Written by: Nathan Steele

Many people choose to live in nearby towns while working in Minneapolis. Commuter towns to Minneapolis offer not only a serene escape from the city bustle but also quality schools, great shopping, and lush parks. The commute to Minneapolis from these areas is convenient, with most drives taking less than 30 minutes. Here, we’ll explore the top commuter towns, highlighting what each has to offer to help you make an informed decision on where to settle down. After you choose the right town, it’s time to move. If you need help to find the right moving company, reading Verified Movers reviews can be very helpful!

Working in Minneapolis

Working in Minneapolis offers a dynamic career landscape marked by its strengths in multiple key industries. The city is a renowned hub for medical technology, with numerous companies engaged in innovation and manufacturing. This sector provides a wealth of opportunities for professionals in scientific research and healthcare services. Also, Minneapolis is a powerhouse in banking and finance, hosting one of the largest concentrations of financial expertise in the Midwest. For tech enthusiasts, the city’s growing tech scene is fueled by advancements in software and renewable energy, drawing engineers and developers looking for exciting challenges and growth opportunities.

man reading newspaper after moving to one of the best commuter towns to Minneapolis
Minneapolis offer many job opportunities and has an amazing economy!

Financially, working in Minneapolis is equally promising. The average annual salary is around $66,830, with income ranges typically between $47,773 to $84,149. These figures reflect the city’s competitive pay scales across various sectors. Moreover, the unemployment rate stands impressively low at 3.30%, underscoring the robust job market and economic stability. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to advance in your field, Minneapolis provides a supportive environment for professional development and success. If you decide to move here, top movers in Minneapolis are the ones you should hire!

Plymouth Is One of the Best Commuter Towns to Minneapolis

Plymouth, located just 11 miles from Minneapolis, is a top choice for families seeking a safe community with plenty of recreational options. The town’s quick, 16-minute drive to Minneapolis makes it ideal for commuters. Plymouth is known for its high safety ratings and beautiful parks, attracting residents who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. The Plymouth Ice Center and the Hilde Performance Center are central to community life, hosting various events and concerts throughout the year.

Housing in Plymouth is more expensive than in Minneapolis, with the average home valued at approximately $485,698 and a median rent of $1,924 as of April 2024. Despite the higher cost of living, many find the community amenities and quality of life worth the investment. Education is a priority here, with well-regarded schools that perform above state averages. For healthcare, residents have access to excellent facilities, ensuring comprehensive medical care close to home.

Plymouth also offers a variety of things to do. From shopping at local boutiques to dining at unique restaurants, there’s something for everyone. The town’s community centers and parks host year-round activities, from sports leagues to family-friendly festivals. With its suburban charm and access to urban conveniences, Plymouth provides a balanced lifestyle for those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you’re one of them, long distance movers Plymouth are the ones you should hire to help you move here!

people doing a high five
There are many fun things to do in Plymouth, one of the best commuter towns to Minneapolis.

Saint Paul

Saint Paul, the capital city of Minnesota, stands as a twin to Minneapolis. Located just 10 miles away, a drive between the cities takes a mere 10 minutes. The well-connected public transit system, featuring buses and a light rail, makes daily commutes swift and straightforward. Saint Paul not only matches Minneapolis in its urban appeal but also has a slightly lower cost of living. The average home value here is $284,228, with median rent at about $1,300, making it a more affordable option. Residents of Saint Paul benefit from living expenses that are 2% lower than the state average and 6% below the national average.

This economic advantage, combined with a rich cultural scene, makes Saint Paul an attractive place to live. The city thrives on a diverse cultural heritage, offering numerous festivals, museums, and theaters that enrich community life. It’s an area where history meets modernity, not just in its architecture but in the lifestyle it offers. Whether you’re looking for economic efficiency or cultural wealth, Saint Paul provides a unique urban experience while maintaining close ties with its twin, Minneapolis. If you’re looking for one of the best commuter towns to Minneapolis, it might be the right choice. Long distance movers Saint Paul are waiting for your call!

man walking on train trail
Saint Paul shares rich cultural and economic ties with Minneapolis, making it an ideal commuter town.


Bloomington is located just 10 miles from downtown Minneapolis. It’s a prime spot for those looking to combine suburban comfort with easy city access. The town is well-connected by Interstate 35W and offers numerous public transportation options, making daily commutes straightforward. Bloomington is not just about location; it also provides a wealth of activities and amenities. For shopping enthusiasts, Bloomington houses the renowned Mall of America, the largest shopping center in the U.S., featuring over 500 stores, numerous restaurants, and family entertainment options like an indoor amusement park. For outdoor lovers, the Hyland Lake Park Reserve offers skiing, hiking, and an interactive nature center.

The average home here is valued at $351,693, with a median rent of $1,650, making it a feasible option for many. Education is a strong point for Bloomington with several well-regarded schools like Jefferson High School and Kennedy High School, known for their robust academic programs and extracurricular activities. The city also hosts the Bloomington Public School District, which emphasizes personalized learning and technology integration. If you’re moving here with long distance movers Bloomington, your kids will have the opportunity for quality education!

Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park, located just 11 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis, stands as a standout suburban commuter town. With an average home value of $334,474 and median rent at $1,856, it offers a mix of affordability and quality living. This town is well-connected by major highways and public transit, making the commute to Minneapolis quick and easy. Families and professionals alike are drawn to Brooklyn Park for its suburban charm combined with access to urban amenities.

In terms of education, the town is served by several respected schools, including Park Center Senior High, known for its International Baccalaureate program. For healthcare, residents have access to multiple facilities, including the nearby North Memorial Health Hospital, which provides comprehensive medical services.

Brooklyn Park is also rich in recreational opportunities. The city manages over 60 parks and miles of trails, with the Mississippi River providing a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities. Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park is a popular spot for fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Culturally, the city celebrates diversity with events like the annual Tater Daze festival, a nod to its agricultural roots, featuring a parade, fireworks, and community activities. For arts and entertainment, the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center hosts a variety of events throughout the year, making it a focal point for family and community engagement. If you’re looking to move near Minneapolis, long distance movers Brooklyn Park are the ones to help you with moving!

kitchen interior
Brooklyn Park’s diverse community and affordable housing also attract many looking for suburban comfort.


When it comes to the best commuter towns to Minneapolis, Rochester is not the first one to mention since it’s 85 miles from Minneapolis. It’s well-connected via U.S. Highway 52, offering a feasible commute for those drawn to its quieter, slower-paced lifestyle. Known globally for the Mayo Clinic, Rochester attracts medical professionals and patients seeking top-tier healthcare. This has spurred growth in both the healthcare sector and local education systems, enhancing the city’s appeal.

With an average home value of $320,326 and a median rent of $1,600 as of April 2024, Rochester presents a more affordable living option compared to many urban centers. The city’s schools, like Century High School, are known for their strong emphasis on science and technology, reflecting the community’s focus on health and research.

For leisure and recreation, Rochester offers plenty of options. Silver Lake Park provides canoeing and picturesque picnic spots, while Quarry Hill Nature Center features hiking trails and a natural history museum, ideal for families. The Rochester Art Center and the annual Jazz Fest showcase the city’s cultural scene, enriching residents’ social lives.

This combination of affordable housing, high-quality education, and many recreational and cultural activities makes Rochester an attractive destination for those considering a move with the help of long distance movers Rochester, especially for those connected to the healthcare industry.

You Should Consider Some More Commuter Towns to Minneapolis

If you’re considering moving with long distance movers Minneapolis, there are some more towns in Minneapolis that are ideal for commuters and are worth mentioning, such as:

  • Maple Grove: Located about 20 minutes northwest of downtown Minneapolis, Maple Grove is a favorite among commuters. This suburb is known for its excellent school system, family-friendly environment, and well-maintained parks. The town has seen significant growth, adding more shopping and dining options which enhance the quality of life. Arbor Lakes, the main shopping area, is a popular destination for both locals and visitors.
  • Eden Prairie: Eden Prairie stands out due to its balance of residential and natural spaces. Just a 20-minute drive to Minneapolis, it offers a network of parks and trails, which is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It also provides good schools and has been ranked as one of the best places to live in America by multiple publications. The town’s robust job market makes it possible for many residents to work locally, reducing commute times.
  • Edina: Edina is known for its upscale shopping districts like 50th & France and Southdale Center, and top-tier public schools. Located less than 15 minutes from Minneapolis, Edina attracts a mix of young professionals and families. The town maintains a rich community feel with regular events, art fairs, and farmer’s markets that gather crowds throughout the year.
  • Minnetonka: Just west of Minneapolis, Minnetonka offers a scenic retreat with its access to lakes, parks, and trails. The town is ideal for those who appreciate a quiet, nature-filled environment but still want access to the conveniences of a large city. Minnetonka has a diverse range of housing, from waterfront properties to suburban neighborhoods.
man and woman walking into a train
There are many towns you can choose from!

Move With Professionals or DIY Move?

Deciding between a professional moving service and a DIY move is crucial when relocating to one of the commuter towns to Minneapolis. A professional moving company can manage the entire process, from packing to transportation. This is especially helpful for those with large households or limited time. The cost might be higher, but the convenience and reduced stress often justify it.

On the other hand, a DIY move could save money and offer flexibility. Renting a moving truck or using a pod service allows you to pack at your own pace and on your own terms. However, be prepared for the physical effort and time management this option requires.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your budget, timeline, and personal preference. Consider factors like the volume of belongings, your physical ability, and your comfort level with handling logistics. Both options have their merits, so weigh them carefully to ensure a worry-free relocation to your new home!

man putting boxes into a van
Hire help and focus on finding a job!

The Appeal of Suburban Living Near Minneapolis

Choosing one of the best commuter towns to Minneapolis involves balancing factors like lifestyle preferences, commuting convenience, and local amenities. Whether it’s the dynamic suburban life of Eden Prairie, the serene lakeside setting of White Bear Lake, or the historic charm of Stillwater, each town offers unique benefits. These towns provide not only a peaceful retreat from the urban rush but also maintain strong connections to Minneapolis through efficient transit options. Making the move to one of these towns can enhance your quality of life by offering a mix of comfort, community, and accessibility to urban opportunities! Make the right choice!