caviar
Idaho caviar is a delicacy that you should definitely try if you’re interested!

Buying a house in Idaho is far more likely than living in an apartment building

Homeownership rates are very high in this state. It’s the 12th state in the entire nation when it comes to homeownership! So, if you’re looking to stop renting and get a place of your own, Idaho may be the perfect place to do this. House prices are not as high as they are in Oregon and other neighboring states. Get with your financial advisor and see if this might be the perfect step for your family!

One stark difference between Oregon and Idaho are its political views. While Oregon is mainly a democratic state, with both of its Senators being Democrats, Idaho mainly leans red. Keep this in mind when you’re moving from Oregon to Idaho, as your views may clash with those of your neighbors or coworkers. With a bit of tolerance and time to adjust, we’re sure you’ll enjoy living in the Gem State! Give us a call if you’re on a hunt for the perfect moving company for your relocation.

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