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Best places to buy a house in America

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For as long as anyone can remember, homeownership has been a goal that people have aspired to. While renting is more immediately affordable, actually owning your own home gives you far more security. Obviously, having a place to call your own means that you are firmly rooted in place; whatever else changes in your life, at least you have one constant. But on the other hand – choosing where to purchase a house is not easy. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got a guide on the best places to buy a house in America right here!

Naperville, IL

When you’re looking for the best places to buy a house in America; obviously, there is no universal answer that’s great for everyone. Your location of choice largely depends on what kind of lifestyle you’re after. But let’s face it – if you’re buying a house, you’re probably looking for a nice, suburban area. Somewhere peaceful, where you can truly get a sense of a tight-knit community. And in that case – we recommend looking for the best long distance moving companies Naperville has!

Really, this small town has everything you might look for in your perfect neighborhood. It’s found right outside of Chicago, which means that no downtown amenities are too far away. Whatever you need – you only need to take half an hour drive to the city! And it’s got some great schools as well – so you don’t have to think about your children’s education if you decide to move here. In fact – many families choose Naperville as the place to call home!

Huntsville, AL

But perhaps you’re looking for a city that’s a bit bigger, but still retains that suburban atmosphere? In that case – we definitely recommend hiring the best long distance movers Huntsville has to offer! Compared to our previous pick, Huntsville is a bit bigger – at almost 200,000 residents! Over the previous decade, the city has grown up to a point we can almost call it a metropolis-type area.

While you will find the place more crowded than the usual suburban neighborhood, there are many benefits to that; for one, you will definitely be able to build a career here. Especially if you’re someone who’s into technical jobs like computer science or engineering; there are various companies here where you’ll be able to make a name for yourself. The local economy is definitely on the rise; which isn’t you see that often in a small town, especially in the South. Plus, there are all kinds of other amenities the place offers. You can visit many different stores and restaurants; basically, you’ll want for nothing if you decide to move here and buy a house.

A street corner in a small Alabama town.
Huntsville is one of the finest suburbs to buy a home in!

Montgomery, OH

You may be wondering why we’re recommending Montgomery as one of the best places to buy a house in America? First of all – when you’re thinking about where you want to live, there are many practical things you need to think about. And primarily, we’re talking about living expenses. The best neighborhood in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t actually afford it. And that’s why Montgomery is an excellent choice; both the real estate costs and the average living expenses are extremely reasonable.

Which doesn’t mean its a bad neighborhood; on the contrary. Plus, it’s less than half an hour away from Cincinnati, in case you need some amenities from a bigger area. And on top of all that – you’ll really find some reputable schools in the area, which is obviously a big factor for anyone with children.

West University Place, TX

But on the other hand, what if you’re looking at the matter of affordability from the other side? If you want an expensive area, but one which offers a high median salary – West University Place is the place to go. In fact, this area contains some of the most well-educated people in the entire country. Once you take a look at the statistics of this suburb, you’ll see something staggering – an amazing 88% of the denizens have a college degree. When it comes to suburban areas, West University Place is actually the fourth best educated in the entire country.

And that sort of level of education obviously means higher salaries. The local median income is an amazing $200,000 – which is really hard to top. So, for people who want to live near Houston and perhaps commute there for work – this suburb is definitely one of the best places to buy a house in America.

A view of downtown Houston from a park.
Living in West University Place means always being close to downtown Houston!

Piedmont, CA

Naturally, among all of the best places to buy a house in America – you may want to choose to live somewhere interesting and quirky. Which is why the community of Piedmont is an excellent choice for you! It lies nearby San Francisco, which means that you should start looking for the finest long distance moving companies San Francisco has right away.

You’re Near San Francisco

Compared to some of the other areas we’ve listed here, you may find Piedmont somewhat more crowded; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re a social kind of person, you’ll have no problem having a lot of neighbors nearby. Though, steep house prices may turn you away; but if you can afford it, this is one of the best suburbs near the tech capital of the world! Imagine, having all of the amenities that one of the most interesting cities in the US offers; but also having the peaceful tranquility of quiet suburbia.

A row of San Francisco-style houses.
Piedmont is one of the nicest San Francisco suburbs you can find!

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