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Living in one place for too long can often get boring. If you have been living in Memphis, Tennessee, you might be getting tired of the sometimes unbearable heat and horrible traffic jams. Not to mention the high crime rates. This is why one of the best options for a new hometown might be San Jose, California. Anyway, for whatever reason you might be thinking of leaving Memphis, it’s crucial that you prepare for the move first. Moving is a challenging process that involves many details. However, the most important one is to hire the right moving company. Here’s where Verified Movers reviews can be life-saving. With the database of moving companies, you can search by city; you are sure to find professionals to help you with your relocation easily.

Why you might want to consider moving from Memphis to San Jose

For starters, if you have been living in Memphis for some time, you might not have had many opportunities to go to the beach. And we can imagine how difficult that must have been in the heat of Memphis. Moving to California will definitely change that. The capital of Silicon Valley has it all. Whatever you may be interested in, you are surely going to find a place here to indulge in it. For example, San Jose has excellent beach access, luxury restaurants, and cafes, and amazing shopping options. But if this doesn’t interest you, there are many outdoor activity options. One of the most popular ones is hiking since this beautiful modern city is surrounded by hills.

a woman walking on the beach
Choosing San Jose for your next hometown can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Furthermore, San Jose, unlike Memphis, has the safest and most beautiful neighborhoods you can hope for. The dream-like streets of Rose Garden or Almaden Valley will surely catch your attention. However, keep in mind that the median price of homes in San Jose is very high.

What you should pay attention to when moving from Memphis to San Jose

Before hiring your top movers in Memphis, there are numerous things you need to take care of. But surely, one of the first moving-related tasks you will want to complete is to research your new hometown. There is no point in scheduling a moving date when you don’t know what to expect. This is why it’s crucial to do the research as soon as possible. You may not know where to start and that’s why we formed a list of some of the most important factors to consider. Because, first of all, the new hometown should meet all of your need. There for, you might want to look into:

  • Cost of living – comparing the living costs of two cities is crucial when moving from Memphis to San Jose.
  • Real estate prices – it’s highly recommended that you first secure your home purchase or rental property before moving to a new place.
  • Job opportunities – make sure you know how you will be earning your pay before moving to another city.
  • Other factors you personally may consider important – you may add anything else that you feel your new neighborhood must have.

The cost of living in Memphis vs. San Jose

If you have been living in Memphis for a while, you are aware of the fact that cost of living there is not very high. For a large metro area, Memphis has a fairly low cost of living, and it’s quite lower than the national average. Expenses for services and food are also lower than in other big regions, especially the rural ones. The average annual salary of Memphis’ residents is $46,980. In San Jose, on the other hand, is considered the second most expensive city in the USA. However, the lifestyles are significantly different. Living in San Jose means living luxuriously. This is why it’s important that you secure a great job before hiring top movers in San Jose to relocate you there. Because, to be considered even middle class in this place, you will have to be earning around $107,000 per year.

Real estate prices in the two cities

With a median home price of $256,650 and median monthly rent of just $944, Memphis has significantly lower expenses than the national average. But if you are considering moving from Memphis to San Jose, you are probably looking for a more luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, you won’t be surprised to learn that the average home price in San Jose $1,482,586 and the average rent price is $2,995. Of course, that means that you will have a much greater choice of luxurious homes and apartments in San Jose than in Memphis.

luxurious house you can buy when moving from Memphis to San Jose
Homes in San Jose cost more, but you will have a wider specter of luxurious homes to choose from.

Job opportunities

We already mention that it would be best to already have a job waiting for you in San Jose before moving there. However, if you didn’t manage to secure one, San Jose has a thriving job market and a higher salary average. Some of the major employers of San Jose, California are Google, IBM, eBay, Hitachi, Amazon, Western Digital and many more. Therefore, you can land a job in some of the strongest firms in the industry. However, keep in mind that these firms give advantage to younger workers.

Moving from Memphis to San Jose means that you will have the opportunity to work for some of the major firms in the industry.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be aware of the most important steps you need to take when moving from Memphis to San Jose. You just need to make sure to follow your checklist with the most important tasks. That way, you won’t forget to research important things. Also, it will be much easier to decide the order in which you will do the tasks before moving day.