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New York has many qualities, and cross country moving companies New York are just some of the state’s high points.

Should You Hire Movers When Moving to Another State?

Have you thought about it and decided that relocating to the state of New York is the best thing you can do at this point? Great call! We love NY as well! Verified Movers is sure that you’ll find a lot of joy and satisfaction here. But there’s still one big call to make before everything else. And that would be – are you going to hire interstate moving companies New York to take care of everything for you? Or will you handle your move all by yourself? This is a decision you have to think about carefully.

If you ask us, we’ll advise you to hire interstate movers New York to handle your relocation. Professionals know how to handle this task quickly and efficiently, especially during a winter move in New York. But it’s not just because we’re interested in you hiring our cross country movers New York. There are quite a few objective reasons as well. For example, remember that if you move on your own, you can make mistakes. And these mistakes can cost you a lot of time and energy. So, while you save money in the beginning, you’ll probably end up paying more later on. There is no need for you to risk your well-being. Leave all the hard work to our seasoned professionals. No more endless scrolling down the internet and reading reviews. We’ve singled out some of the most accurate interstate moving companies New York reviews so you don’t have to worry about moving scams.

Why Choose Verified Movers As an Ally in Pursuit of Cross Country Moving Companies New York?

Visit the Verified Movers platform and find moving professionals who understand their customers. Our database contains some of the best cross country moving companies New York that will make sure you relocate in no time, at affordable rates, and with no stress included. Simply put, here you can find the experts who have been through and seen it all. There are movers who know how to address any situation most adequately, ensuring successful relocation. If not for the time and effort they will save you, then it is worth hiring them for the peace of mind they will provide. Just knowing that all will work out well will mean a lot during your cross country move.

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Peace of mind during the relocation process is one of the main reasons why people hire professional movers.

Verified Movers allows you to find these experts most easily. Our platform will help you find all the movers available in the area very quickly. You will also get to read all the comments from previous customers, learning more about the quality of the movers’ service.

Moving Services for Everyone’s Needs

No relocation is the same. Just as we all differ, so do our needs, wants, and possibilities. Relocation companies know this too, and make sure to offer a whole plethora of services so that everyone has a chance for adequate assistance. Here are some of the most popular services people opt for:

  • Commercial moving service – move your offices or other business facilities with the help of most professional interstate movers in NY and ensure a safe relocation with no business interruptions.
  • Residential moving service – let cross country moving companies New York transport your belongings in no time!
  • Military moving – movers help the countries’ bravest to relocate to their new homes. Quickly and efficiently!
  • Packing services – let the professional moving team prepare your belongings for safe transportation!
  • Storage solutionsin or out of the state of New York. When moving cross country, you’ll probably have to stay in a temporary house with not enough space for all your furniture and boxes. That’s why you’ll need storage. Here at Verified, you can find a cross country moving company NY which will ensure you a safe storage unit.

Cross Country Moving Companies in New York Can Help With Every Part of Your Move

Moving cross country is a complex venture and requires detailed planning and organization. So, it’s almost impossible to handle everything on your own. That’s why you should search for moving assistance. However, you cannot entrust your belongings to everyone. Luckily, you have Verified Movers who will help you find a trustworthy cross country moving company New York, no matter whether you are moving from or to NY. There are cross country moving companies NY in our database who are experienced in interstate moves and know exactly what kind of moving plan you’ll need. They offer numerous relocation services, which they’ll customize according to your needs. Whether you need help with organizing your move, packing or storing your belongings, moving heavy furniture, or moving your vehicles, you can find reliable movers in our database and choose the right ones by comparing moving reviews.

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Cross country moves require professional assistance

Why Do People Move to New York?

There are numerous reasons why people are moving to The Empire State. As its nickname may suggest, New York is a state full of wealth and resources. As such, it offers endless life and working possibilities for both singles and families. People are flocking to NY due to its thriving job market, cultural diversity, abundance of job options, great startup environment, amazing lifestyle, great housing options, and many other reasons. Simply put, NY has something for everyone. Whatever you are looking for in a state, New York will offer it to you.

