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Going green in your storage unit

Storage units have become very popular nowadays. Given the fact that many basements are being turned into laundromats, this trend should not surprise us. On the contrary, we should expect the number of storage units to rise. In a consumer society that we live in today, gathering more and more things that we do not need on a daily basis has become a reality. As the time passes, people are going to need more and more space to store their stuff. Just like any other building, storage units also influence the nature and the planet Earth itself. In the times of enhanced worry for the state of the Earth, the true question of sustainable development arises. The time is now for you to ask yourself how can you participate in going green in your storage unit. After all, Earth is the only planet we have. Unfortunately, we have neglected it.

Why should you be going green in your storage unit

Entry door to a storage unit
Storage units are popular. Let’s make them sustainable by going green in your storage unit.

There are several reasons why you should be going green in your storage unit. Before we go through them, why don’t you ask yourself why do you think that going green matters? Given the fact that you are reading this article, surely you know something about going green in your storage unit. At least you are looking into the possibility of turning your business into a sustainable one. So, write down your answers and compare them to ours:

  • Going green in your storage unit will help remedy our planet and enhance its health in the long run. The biggest issue that our planet is facing at the moment comes from deeds done by humans. We need to take action and protect it from further devastation. By going green in your storage unit, you will play your, small, role in this epic journey. If everyone does their part, we will get to live in a healthier environment.
  • Climate change is real, no doubt about it. More rainfall and more snow are the true evidence of this. As the planet gets hotter, more water evaporates into the atmosphere which means it needs to come back down. Therefore, no matter what skeptics tell you, use your own brain and go green!
  • Save money by going green in your storage unit. Equip your storage unit in such a way that you use as least energy as possible. If you do this, your monthly bills will be lower. Lower bills mean more profit. What would you know, maybe you can lower your operating expenditures so much that you may lower the rents in your storage units. The lower the rent, the higher the competitiveness.

How can you go green in your storage unit?

We are glad to see that you are still with us. The time has come to see how everyone can go green in their storage units.

First of all, when you rent a storage unit, you need to follow the packing guidelines. Many people find out about the perks of renting a storage unit when they need to move. On such occasions, they tend to rent storage units larger than those that they actually need. Given the fact that you are left with not enough time to get thoroughly informed on the perks of having a storage unit is no excuse to rent too big one. If everyone rented the size of the unit that they actually need, then there would be less need to build more. Therefore, we would be saving resources and guarding our planet as we ought to.

In case that you have already rented a storage unit, follow these tips on what you can do to comply with going green in your storage unit.

Light bulbs

Lightbulb are one of the simplest ways of going green in your storage unit
Discard the old light bulbs and opt for modern ones to save energy, money and protect the planet

Change light bulbs first since they are the easiest to change. Instead of using standard light bulbs, go for environmentally friendly ones. They are not cheaper than ordinary ones that are certain. However, they will save you money in the long run. Firstly, they consume less energy lowering your bill for electricity. Secondly, they last longer than the ones that are in general use. Given their extended lifespan, you will be, once more, keeping some money inside your pocket. It should help you with enhancing other aspects of your storage unit.


Invest in insulation. In case your storage unit needs to stay cool, you should most definitely invest in insulation. Insufficient insulation leads to excess consumption of electricity leading to, you’ve guessed it, high electricity bills. Invest in insulation and save in the long run.

Reuse packing material for going green in your storage unit

Packing material is something that movers in Arkansas can provide you with for your move. Once you move, you should try and keep that material for further use. In case you are renting a storage unit, you can reuse that packing material.

First of all, you will probably have loads of cardboard on hand. That cardboard that you made boxes from can be great to store your stuff in. It will help you keep your storage unit organized. Also, you can leave some of those boxes unopened. Whatever you do, make sure you mark your boxes with numbers. Then, make an inventory. This will help you locate your stuff in the future. Furthermore, you can use your cardboard as an insulator as well. Given the fact that cardboard is a very bad heat conductor makes it a fairly good insulator. Therefore, go ahead and make some use for it.

Solar roofs are the best for going green in your storage unit

An astronaut in a spacewalk with a solar panel behind him
NASA uses solar panels, why shouldn’t you?

Solar panels allow you to trap the sun’s energy, turn it into electricity and use it for your benefit. If you are living in a sunny area, you should be familiar with this. Many people who move to Arizona or California look for homes with solar panels. In some countries, you can even sell excess electricity that you generated from the sun to your electric company. Anyway, solar panels are the ultimate step in going green in your storage unit. Go and make that step!