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Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is the largest city in the Tampa Bay area.

Advice from long distance moving companies Tampa

Tampa, Florida is the largest city in the Tampa Bay area. With a great mix of business and pleasures, Tampa is the favorite place for newcomers because of its waterfront activities, amusement parks, great neighborhoods, medical communities, job opportunities, schools and art districts. When preparing for the move to Tampa, consider these tips to make your relocation successful and hassle-free.

#1 tip – Schedule your move to Tampa between November and May

These are the coolest months when you can plan your move. But, if you have to move from June to August, make sure to do it in evenings or early mornings. You don’t want to carry boxes and heavy furniture piece when the sun is intense and the weather is humid. And make sure to have your electricity and air conditioning turned on during the move.

Beach in Tampa

If you move from June to August to Tampa, make sure to do it in evenings or early mornings because of high temperatures

#2 tip – Avoid moving during rush hours

When planning your move to Tampa, make sure to give yourself enough time to properly prepare for it if you want a comfortable transition. Try to avoid moving during rush hours from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and again from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. And hire long distance moving companies Tampa which know every street and neighborhood to navigate your move successfully.

Neighborhoods in Tampa to choose from

Your relocation to Tampa is completely successful if you pick the perfect neighborhood for you and your family. Some of the most prominent parts of the city are:

  • Ybor City: The Latin Quarter, known for bars, cigars and great food.
  • Hyde Park: It is a high-end shopping district called Hyde Park Village and nightclub staple SoHo.
  • Channel District: It is located in Downtown Tampa. It is famous for its museums, the Florida Aquarium, and many restaurants and clubs.
Tampa bay

Your relocation to Tampa is completely successful if you pick the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.

Cost of Living in Tampa

One of the important things you should know about Tampa is their cost of living. It is not the most expensive, but it is not the least expensive in the state. For example, the average rent is about $700 per month for a one-bedroom apartment and $1,425 for three bedrooms. The median home price is lower than the national average and it is $155,100.

Hire competent long distance movers for safe Tampa relocation

When you start with your search for long distance moving companies Tampa, make sure to pick one with the experience in the industry. Hire competent and highly trained long distance movers who will supply you with the materials you need to make your move an easy endeavor, also providing you with great customer service and efficient moving solutions.

With much different long distances moving companies Tampa, it can be tough to find one you can trust the most. When moving long distance, it is a must to hire movers that can handle your move efficiently. It is in our interest to help you found the long distance moving company that is reliable and professional. We want to help you have a successful relocation and to avoid all the possible moving scams.

How to find reliable long distance movers in Tampa and to avoid fraudulent moving companies?

Get references on movers

If you cannot find recommendations through your friends, visit the Verified Movers website and find your perfect match! Check references and pick a few moving companies with mostly positive long distance moving reviews, then you can call them to get more information about services and prices.

Get a free moving estimate

A good long distance moving company will provide you with a free moving estimate. Some moving companies offer an in-home estimate, and a company’s representative will ask questions about what you plan to transport. If you want to pay less for your long distance move, make sure to de-clutter your home and to sell or donate items you don’t want to relocate.

There are a few different types of estimates:

  • A non-binding estimate– it is not guaranteed price, and you can expect some additional expenses.
  • A non-binding to exceed estimate- it is a type of Binding Estimate, and it is based on the weight or volume of your move.
  • A non-binding to exceed estimate A binding estimate is a guaranteed price for the move, and it includes all the additional services and costs.

So, before hiring long distance moving company, make sure to ask your movers which types of estimate they provide.

Moving contract

Make sure to ask your movers which types of estimate they provide.

Don’t pay a large deposit

When it comes to reputable movers, they will not demand cash or a large deposit before the move. If you pay a large deposit in advance, you don’t have control what will happen with your belongings. So, pay upon delivery.

Avoid moving companies with a name switch

Make sure to hire a long distance moving company that has an address and license. Also, reliable movers have all the necessary information on their website.

Beware of extra fees

When searching for long distance moving companies Tampa, you should be aware of extra fees. You can expect extra costs if you ask for some additional services or there are some obstacles during the move. Make sure to ask your moving company about additional fees and what you can expect.

Avoid a blank moving contract

Never sign a blank contract. You should sign a contract that has all the details written. It should include all the extra fees, the price, your pick-up, and delivery dates. Also, make sure all your belongings are listed so you can file the claim if something goes wrong during the move.

Check Moving insurance and valuation protection

All long distance moving companies, Tampa are required to know the value of goods they transport. Before hiring a moving company, you should be aware of the charges and the amount of protection.