A thriving job market: There are some industries where New York is simply the best

Whether you are an experienced professional or a graduate searching for employment, New York should definitely be on your moving list. There’s an abundance of career options thanks to numerous industries. Despite the New York unemployment rate currently standing at 4.30%, slightly higher than the 4.20% of last month and 4.10% of last year, the state’s job market remains strong and diverse. This slight uptick in unemployment should not overshadow the fact that New York offers different career options across various industries.

  • Publishing and Other Media – New York is on the top for broadcast television and radio.
  • Theatre and Music: If you want to make it in theatre, then you must move to New York! There isn’t a better place for it. New York is a top market for performance music.
  • Advertising: Top agencies in New York offer you great jobs in advertising or marketing.
  • Investment and Finance: Two famous words: Wall Street.
  • Fashion: New York is famous as one of the world centers for top designers.

With New York ranking number 38 out of 63 states in terms of salaries, the economic prospects are considerable. The average salary in New York is around $89,000, which is attractive for professionals across various sectors. This figure, however, should be contextualized within the state’s cost of living, which can vary significantly from one area to another.

Since New York is so diverse and advanced with population density and average income, you should consider visiting it before hiring cross country moving companies New York. Drive around your area and neighborhood before you make the final decision to move. You should feel safe and comfortable in your new living space.

Amazing job market is one of the reasons why people decide to move to NY.

States People Choose to Move From to New York

New York is an appealing state to settle down to many people from across the US. The reasons mentioned above are what draw people the most to relocate to the Empire State. Moving to NY is not only common for smaller states. People are moving to New York, even from bigger states, and decide to leave their homes and move to NY. Following are some of the countries people chose to move from.

Moving from Colorado to New York

Even though Colorado is less expensive than New York, people still want to move to the Empire State. The biggest reason is definitely a better job market. So, there’s nothing to worry about if you want to leave your current job in Colorado and search for a new one in NY. Yes, you will have higher living expenses, but you’ll have a higher salary though. To maintain the same standard of life, you would need around $7,037.60 in Colorado compared to $10,000.00 in New York, assuming rent is a factor in both places. Consumer prices in Denver are 16.1% lower than in New York, excluding rent. Rent prices in Denver are significantly more affordable, being 44.3% lower than in New York, which is a crucial factor for many considering this move. Dining out in restaurants in Colorado is 23.3% cheaper compared to New York. Grocery prices are also more affordable in Colorado, being 19.1% lower than in New York.

New York City skyline photographed from air
New York has always been a popular moving destination

Beyond financial considerations, moving from Colorado to New York represents a significant lifestyle change. New York offers a fast-paced, diverse, and culturally rich environment, which is a stark contrast to the more relaxed and nature-oriented lifestyle found in many parts of Colorado. Moving from Colorado to New York has never been easier. Verified Movers will help you find the best movers to handle your relocation. You also need to know that this move costs between $1,119 to $7,152. So, read Verified Movers reviews, compare the prices, and choose the right company.

Moving from Massachusetts to New York

Even though Massachusetts and New York may appear very similar at first, they are different. People choose to move to New York due to a looser lifestyle. New York’s diversity is what makes it appealing for those in Massachusetts to move. It seems like New York has it all – and when we say all, we mean there’s something for everyone. So, people are actually moving from Massachusetts to New York due to education, even though Massachusetts is the US education hub. The reason behind this is that graduates have more diverse working industries at their disposal to find a suitable job after graduation.

One more reason why people decide to move from Massachusetts to New York is the cost of living. The average home value in Massachusetts is significantly higher at $588,621 compared to New York’s average home value of $450,466. This difference can be a major factor in the decision to relocate, as New York offers relatively more affordable housing options.

In Massachusetts, a family requires a minimum annual income of $106,920 to live comfortably, while a single person needs around $69,600. In New York, the figures are somewhat lower, with a family needing a minimum of $79,200 and a single person requiring around $67,200. This suggests that, overall, the cost of living in New York could be more manageable for families compared to Massachusetts.

