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Are you planning to relocate from California? Have you thought about Nevada? If moving from California to Nevada seems tempting to you, this is the right text for you! To help you make the move decision, we’ve put together some helpful information for and against moving to Nevada. All you have to do is call Verified Movers to find the right help for your move. So keep reading, and then pack your suitcases for moving!

Why Nevada is a good choice if you are moving from California?

If you’re wondering why moving from California to Nevada is a good choice, you probably already like that idea. Living in California has many advantages – proximity to the ocean, sunny and warm weather, big cities, many people, and cultural diversity are just some of them. However, if you are considering relocating, you probably need a change or want to get away from the hustle and bustle. Nevada is the right choice for that! As you know, Nevada and California are neighboring states, so when you move you remain relatively close to your friends or family. It’s only a couple of hours by plane and you’re already back in the old part. When proximity is taken into account, you only need to hire state-to-state movers California and organize everything related to your move in a short time. And after that, all you have to do is enjoy Nevada!

The road for moving from California to Nevada

Nevada is a good choice to relocate because it is close to California.

Nevada is one of the first choices of retirees

An increasing number of people are choosing to spend their retirement days in Nevada. You know how fast life in California can be because something happens all the time here. California is great for living, but if you’d like to retire to a quieter place – Nevada is a pretty good choice. That’s why in Nevada, you can find much quieter environments in smaller cities and with a much lower population density. On the other hand, you are still not too far from California, and you can visit it from time to time. If you crave benefits living in California or want to see family, you are there in a couple of hours. And all the rest of the time you can enjoy socializing and activities in large retirement communities.

The older couple is holding grandchildren

After moving from California to Nevada, you will still be close to your loved ones.

The cost of living and housing is more expensive in California

California is not a country known for cheap living. Moreover, the cost of living is quite expensive and this is one of the main reasons why people emigrate from the country. The cost of living in Nevada is only slightly above the state average, but it is much lower than in California. The average cost of living for a family is as much as three times lower in Nevada than in California. True, Las Vegas is a little more expensive than the rest of Nevada, but it’s still much cheaper. If one of the reasons for moving from California is the cost of living, hire top movers in Los Angeles and arrange your move to Nevada. With reliable workers in a short time, you will find yourself in a new home.


We all know how hard and financially exhausting paying taxes is. If you are moving to Nevada, you will be pleased to have significantly lower taxes than California. What’s more, Nevada has no income tax! Food and medicine are quite affordable because there is no sales tax on these goods. That’s why life in Nevada is a lot easier and more affordable.

Buying a house in Nevada is affordable

As we’ve said before, Nevada has more affordable living costs and much lower taxes than California. That’s why buying a house in Nevada is much easier and more affordable. For the same money, you will get a much bigger house and land in Nevada than in California. This is another reason why people choose to live in Nevada. The larger house and yard in the neighborhood, which is quiet, offer a much calmer and more relaxed life.

Economics and business growth

Nevada is a country that has a fairly low population density. And besides, it has a well-developed economy. Of course, it can’t be compared to California, but it is in the top 10 countries in the USA in terms of economic development. However, experts predict that the economy in Nevada will grow even more in the coming period. So if you’re looking for a job, it’s time to call interstate moving companies Nevada and organize your move. Most people here are employed in business services, transportation, and healthcare. And you’ll probably be able to find a job for yourself in Nevada.

Laptop on the table by the window in the apartment

Nevada is a good choice if you are looking for a job change.

Nature and climate can be reasons to move from California to Nevada

The Silver State is a country with beautiful landscapes and diverse nature. In the southern part of the country you can find a desert, and in other parts a beautiful canyon, large mountain areas, and beautiful rivers and lakes. And another important difference compared to California is the climate. Although both are mostly warm states, you can have all four seasons in Nevada. Which is not the case in California. Also, Nevada has less rainfall than California but has more snow. If this is tempting for you, consider moving from California to Nevada.

Reasons against moving to Nevada

There are several reasons why you should not move from the Golden State to Nevada.

  • Education – California has a much better education than Nevada. Nevada’s education system is not bad, but it cannot be compared to California.
  • Dangerous Animals – Many predators live in Nevada – venomous snakes, scorpions, and black widow spiders …
  • Too much heat or cold – In Nevada, you have a desert where it can be too hot in summer, while in the north it can be extremely cold days.
  • If you love the ocean too much – if you can’t imagine a life that isn’t next to beaches and ocean shores, it’s better to stay in California.

All you have to do is pack your suitcases for moving from California to Nevada

If after this text you have decided to move to Nevada, we wish you a successful and easy relocation! All you have to do is start packing and call Verified Movers to help you move. Enjoy your new home after moving from California to Nevada!