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    Leave your home and relocate to a new city or country is just never easy. Moving from Bridgeport to Philadelphia or to any other place is a challenging task and you need to be prepared. It is important to make a good plan and to start early. If you want to make your relocation easier, you should hire one of the long distance movers Bridgeport residents always recommend. If not, follow these instructions.

    Make a plan for moving from Bridgeport to Philadelphia

    Having a good moving plan will help you have a successful relocation. If you make a checklist it will be much easier. Start early so you can have enough time to do everything planned. Here are the tasks you should put on your to-do moving list:

    • set your budget
    • declutter your home before moving from Bridgeport to Philadelphia
    • buy packing supplies
    • pack your belongings
    • rent a moving truck
    • rent a storage
    • find a moving company
    • take the insurance
    • find a new apartment

    Moving can be pretty expensive. So, before you start you should set up your budget. Make a list of all the possible expenses and on the other side make a list of your incomes. If you start early with the preparation you will have enough time to save some money or take a loan if you need one, of course. Before you move, make sure you find a new house or apartment. Check the real estate market in your new city, costs of living, etc. You can start by renting an apartment and then when you check everything, and if you have enough money, you can buy one.

    set your budget
    Set your budget before you start preparing for the move.

    Declutter your home

    When preparing for the move it is an ideal moment to declutter your home. Go through all your drawers, wardrobe, boxes, etc., and put aside all the items that you do not need anymore. If they do not have any sentimental value and you haven’t been using certain items for at least a year it means that you do not need them anymore. It is normal that a certain amount of items is accumulated in your house over time but you do not have to keep them all.

    You can sell the items that are in good condition. Organize a garage sale or sell them on the internet. If not, you can give some items to your friend or family, or donate to a charity organization. If you have items that are out of date, damaged, and useless, throw them away. Check each item to estimate whether it is worth transporting it to your new home or not. Once you have decided what to take to your new home, it is time to buy some packing supplies and start with packing.

    In case you have too many items, you can rent a storage unit. It is important to choose a unit that is clean, climate-controlled, and safe. Be aware that you will be paying for the storage for as long as your items are stored inside. Count this in your moving expenses too.

    Time for packing

    Packing takes the most of the time when preparing for the move. Gather packing supplies like cardboard boxes (small, medium, large), plastic bins, moving blankets, packing tape, furniture pad, packing tape, markers, labels, bubble bags, plastic stretch, etc. Also, you will be needing a dolly, and some tools if you have some massive furniture to disassemble and pack. You need to disassemble all the massive pieces to make them easier to pack. Pack small pieces, screws, and bolt together so you don’t lose them.

    It would be good to clean all the items you are about to pack, all the furniture, sports equipment, and appliances. Make sure you unplug your refrigerator at least 24 hours before the packing, clean it and let it dry. Remove all the hoses, cables, and additional parts and pack them separately. Wash all of your clothes, curtains, and beddings. When everything is clean and dry, you can start packing.

    packing for the move
    Declutter your home, gather packing materials, and start with packing.

    If you have saved original boxes for certain items, mirrors, appliances, electronic devices make sure you use them. If not, try to find a suitable cardboard box. In case there is some free space in the boxes you fill them with some paper, blankets, or towels. Keep in mind that you will have to carry all of these boxes so don’t overpack them.

    Get to know your new city

    Make sure you do the research about your new city and its neighborhoods before you choose where to live. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. Summers in Philly are typically hot and muggy, fall and spring are generally mild, and winter is moderately cold. Philadelphia is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania with the headquarters of five Fortune 1000 companies located within city limits. So, if you haven’t found a job yet, do not worry. You will find here a lot of restaurants, museums, outstanding parks, etc. You will get used to Philly very fast.

    Hire reliable movers when moving from Bridgeport to Philadelphia

    If you decide to hire professional movers it will be much easier to complete your relocation. You will not have to search for the packing supplies, moving trucks, and storage units, your movers will do it all for you. Hire one of the most reliable long distance moving companies Philadelphia residents always recommend and you will have a joyful and stress-free relocation. With reliable movers, your belongings will be safe. They will take care of packing, relocation, and you will be offered insurance. If anything happens to your items the insurance will cover the damage.

    reliable movers
    If you decide to hire reliable movers you will have a stress-free relocation.

    Whether you are moving from Bridgeport to Philadelphia or any other city, do yourself a favor and hire reliable movers. You will feel less stressed and you will have more time to spend with your friends and family and say goodbye.


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