A couple surrounded by moving boxes packing for a move
Many people decide to hire cross country movers New York for their relocation, especially after reading moving reviews

Moving From Minnesota to New York

People choose to move from Minnesota to New York for the same reasons people from Colorado and Massachusetts move. However, there’s another great reason- the weather. Both Minnesota and New York experience four distinct seasons, including beautiful fall and cold winters. Minnesota is known for its particularly harsh winter temperatures and frequent snowstorms. In New York, especially Upstate, winters can also be harsh but generally milder than in Minnesota. New York generally offers warmer summers, making the climate overall more temperate compared to Minnesota.

Besides great weather, an excellent educational system, and more life opportunities, moving from Minnesota to New York will open up new career opportunities. And, although New York’s cost of living is higher, the salaries are 15% higher, too. New York State’s cost of living is about 21% higher than the national average. In contrast, Minnesota’s cost of living is almost 3% lower than the national average. This implies that living in New York would cost approximately 25% more than living in Minnesota. If you choose to live in New York City, be prepared for costs about 68% higher than the national average.
The housing cost disparity is also significant. The median cost of a home in Minnesota is $309,500, whereas in New York, it averages around $450,466. This disparity widens further in New York City.

Beyond financial and practical considerations, moving from Minnesota to New York also represents a lifestyle shift. New York offers a more fast-paced, diverse, and culturally rich environment. If you decide to move, Verified Movers will help you find the best moving team for your relocation!

Minnesota Lake
New York and Minnesota offer very similar climates.

Reasons Why People Are Moving From New York

Although New York is an amazing state, many people choose to leave this state for a variety of reasons. High living costs stand out as a primary factor. In New York City, for example, the cost of living is about 68% higher than the national average. This financial pressure, especially in housing, where New York’s average home value is over $450,000, pushes many to seek more affordable areas. Another significant reason is the search for a quieter, more relaxed lifestyle. New York’s fast-paced environment can be overwhelming, leading people to prefer areas with a calmer atmosphere.

Job flexibility also plays a role. The rise of remote work allows individuals to work from anywhere, reducing the need to live near major job markets like New York City. People are taking this opportunity to relocate to places with lower living costs and more space. Additionally, concerns about safety and the desire for a better quality of life drive some people to other states. They seek communities with lower crime rates and a more family-friendly environment.

Weather factors in as well. New York’s winters can be harsh, and some people prefer milder climates. States with warmer weather are becoming more attractive to those tired of cold, snowy winters. Finally, retirement is a key reason for moving. Retirees often move out of New York to states with lower taxes and living expenses, stretching their retirement savings further.

As New Yorkers reassess their priorities, many find that other states offer a balance of affordability, safety, and quality of life that New York currently struggles to match. This trend reflects a broader reevaluation of lifestyle choices influenced by economic, environmental, and personal factors.

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There are also many reasons why people decide to leave New York.

Moving From New York to Florida

This move is a popular choice for many, and the reasons are clear. The absence of state income tax in Florida is a huge draw. Living in Florida means keeping more of your earnings without the burden of state taxes on your income. This is a stark contrast to New York’s tax structure, where residents often feel the pinch of heavier taxation.

Cost of living is another major factor. Life in New York City is about 63% more expensive compared to Orlando, Florida. The difference is especially noticeable in housing costs. The median home cost in New York is a whopping 122.2% higher than in Florida. Even food costs in New York are 15.8% higher.

Florida’s job market is also thriving, with one of the highest job growth rates in the U.S. This economic dynamism, combined with the financial benefits of no state income tax, makes it an attractive destination for professionals and families alike.

The lifestyle in Florida is another appealing aspect. The state’s warm climate encourages outdoor activities. Whether it’s visiting amusement parks like Orlando Studios or Disney World, road-tripping, or relaxing on the beaches, Florida offers a wealth of outdoor experiences.

Education is also well catered for in Florida, with over 40 public colleges and universities. These include prominent institutions like the University of Central Florida, the University of Florida, and Florida State University, offering diverse academic programs.

With so much to organize, hiring one of the best cross country moving companies through Verified Movers platform can ease the transition from New York to Florida, allowing you to focus on starting your new life in the Sunshine State. Moving from New York to Florida will completely refresh you, even though the cost ranges from $1,700 to $5,000 on average.

Miami Skyline at night
The most common move from New York is the move to Florida, especially to Miami

Moving From New York to Washington

Many people are making the move from New York to one of the top places for families in Washington, known as a family-friendly state. People are also making this move for career advancement. Washington doesn’t just lead in government-related jobs; it’s a hub for top industries like information technology, healthcare, tourism, and construction. It’s also home to major tech companies, including Oracle and Microsoft.

Financially, Washington offers a slight edge over New York. Overall, it’s 1.8% cheaper. Groceries cost 12.3% less, which can make a significant difference in monthly expenses. Transportation expenses are also lower by 8.1%. When it comes to housing, Washington is marginally more affordable, with a 1.9% lower cost. For example, renting a 1-bedroom apartment in the downtown area of Washington DC costs about $1,782.40, less than New York’s $2,136. Even entertainment expenses in Washington are 0.4% less than in New York.

This move not only makes sense for career growth but also offers a slight financial relief in daily living costs. Washington’s diverse job market and slightly lower cost of living make it an appealing destination for those seeking to grow professionally and enjoy dynamic city life without the intense expense of New York. Consider some of the top neighborhoods for families in Seattle, a city that truly caters to families moving to Washington.

Moving From New York to Virginia

People are moving from New York to Virginia in search of a quiet life and a more affordable lifestyle. Virginia’s cost of living is much closer to the national average, making it a financially appealing option. In contrast to New York City, where the average home price exceeds $750,000, Virginia’s average home price stands at around $371,000. This significant difference enables more people to achieve home ownership and enjoy spacious living in Virginia.

Safety is another key factor driving this move. In New York City, risks of robbery, assault, and vehicle break-ins are notably higher compared to Virginia. Virginia’s safety index is above the median for the United States, offering residents a more secure and peaceful living environment.

For nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, Virginia is a paradise. From the scenic Shenandoah Valley to the Appalachian Trail, the state offers a plethora of parks and trails. Grayson Highlands State Park, positioned between the state’s two tallest mountains, provides stunning views. Hungry Mother State Park, with its large lake, attracts families and fishermen.

Virginia’s wildlife is rich and diverse, home to species ranging from pumas and black bears to otters and turtles, along with over 400 bird species. Economically, Virginia is stable. It hosts government entities, technology companies, and 17 Fortune 500 companies. This economic stability, combined with the state’s natural beauty and safety, makes Virginia an attractive destination for those moving from the hustle and bustle of New York.

A calculator and a notebook on bank notes
Calculate the moving costs before your relocation and read the moving companies reviews to decide easily

Moving From New York to New Jersey

New Yorkers are increasingly moving to New Jersey, one of the best commuter towns to NYC. Right across the Hudson River, New Jersey offers a quieter life while keeping New York City’s opportunities within easy reach. It’s a practical choice for those working in NYC but seeking more affordable living. New Jersey’s cost of living is notably lower than New York’s. For instance, while the cost of living in New Jersey is $2,534, it skyrockets to $3,267 in New York.

This move to New Jersey doesn’t just mean saving money. It also means enjoying a slower pace of life, friendlier communities, and more affordable housing. Jersey City, a prime example, lies just across the river. It offers a swift commute to Manhattan, less than 30 minutes, ideal for work or leisure.

New Jersey isn’t just about cost savings. It’s rich in amenities like beautiful beaches, stunning seasons, great schools, and easy access to arts and culture. It provides a balanced lifestyle, merging the tranquility of a smaller state with the vibrancy of city life. When moving from NY to New Jersey, you should carefully plan your move and find a reliable moving company to take care of the relocation tasks.

A woman writing things down in her notebook
Cross country moves require a lot of planning

Why You Should Choose Cross Country Moving Companies New York Instead of Moving Yourself

When moving locally, it’s easy to call your friends or family to help you with the moving tasks. However, moving cross country is more demanding. So, it’s almost impossible to achieve everything on your own. Performing a DIY move when moving cross country is a risky endeavor. Many things can go wrong. You’ll probably be in a hurry, and the lack of time may turn your relocation into a nightmare. That’s why you should hire a quality cross country moving company so that your relocation has a good flow.

Besides, they’ll help you with the most stressful moving tasks, such as packing. Packing, especially when moving interstate, requires detailed attention and special packing techniques and supplies to ensure the safety of your belongings. Also, cross-country moves may last longer than you thought. You’ll probably need to live in a temporary home, which creates certain problems. Namely, there’s a huge possibility you don’t have enough space to keep all the boxes until the transportation day, or you may arrive at the final destination after your belongings are transported. So, you’ll need storage space. The last thing you’d like is to deal with finding an appropriate storage unit. Again, cross country movers New York can help you with that too.

A stressed person preparing for a relocation
It’s always a better idea to hire some of the best cross country movers New York than to move yourself.

Benefits of hiring cross country moving companies in New York

If the mentioned reasons aren’t enough for you to hire cross country moving companies New York, check the main benefits:

  • Save time: You won’t have to pack yourself, disassemble the furniture, and load the items on the moving truck.
  • More time to spend with family and friends: Time is priceless, and your cross country movers New York will ensure you have enough time to say goodbye to your loved ones.
  • Reduce stress: Having professionals by your side, you’ll feel more relaxed and worry-free.
  • Peace of mind: By hiring professional cross country movers New York, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings.
  • Guaranteed delivery date: Estimated moving time will ensure you have peace of mind knowing that you’ll relocate on time.
  • Extra safety: Your items are in safe hands when moving with cross country moving professionals NY.
  • Save money: Cross country moves are regulated, and the estimate you get won’t change unless you add more items than previously agreed. On the other hand, a DIY move may cost you more than you planned.

A woman smiling in front of her laptop after finding one of the best cross country moving companies New York
Cross country moves impose many questions and Verified Movers will help you get matched with the best cross country moving companies that will resolve all your concerns

Four Things to Look For in Cross Country Moving Companies New York

Transparencyin every sense of the word. It is a key to every successful cross country relocation. When choosing the best cross country moving companies in New York, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. Reputation: the best way to ensure that a company is reliable is to check moving reviews. However, beware of moving scams. Only check the trustworthy sites and brokers. And who is better to refer to than Verified Movers? As our name suggests, we are brokers who strive to check the accuracy of moving reviews and provide you with some of the best cross county moving companies New York. We carefully verify each piece of information we come across, paying attention to the accuracy.
  2. License and insurance: Never schedule interstate movers in New York that are not licensed and insured. This is easy to check. Interstate movers must be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and have their unique USDOT number. Just search the database provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  3. Transparent moving rates: Avoid the companies that give you estimates over the phone. Only choose the ones that will inspect your house, weigh your belongings, and provide you with the moving estimate based on the type of your move.
  4. Choosing the movers that will customize your move: No relocation is the same. The movers who will offer you a personalized moving plan are trustworthy and devoted ones. Also, choose interstate moving companies in New York that offer numerous and diverse moving services.

Where to Find a Trustworthy, Experienced, and Reliable Cross Country Moving Company New York

The answer is simple. Explore our platform. We’re your insight into the relocation world. Our main priority is to provide you with some of the best moving companies all across the country, helping you reduce the risks of hiring fraudulent moving companies. That’s why we carefully create our database, paying attention that the interstate moving companies in New York reviews are true and accurate. By using our database, you can be sure that you won’t come across a random, unreliable moving company. Our database has more than 27000 moving companies at your disposal, so you will certainly find the one that suits you best.

Cross Country Moving Companies By Cities in New York

Are you searching for cross country moving companies in New York by the city? Here are some of the companies you can find in our database:

Whichever cross country movers in New York you choose, you won’t regret your decision.

A man smiling while holding a crate
Cross country moving companies New York will ensure the safety of your relocation

How to Compare Cross Country Moving Companies New York

There are several ways how to compare cross country moving companies New York. The best way is to get various moving quotes. This way, you’ll compare the prices. However, relocation is not only about the price. You have to dig deeper. To find a trustworthy cross country moving company NY, you should check the moving reviews. As previously said, Verified Movers is here to provide some of the cross country moving companies New York reviews that are as accurate as possible. The reviews will answer most of your questions and give you peace of mind knowing that you will have a good relocation experience. Besides, by reading the interstate moving companies New York reviews, you can check how interstate movers in New York perform the relocation and check the main characteristics of the moving services they offer.

Relocating Your Business to or From New York?

Business relocation is one of the most complex ones, especially when moving cross country. One wrong move can affect your business to such an extent that you may end up with unwanted expenses. So, when moving your business interstate, it’s a must to hire a trustworthy cross country commercial moving company New York. Without the help of professionals, your commercial relocation is destined to fail.

There is a lot of paperwork to handle when moving your business, and this drives additional expenses. If you relocate your office to another state, you should pay some taxes. Dealing with bureaucracy is a daunting task and will take a lot of your time. Imagine having to deal with the paperwork and prepare for the relocation. No way, right? That’s why you should rely on cross country movers in New York. They will ensure that your business runs swimmingly while you deal with legalities. Also, don’t forget to store electronics safely after a move because it’s important that your valuable electronics remain unscathed.

Furniture in an office
Find the right help for moving your office or business.

How to Prepare For a Cross Country Move?

Now that you know all the details related to cross country moves and the expertise of cross country moving companies in NY, you probably wonder what you can do in order to prepare for the relocation. We’ll, choosing an appropriate moving company New York is half preparation done. However, there are some details to prepare yourself. Let’s start from begging. Before asking for the moving estimate, you should make a list of the belongings you want to move and weigh as much as you can. It will give your cross country movers New York an insight into the type of relocation. Next, make a moving plan. The plan will help you keep track of the relocation, and it will save you a lot of time and nerves.

When it comes to technicalities, obtain the necessary moving documents and notify agencies and utility providers that you are going to move. Transfer your medical records, find an appropriate school for your children, and cancel or transfer your monthly subscriptions. After you finish with bureaucracy, start packing. Pack room by room (start from one of your highest priorities). Use professional packing services.

Two people shaking hands
Verified Movers is here to help you find some of the finest cross country movers in New York

Giving Back in New York: Best Places to Donate Your Belongings

As you begin packing for your move, you’ll likely discover many items you no longer need. Instead of discarding them, consider donating to those in need. New York State has several donation centers where your contributions can make a real difference. Here are a few notable places:

  • Goodwill Industries: With multiple locations across New York, Goodwill accepts clothes, electronics, books, and more. They sell these items in their thrift stores, supporting job training and employment services.
  • The Salvation Army: Known for its broad reach, The Salvation Army in New York welcomes a variety of donations, including clothing, furniture, and household goods. Your contributions support their rehabilitation programs and shelters.
  • Housing Works: Focused on helping those affected by homelessness and HIV/AIDS, Housing Works in NYC accepts furniture, books, and clothing. Sales from their thrift shops fund crucial healthcare and advocacy services.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America: Operating in New York, this organization accepts clothing and various household items. Donations support their mentoring programs for young people.
  • Dress for Success: This NYC-based organization takes women’s professional attire. They empower women entering the workforce with appropriate clothing and confidence-building support.
  • New York Cares: This local charity accepts winter coats and other seasonal clothing. They distribute these items to New Yorkers in need, especially during harsh winters.

Remember, donating not only helps those in need but also reduces the load for your move. It’s a meaningful way to lighten your moving boxes while making a positive impact in someone’s life.

Securing a Moving Permit in New York: Essential Steps for a Stress-Free Relocation

In New York, particularly in cities like New York City, obtaining a moving permit is a practical step for ensuring a hassle-free move. The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) manages these permits. Here’s how you can secure one:

  • Online Application: The first step involves filling out an online application on the NYC DOT website. You need to provide details about your move, such as the date, time, and the exact location where you need the parking space. Also, specify the size of your moving vehicle.
  • Permit Fee: The cost of a moving permit in New York varies based on the duration of the reservation and the specific location. It’s important to factor this into your moving budget.
  • Approval Time: After submitting your application and fee, the NYC DOT typically takes around five business days to process and approve your permit request.
  • Importance of the Permit: In a city where parking is scarce, a moving permit reserves you a spot near your new residence, essential for an easy unloading process. This is particularly important in congested areas.
  • Avoiding Penalties: Without a permit, you risk parking violations or having to park far from your destination, which can complicate the moving process significantly.

While securing a moving permit in New York requires some planning, it is a crucial step for a stress-free move, especially in busy urban areas. The process, managed by the NYC DOT, is designed to facilitate your relocation by ensuring you have the necessary space for your moving vehicle.

Don’t forget to inform yourself about parking permits.

Count on Verified Movers’ Help For a Stress-Free Move!

Let professional cross country moving companies New York take care of your relocation, and enjoy every step of the process. We are here to make sure you have the most adequate moving team at your side, and reading Verified Movers reviews will speed up the process. Make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help.

Facts About New York

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse


Kathy Hochul

US Senators

Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand

State Website

State Moto

Ever Upward

State Nickname

The Empire State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

5,344 ft

Lowest Elevation

Sea level

Time Zone


Panorama of NYC

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Trinity School, Riverdale Country School, The Brearley School, Horace Mann School, Collegiate School

Top 5 Middle Schools

Trinity School, Riverdale Country School, The Brearley School, Horace Mann School, Collegiate School

Top 5 High Schools

Trinity School, Riverdale Country School, The Brearley School, Regis High School, Horace Mann School

Top 5 Colleges

Cornell University, Columbia University in the City of New York, New York University, University of Rochester, Syracuse University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

16.65 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


FAQ About Cross Country Moving Companies New York


What is the best time to move across the country?

There's no universal answer to this question. The best time is when you decide. However, there are some things to have in mind when choosing the best timing. First, avoid moving during the peak season if possible. Next, avoid moving at the very last minute. Schedule the relocation day at least two months prior. When it comes to moving from New York to another state, the time will largely depend on the distance and the bureaucracy complexity. So, start planning as soon as possible, contact different moving companies, get quotes, and check movers' availability. Don't forget about the holidays and try avoiding moving during that time. To save time searching for a company, check our moving companies' database, get quotes, and compare the movers. We offer numerous cross country moving companies NY, and we're sure you'll find an appropriate one to move on time without any delays.


How much does it cost to move cross country?

here's not an easy way to answer the question. Without detailed information about your belongings and moving requirements, it's almost impossible to state the exact moving price. However, certain things are a must when deciding the price. The cost of your move will depend on various factors. The first one is definitely the amount and type of things you plan to move. Next, destination and distance play some of the key roles in deciding the price. However, the country's regulations are the most important. Some countries require you to pay moving taxes, so your overall moving price will not only include the price of relocation services. Having all this in mind, let's say that an average cross country moving price ranges from $1,500 to $15,000. Mind that prices are prone to changes due to the changes in fuel prices. Besides, coast-to-coast moves may also cost more. Also, moving vehicles will add up to the price. Remember to use moving insurance although it will increase the moving price. Last but not least, the price of relocation will largely depend on the means of transportation you choose. So, contact your cross county movers NY as soon as possible, get moving estimates, and check the overall price of the move.


Are there any items you cannot move across the country?

Although cross country moving companies New York know every single relocation rule and always try to meet clients' requirements, there are certain items they avoid or cannot move. It also depends on the country's regulations. Most commonly, hazardous items, such as those prone to an explosion, like gasoline, fireworks, etc., are not possible to move. Besides, believe it or not, certain states don't allow plants to be moved, and some even don't allow moving pets or at least have strict regulations, and it doesn't pay you off to move some items. So, check the state's regulations with your cross country movers New York.


Do cross country moving companies in New York offer insurance?

Do cross country moving companies in New York offer insurance? Having moving insurance is a must when relocating, especially cross country. This way, you'll avoid potential issues such as damage to your belongings during transit and late deliveries. Besides, in case your belongings are missing, you can rely on your insurance to cover the expenses. However, when using moving insurance, you should check the liability for the value of your belongings provided by your movers. However, you should know that there's no maximum liability coverage since many different factors, such as taxes, laws, and regulations, affect the amount. There are several types of moving insurance options you should get familiar with. These are Release Value Coverage, Lump Sum Coverage, and Full Value Protection. Let's check their main traits: Released Value Protection: Such coverages are more common for long distance moves. Its value is related to the weight of your belongings. Lump Sum Value Coverage: This coverage requires a bill of lading, and it's usually purchased from a third-party insurance provider. It covers the value of your belongings in a certain amount. Full Value Replacement Insurance of your belongings: It includes the cost for replacement or repairs, depending on the moving company. The cost is about 1 percent of the valuation.